Small projects that earn 300 dollars a day in less than 10 days, up to 2000 dollars a day


Let me tell you some good news. It will be New Year in 60 days.

Small projects that earn 300 dollars a day in less than 10 days, up to 2000 dollars a day

Before the end of the year, it was a year-end summary and a review of one year’s experience. Of course, those who did not take notes did not know what they did or did not do.

At the beginning of the new year, many people will make a New Year’s resolution to slowly dream and become rich.

As a result, the plan for next year is the same as that for this year.

Why? I thought about it, but I didn’t do it.

Today I pretend to be starting a business and tell you a very simple project – short video transportation

A friend has been doing it for 10 days. Today, the two platforms, Toutiao and Baijia, were released together. The daily income of the single headline was about 200About 100, and the overall daily total income is about 300.

Each platform has its own characteristics. Headlines and 100 accounts are biased towards the news and information we media. Therefore, current affairs and history, business knowledge, biographies, science and technology and culture will be more popular on the platform.

It may be different to change the platformHe can brag,Social networking sitesYou should be able to plant grass, saying that white dots are implicit teaching people to buy things.

With the positioning, the source of materials is very important. We recommend several kinds:

1 Watermelon video peer creators 2 Good looking videos 3 CCTV Weibo official website 4 Netease video

In the early stage, if you want to make rapid achievements in an unfamiliar fieldThe simple way is to imitate. Specific operations:

1) First find the headlines, 30 large ones in the same field

2) Find the video of the blockbuster of 100000 million

3) Extract copy from video

4) Copywriting adaptation

With the copy, the next step is video creation

1 Real person appearance

A Mobile editing process:

1) Import the copyWord generator, recommended software – light shake

2) Mobile phone recording, live explanation

3) Clipping and editing to generate subtitles

B Computer end editing process:

1) Video recording by mobile phone or camera and file transfer to computer

2) Use ArctimePro, NetEase Visible or iFLYTEK to hear subtitles

3) Import video and subtitle filesClip in PR

2 Clip playing method

1) The script is converted into voice, and Magic Sound Workshop is recommended. Many TV commentaries use this software, which is powerful and can generate subtitles at the same time (paid software, 50 per month)

2) Import subtitles and voice into pr, and add video clips according to the copy content

3) Cut offThe original watermark and caption of the video shall not exceed 5 seconds for each shot, and all shots shall be mirrored.

3 Video Cover

Recommended tools: draft design or maker post, with templates, easy to edit.

Finally, release

1. First select original videos, second select micro headlines

2. Good title, don’t think too much, just imitate your peers directly

3. The cover should be attractive enough, and the text should highlight the content.

4. The longer the video time is, the more the unit price is. The unit price is 1-3$At present, 10 minute long videos are being tested. The unit price of accounts in the same field is 4-5 times of ours, and the single video revenue is 2000

The whole process is very simple, I don’t understand it, so I should study and learn moreThe colleague is fine. The first day of operation was the second day of revenue, and the seventh day was 300. Now it is also very stable every day. The videos a week ago continue to bring revenue.

Other teams have achieved a single video revenue of 2000 , daily change, and a single monthly revenue of 6w .

Do not do this projectDon’t be creative. As long as you follow the steps, follow others and form your own style, you can earn 30 to 50 thousand dollars a month.

In many cases, innovation is not necessarily a good thing, because innovation that has not been tested in the market may be self congratulatory. Only when it has been tested, it is the king’s way.

With the help of others’ successful casesFaster curve overtaking.

Small projects that earn 300 dollars a day in less than 10 days, up to 2000 dollars a day


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