Share a sideline project, earning 200 dollars a day


The Internet industry, if you want to say that something has the highest profit, then the virtual data industry must be on the list.

Share a sideline project, earning 200 dollars a day

Virtual data can make money because it has the feature that a piece of data can be sold for countless times.

We can earn 1000 people’s money by selling a piece of information to 1000 people, and we can imagine the profits.

So today ILet’s talk about a branch of virtual resource selling – test data selling.

01. Project principle

As we all know, every industry has a variety of certificates and ability tests every year, which can help improve their qualifications, promotion and salary.

Of course, review is an indispensable part of the exam. Review can help youThe probability of passing the exam has been improved, so that you can win more.

It is inevitable to use materials for review. Many people will look for the latest materials of the year to review. Then we can make money by selling materials to these people.

02. How to play the project

In this industry, first of all, we should make clear the examination time of each industry$Before long, the examination time of each industry in the coming year will be announced.

As shown in the figure, after knowing which industry examinations are available this year, we can prepare corresponding examination materials and sell them to people in need.

The most important step in this industry is to collect information. We can search the Internet for 20XX years ×× certificateIndustry examination data.

Or use the same way to go to a treasure or a lot of money to buy it. A search can find a lot, but the price is not expensive. Just spend money to buy it.

With all the data available, the next step is to lead the deal. Here I recommend the major short video platformsSocial networking sitesUrban layout。

Take screenshots of several important points of your own information documents, and then make pictures and videos and upload them to various short video platforms.

Of course, don’t forget to leave your contact information on your account home page and guide private messages in the comment area,Social networking sitesOnly private messages can be guided.

Take a random “Yes” for the videoDon’t miss the XX certificate test. This key point will be tested with titles like “, which makes people want to see it.

Generally speaking, as long as you say at the point, people in need will find you along the way, and then we can sell the materials.

Flower 10$、20$For the materials we bought, we increased the price to 28、38$Sell to these people in need, and it will bring profit even if it is not said.

thirty or forty$Money is not expensive for those in need. If the publicity is in place, there will be eight or nine orders a day, or two or three hundred$The income of money.

03. Project discussion

The profit from selling this stuff is poor information, although it can be found onlineThe same materials are sold, but some people do not know these channels.

What we earn is poor cognition and information. It is not difficult to make money as long as you spend time to promote and lead, as long as you have action.

The main road is simple, and everything is the same. I have said so much today, and I can communicate with you through private messages on the menu bar if you don’t understand.

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Share a sideline project, earning 200 dollars a day


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