Mothers’s sideline earning project: making children’s complementary food, earning 5000 dollars a month


With the development of the times,

Mothers’s sideline earning project: making children’s complementary food, earning 5000 dollars a month

Now people pay more and more attention to food and health,

For babies, healthy diet is more important,

Parents also hope to choose better complementary food products for their children.

With the opening of the two child and three child policy,

The size of mother baby families has been further expanded,

Make the handmade baby complementary food form a big explosionSituation.

This is a golden opportunity,

Today, I recommend a good project for my friends:

Make complementary food for children

Let’s have a look at the specific operation process!

Project operation process

1. Create personal IP image

To gain people’s trust,First of all, the employment procedures should be complete,Especially in food related industriesfoodProduct business license, food circulation license and other relevant certificates.

Secondly, we should create a personal IP image,Choose an image that can be trusted:

(1) Child nutritionist

You can obtain the Post Certificate of Child Nutrition Manager. This certificate does not require a high degree. The intermediate certificate only requires a technical secondary school degree or aboveOr they can take the exam if they have been engaged in relevant work for more than two years, while the advanced certificate requires a college degree or above or have been engaged in relevant work for more than three years.

(2) Experienced housewife

If you don’t want to take any certificate, you can also shape yourself into an experienced housewife, and often share the experience of bringing children with youTalking about which complementary foods children prefer can also be welcomed by many novice mothers.

Drainage promotion

The most critical step of this project: drainage and promotion.

(1) WeChat official account

You can open a official account for childcare, regularly push articles about childcare knowledge, and focus on the content of children’s dietTo write specifically: What should children do if they are picky about food? What should children do if they lack calcium? How to make the children grow taller and so on are all matters of concern to housewife.

At the bottom of the article, guide everyone to add your personal WeChat, but don’t forget to give some small gifts, such as e-books on child care, etc. Insert some products at the bottomNotice, such as lovely baby bowls and chopsticks, baby food artifact, etc.

(2) Short video drainage

If you want better drainage, you can’t do without short video drainage. Take Tiktok as an example. There are a variety of short video content on Tiktok platform. If you search “complementary food” casually, you will find that there are many users:

The creator made itThe process of children’s complementary food was captured and made into a short video, which was warmly welcomed by housewife. Many users interacted with her in the comment area: wax gourd is cold food, can babies eat it? The stink is like pumpkin mud. Is it indigestion due to stomach function

The enthusiastic questions in the comment area show that housewife areVery nervous about children’s diet, while the creator can conduct technical drainage while answering the questions, and leave his own micro signal under the home page. Some creators even left a direct message: there are too many fans to reply one by one, so they can add WeChat to communicate. Directly transfer public domain traffic to your privateDomain traffic pool conversion.


Vlog is more suitable for shaping personal image than short video,Because Vlog is a video recording daily life, it reflects the most real life scenes.

The process of taking care of children alone at home and making complementary food can be recorded with Vlog. These videos areThey are often welcomed by novice parents because your videos can help them. They have learned various magic tricks from watching your Vlog and gradually become your fans.


(1) WeChat realization

Introduce the attracted fans to personal WeChat, and then pull them into a groupThey often share some childcare knowledge and experience in the group, or recommend some cost-effective childcare products to direct cash flow.

With a certain liquidity, you can also connect with merchants, who will provide you with more favorable prices, so that the products you recommend will be more competitive and more popular with fans.

(2) Video delivery

With the release of short videos, Tiktok can open a commodity window, and Kwai can also open Kwai stores, where different commodities can be inserted. As long as fans buy from the links you publish, you will get corresponding commissions.

Note: The video content must be related to the recommended product content, otherwise it willInfluence account weight.


This is a project that can be operated for a long time. After the opening of the two child and three child policy, the group of mothers and babies is expanding, and the market for mothers and babies is also growing. This is a very promising project. As long as you stick to your heart’s work, you will certainly have good benefits.

That’s all for this article

Mothers’s sideline earning project: making children’s complementary food, earning 5000 dollars a month


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