WeChat official account project, copy and paste can also earn 3000 dollars per month


As we all know, due to the large population base in China, the elderly population has gradually increased in recent years, and the number of middle-aged and elderly people is growing. And now smart phones are popular. Not only do young people keep their phones in their hands, but more middle-aged people spend a lot of time using them. For people of this age, few people play games, so they browse onlineInformation, watching videos is the way most people spend their free time.

WeChat official account project, copy and paste can also earn 3000 dollars per month

The development of WeChat is also very rapid, accounting for almost 90% of the population in China, and the middle-aged and elderly account for a lot of the proportion. It can be seen that making WeChat official account for middle-aged and elderly people is a promising project. How to operate? Let’s have a look!

IProject content

The middle-aged and old people are definitely different from the young people in terms of their interests. Since they want to be the WeChat official account of the middle-aged and old, they must publish the content that the middle-aged and old people are interested in. Moreover, such users are highly viscous. As long as they care about and like them, they will not easily cancel them. Unless the content direction changes. contentIt can be transported on various media platforms.

1. Political News

The users targeted by this kind of news are mainly male users of the middle-aged and elderly groups, and it is relatively easy for male users to realize. As long as the direction is selected correctly, the liquidity is stronger than that of female users. Many people may not believe it. Here are some industriesgot it. For example: cigarettes, fishing, cars, beautiful women, kidney tonic and other products. These products are all profit-making products, of which the profits are very high and the demand is relatively high.

Similarly, advertisers can also be opened at the same time to insert advertisements in the articles. As long as someone reads the articles, there will be certain benefits.

2、Classic song and dance

Classic music and dance is mainly for people in the fifties, sixties and seventies. These users do not have much to do after retirement. They have more free time. In addition, their entertainment was relatively simple in that era, and they have different feelings for classic songs.

What we need to do is to let them recall that eraOnce again, they felt that the things they experienced when they were young and the stars they saw, such as Teresa Teng, were legends of an era.

Now there are some such official account. Like a radio station, these official account can listen to songs and storytelling, which are very popular among middle-aged and old people. People tend to be nostalgic at a certain age,This is human nature. The official account for such classic songs attracts basically middle-aged and elderly people, and its fans are very precise.

This kind of users can be realized more easily. They spend more on health care products every year. It can be found that many people buy tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of health care products offline. andAnd you can also promote some dance or Taiji tablet. They rarely download videos like this, nor can they find them anywhere. Their children spend less time with them, and they are unwilling to bother their children. If there is a good download, many people are willing to buy it.

3. Comic dialogue

For comic dialogue, printThe most profound is Song Dandan’s sketches. Now take these sketches out to see, they are all memorable. Now there are some official account, and they update some sketches from time to time, most of which are classic sketches.

This kind of audio is very popular. As long as it is done well, it is normal to have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fansThe fan value of numerous accounts is far higher than that of Tiktok and Toutiao, and the income of the same fans is also far higher than that of fans on other platforms.

Search on WeChat and you will find many such official account. The content can be downloaded directly from Tencent Video, Watermelon Video and other places. Or go to Amazon orPinduoduo can be purchased directly at a very low price. You can buy a lot of collections in the tens and twenties.

2、 Realization

The main group of users are mainly middle-aged and elderly people, who are relatively able to consume. This kind of official account not only earns traffic, but also saves advertising. Or sell related products yourself. Just use the userSome people will find their own door-to-door cash.

The market of official account has gradually expanded to the middle-aged and elderly groups, and the flow of the middle-aged and elderly groups is now the key competitive target in various industries. With the support of WeChat platform, the development prospect of the middle-aged and elderly official account is still very optimistic. Now start to do official account, the first choiceThe local official account, followed by the official account for the middle-aged and elderly, is more stable and has a higher flow conversion rate.

WeChat official account project, copy and paste can also earn 3000 dollars per month


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