Project dismantling: Some people earn 300 a day by recycling junk SMS!


I believe many people have received such spam messages.

Project dismantling: Some people earn 300 a day by recycling junk SMS!

All kinds of junk messages, which we normally see are directly ignored or deleted, but some people pay to recycle such messages!

In fact, this has been in operation for a long time. We can go to Leisure Fish to search: SMS recycling.

Directly recycled. high priceLow not equal.

Generally, they only accept the same day’s information, because the earlier the information is, the more valuable it is.

Why is the earlier the more valuable?

Because there are some value gains that you can’t see.

In fact, the garbage message recycling project was started 18 years ago. This is not a new project. You can still find the record by searching Googleof At that time, there were many upstream recycling. It is still being recycled.

I believe that you should have received junk messages, such as how to cheat messages, Tiktok likes, part-time job order, part-time job video, etc!

In short, these are harassment messages that you pull black and block. Yes, these messages can be sold for moneyThere are corresponding families recycling.

Being is reasonable. When someone buys, someone sells. At the same time, there are middlemen.

Project principle:

The junk messages here do not refer to Taoke free of charge, Taoke red envelope, Taoke rebate and other types of text message copywriting, but refer to zp text messages, “Tiao Y likes”, “Z swipes”, “P swipes” and “Z swipes” and so on.

PercentOne hundred of these short Xs are used by overseas personnel to engage in zp through short X fishing. These people use SMS to induce users to add their WeChat for the next operation.

After leading users to add to their WeChat, those who engage in bombings will first pull a group, possibly pull down the Alipay group, and possibly pull their own appGroup, put some tasks for users to do, such as asking them to click on a Tiktok homepage to help them click on a concern, and then send it to users 3-8$A total of 5-6 orders will be made, and the user will earn about 20-40% of the commission$Not equal.

Smart people like this profit

After finishing the previous tasksUsers will guide users to download their zp app and complete other zp behaviors on the app. These SMS recycling activities are the benefits of the previous tasks of these zp personnel. Generally, one SMS can be 20 to 40 if it is OK$If there are more posters, there will be no moreThere is a problem.

There are two kinds of junk messages recycled here, one is special invitation messages, the other is ordinary messages.

Invited SMS means that after adding WeChat in the SMS, you need to provide phone number information, and report the phone number, and the other party will reply to you for the next operation.

Join the group according to their process, and you can startGet rid of it!

I really envy the brains of these people. They can make money there!

Do the opposite.

Two ways to play:

1. Reverse closure;

Peers collect these short messages, enter the other party’s traffic pool through the contact information in the message, and then lead the precise traffic to their own traffic pool for transaction.

This moveBe clever, and go straight to the old nest to intercept the current.

2. Reverse earnings;

Some people collect junk SMS messages of likes and swipes. For example, overseas people are doing SMS phishing and cheating;

They usually give users some tasks to do.

For example: give you a nickname of Tiktok, let you go to the Tiktok homepage to helpFollowed by 1 to 8 users$Commission;

In the early stage, you are usually asked to make 3-5 orders and earn 10-30$Money. After you are done, they will guide you to download their spoofing app and complete other zp behaviors on the app.

PZ’s general tactics are to give you a taste firstSweetheart, you can catch big fish later.

The people who recycle such messages are just for the purpose of pulling the wool of the group.

A junk message. If there is no problem, one number can be 20-40$If there are many numbers, it will be hundreds a day$Absolutely no problem. Some people rely on this operation to cheat the group 100 times a day0 or more.

Basically everyone can receive junk messages. After receiving them, they can cut a picture without revealing their information. Many people are willing to change for a little money.

Any project needs the underlying logic. If you can’t figure out its ultimate purpose, the money will not be clean and fast money won’t last longIt will not last long to collect wool.

It is a long-term plan to do regular projects step by step, which is very broad.

Besides, this kind of junk message is 100% deceptive. Otherwise, the people behind it spend so much money on fishing?

As for this society, there are too many information gaps. The entry-level ones areThe entry-level play method. The play method of resources has resources. It depends on what role you are suitable for. There is a way out for deep cultivation and dead fighting.

I know that everyone likes to make quick money, collect money and collect profits. Besides, this kind of short message is 100% deceptive, so you must not believe it.

Finally, I want to emphasize once again that only the project is disclosed hereIn fact, the project is also anti propaganda.

In fact, we can make money, but we still don’t recommend it, because the money is not solid. It is a long-term solution to do regular projects in a down-to-earth manner.

Don’t always try to fix such irrelevant money. It’s not practical at all!

Quick money is so easy to earn. It can come and go quickly!

We canLearn about the cleverness of these people!

Normal people who know that a spam message can make money?

Project dismantling: Some people earn 300 a day by recycling junk SMS!


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