Bottle cap project, one WeChat earns 20-50 dollars per day


Today I saw a bottle cap project, so I went to search it. It’s an old project

Bottle cap project, one WeChat earns 20-50 dollars per day

There are 588 charges outside, and 200 charges

The hottest Wool Pulling Bottle Cap Project only requires one mobile phone, multiple WeChat and one WeChat revenue of 20-30$ It can be used repeatedly and can be used daily for 200-1000 dollars without risk controlMeasured personally

It is very suitable for students and housewife to work part-time. Welcome to the studio to learn about the whole teaching package. See the profits on the day of the church. Don’t bother to get on the bus

Here are some screenshots I found. I didn’t operate them myself, but they were very simple. I got them on the card issuing website and bought links, it needs to be converted into QR code, scanned by WeChat, and there is no loss

These things are commonly known as materials, and there are all kinds of them. Those in large amount in the picture are value-added invoices.

Many large amounts are restricted to regions. This can switch IP addresses. Every day, the number of single accounts is dozens, and WeChat earns more money. Luckily, the number of large accounts will break 100.

chaseGo back to the end to build a station and establish a card issuing network.

If you have no project to do, or the project income is not good, you can do the bottle cap project,

Let’s compare the project of video brushing

Comparison between video brushing and bottle cap playing

Brush yourself

You can make a lot of money by scanning videos and watching advertisements all day long. You should know how much you can earn. 0.3 will be free if you register, how much do you want to withdraw$Is money difficult? How much will it cost the next day? I have a good idea

Invite friends

According to 100 friends, 100 subordinates swipe videos every day, giving you 50 benefits every day (I know how much)

In the long run

I feel tired when I brush videos myself, and the lower level is also oneWell, who will insist on playing video for you every day when the profit is very small, unless you are a machine brush

Comparison between e-commerce platform and bottle cap

It is undeniable that the e-commerce project is indeed a violent project, but can you make money without promoting it? How many promotion people actually place orders every day, and those who have done e-commerce should be clearChu, if the promotion ability is strong, e-commerce platform is also a good project

Comparison between reward platform and bottle cap

The reward platform can do tasks on its own, and it can also make profits every day. However, those who make orders on their own should be clear for a long time. They download N APPs, and now there are many angry calls and SMS messages every day

Benefits of bottle cap project

Play bottleCap. Take Budweiser bottle cap for example. One bottle cap is 0.17$, spend 0.17 by yourself$One card is obtained, and 0.3 can be obtained at least when the card is opened$, net profit 0.13,

10 times a day is 1.3$And it can be done in a few minutes. You can play 10 times a day.This is just one of the caps

Harbin beer bottle cap, cost 0.1$, must get 0.3$, 10 times a day is 2$, 3.3 easy for one day$

100 lower level bottle caps, Budweiser cost 0.17, you can set the price of 0.2$, Harbin Beer cost 0.1, you set 0.13$, such a BudweiserYou earn 0.03, and you earn 0.03 for a beer.

If 100 subordinates play Budweiser 10 times a day, you will sell 10 * 100 * 2=2000 bottle caps, 0.03 for one day, and 60 for one day$

Subordinates can make money every day by playing with bottle caps,You can also make money. It’s much easier than playing videos and offering rewards. You can’t make money without playing videos, doing tasks, and placing orders to make money online. Do you think about this? Because

Harbin Beer Budweiser bottle cap is a must

Other benefits of opening a bottle cap sub station

1. Open the bottle cap sub station (cost 19.9$), equal toSetting up your own shop is equivalent to setting up a website in 19.9

2. There is no need to stock up. The goods in the sub station can be put on and off the shelves by themselves, and the selling price can be modified by themselves (the cost price cannot be modified). The sub station user places an order, and the card is delivered directly from the main station. The customer does not need to purchase goods, does not need to invest, and is only responsible for promotion

(RecommendationYou can play it yourself first, which is convenient for promotion)

Do not open the bottle cap station to play by yourself

There are many kinds of bottle caps in the bottle cap station,

Each profit is between 0.3-888, such as Evergrande Bingquan, with a price of 0.08$, there is a chance of 0.3$

Budweiser’s price is 0.18, and must be 0.3$Above 500 Medals, which can be exchanged for gifts.

A lot of Xuejin recently, one price is 0.82, and you must get 1$Above, there is a chance to open 888$, everyone in the group went crazy because they won a lot of 18.8 and 88$

The price of Harbin Beer is 0.1$, must get 0.3-5$, recently restricted, last monthThere are many. The profit of an individual number is 50 per day, and there are many bottle caps waiting for you to play,

Play with the bottle cap, how much is the daily minimum guarantee$Money. When you are lucky, you can make hundreds of profits a day$Money is all right

The website has not been lost for the time being. The station has not been built yet. Go to other stations to buy some for the group members to try.

Well, that’s all for today,It was originally intended to be released tomorrow, but it was written today.

Bottle cap project, one WeChat earns 20-50 dollars per day


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