The game earns money: the windfall of gold, earning 3000 a day!


Someone sent this picture today.

The game earns money: the windfall of gold, earning 3000 a day!

The general meaning is that the group is discussing the game Legend 4. In addition to the trading of game equipment, many channel vendors are also collecting a large number of Level 40 accounts at a high price, starting from 400 accounts.

Dig down this road and see the search heat first.

It is obvious thatSince the end of August, the word has suddenly become popular.

The logic of the project is very simple, that is, to play gold. The playing method is similar to that of early Warcraft and Dream. The simple and mindless brick moving project. The only highlight of the game is the area$Chain currency system.

Players need to upgrade their equipment if they want to improve their combat effectiveness. Upgrading equipment needs to consume the prop “black iron”The main access to black iron is map mining, and the mined mineral energy is converted into virtual currency.

Some players, in order to reach the ranking, but have no time to mine slowly, will directly buy krypton gold, spend money on virtual coins, and then use virtual coins to buy other people’s black iron ores, which is a closed loop.

As shown in the figure.

Let’s talk about the virtual currency.

currencyThe name of DRACO is DRACO coin, and its price is floating. According to the developer, the limit of the coin is 1 billion, and the daily release is 1 million. That is, the earlier you earn coins, the more money you make.

As for the reason why some people receive 40 level accounts, the reason is very simple. Only the game level reaches 40The DRACO currency transaction function is available only after the second level, so these accounts are valuable.

According to the data published by players in the industry:

One number can dig about 350000 to 500000 “black iron ores” a day,

100000 “black iron ores”=1 DRACO,

1 DRACO=0.6 WEMIX (price will fluctuate)

One WEMIX=8USD (price fluctuation)

That is to say, the daily output of the order number is 20$About, turn on the night god and thunder and lightning more. A machine is usually 16, then 20$*16=320, get more computers and earn thousands a day$That’s all right.

As for making money,From a personal perspective.

In addition to making money, you can also sell spades:

For example, for the batch production of 40 grade finished products, according to the strategy, it takes about 3 days to issue a finished product number, and the market price of the finished product number has risen to hundreds$

Another example is the gold printing technology, hang up script, registration tutorial, gooThe gle account… these are just needed, and the market price is basically thousands$Even tens of thousands of high prices.

On the whole, the game is a short and smooth asset light project, which is good.

In addition, it has only been 2 months since the game was launched. There is still room to play now. Those who are interested can go there as soon as possibleResearch the steps of the project. Today’s content is all of this, and I hope it can be enlightening.

The game earns money: the windfall of gold, earning 3000 a day!


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