Small basic project, easy monthly entry 1W


Today, let’s share a small project, which is especially suitable for novices.

Small basic project, easy monthly entry 1W

Fantasy Westward Journey has been played by everyone. It is a very popular game.

When we saw the dream of making money on the western tour, our first thought must be to make money by making money and moving bricks.

But what I want to talk about today is not this game.

What about playing gold in games? earnIt can earn but not much. It also takes time and energy.

Today I want to talk about another way of playing. How to play. It’s very simple. The ideas are extended and money comes with it.

This game is suitable for any game. Take Dream Journey to the West for example. If you know how to play, you will know how to play.

Like they just started to play, especially when they don’t chargeMoney is a civilian player. In the Dream Westward Journey, you can only do daily tasks at most, but you can’t do more advanced tasks.

The game is basically hung up all the time. The feeling I get from playing fantasy is to configure equipment and find a good team. The rest of the time is hung up chatting.

We all know that we can create aMany players of their own guilds are recommended to join the guilds by the system. If there are not many people in the guilds, they can get vitality points by doing daily tasks every day. The vitality points can be called out in the world, that is, people in the whole area can see your messages.

In a word, when we play games and choose rolesIt goes without saying that we all know that no matter what games, female characters are popular. Even if others chat, they like to chat with gangs with more women.

In fact, this is a way for gangs to attract people. People can also be brought to WeChat groups in the form of chat for the convenience of later groupsThe team does the task and so on.

After pulling to the group, say a few simple liquidation methods.

First of all, you should let others know that you are a multi player. A person has many numbers, because this game can turn gold coins, and gold coins can buy everything in the Dream Westward Journey.

The purpose of driving more is to transfer money. I am interested in the way you drive more from time to timeI am sure I will buy it from you.

As for where does the script come from? There are many studios in the game. You can see some of them by following their news or ranking.

Find those studios and buy a script for hanging up the phone, including monthly card, quarterly card and annual card. You can buy a monthly card first. Then, go to a treasure, PDFind someone on D to develop a software, and you can sell it indefinitely after development.

If you don’t want to spend money to find someone to develop, it is also possible to be a middleman to earn a difference. But the profit is certainly not that big.

If you customize your own script, you can also accept some hosting tasks. In many games, the so-called boss has no timeHang the game and find someone to do the daily work.

The 320 monthly package of Package A is a simple daily routine, which can be completed within one hour at most. If there is a script, it is basically the whole hang up operation.

It’s really tiring to move bricks, but it’s more comfortable to provide services.

This is a price for scripts sold by othersI want to drive more cars. Five numbers count as a group. Even if I buy the lowest monthly card, I will buy five cards, which is 190$

There is no need to worry about others’ future use. 99% of the players who play this game are long-term players.

A customer can provide 190 scripts for you in a month$。 It is 1900 to find 10 customers, and 50 customers,What about 100? A steady monthly income of over 10,000 dollars.

Selling scripts and trusteeship is the simplest, no need to understand the game market, no brain type. People can do it.

That is, you can register a Fantasy Westward Journey game number to create a gang, and then you can pull people out. There are many areas in the game. Generally, the new area is popular. If the old area is popular, you can find it yourselfYou can find a fire.

To create a sect is to attract people, and to make others more trusted.

After a period of operation, I am familiar with the game and the game market. I can resell the game account, which is agreed by both parties, so it is normal.

It can be used as an intermediary, can be collected and sold, and can directly earn the differenceJust fine. Dream Westward Journey is a game that never lacks bosses. There are tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people there. Some people do not want to play, or want to change the area, they will choose to sell.

Although this game has its own treasure house, some rich or troublesome people will choose to find someone to sell it, which is simple and direct.

Write here, veryMany people may feel that they don’t have traffic, or that they can’t provide services.

I’ve been thinking of it for a long time. How to do that?

That is, while playing games, we can record videos of our own tasks and upload them to short video platforms or QQ communication groups. If you know the game, you can also add some explanations yourself.

If you don’t know how to explain it, it doesn’t matter. I’ve also figured out a way for you.

You can find videos from your peers and imitate them. You can record what they say and then follow them.

No matter in game drainage or video platform drainage, our finalThe goal is to let them become your customers and finally make a deal.

So much for today’s projects.

Small basic project, easy monthly entry 1W


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