Huge profit audio basic project, headline synthetic audio making money 200 a day


Today, we will share the huge profit audio brick moving project, and move synthetic audio to upload headlines to make money. Now many people like to listen to ghost stories, novels, jokes, emotional marriage guidance, career promotion, and some chicken soup articles. As long as you send them out, someone must like to listen to them, and then take advantage of the high traffic characteristics of the headline itself,Such audio may be worth tens of thousands.

Huge profit audio basic project, headline synthetic audio making money 200 a day

Some people may feel that their voice is not good enough. Mandarin is not standard and is not suitable for recording audio. In fact, there is no need to worry about these problems. Some software can be used to solve these problems, and the operation is also very simple. Novice can start. Large belowThe family shares the following details:

How to play the audio project?

Multiple platforms for making money with audio can be operated together. It is determined that one field can be updated on the headlines and Himalayas. Account numbers, nicknames and content can be set as one. One content can be updated on multiple platforms, and the benefits can be amplified. You can draw inferences from one instance and think moreExamination and more execution. Why choose the headline? Because the platform traffic is large.

1. Headline audio release process:

Log in to the background of the headline number and click “Creation Audio” to publish the audio

Audio content management is carried out in “Headline background – management – work management – audio”

2. Field selection

According to the Himalayas, dragonsAccording to the data of such platforms as Fly FM, users like bedtime stories, anecdotes, unsolved mysteries, successful inspirations, emotional posts and music.

(1) Emotional Story/Guidance

Emotion is a big category, which can be further subdivided, such as marital problems, love relationships, separation skills, and female selfThe content of the bedtime emotional counseling, the worry relieving hall, and the story copy of the healing department should be subdivided enough to the point that we can’t, because our ability and time are limited, we should break out our own advantages in the fields that are subdivided enough, so that there will be fewer competitors and a higher probability of success

(2) Personal promotion

stayIn terms of personal promotion, the demand for inspirational chicken soup is good, such as self-management and success motivation, which are better. In addition, the career promotion, workplace communication, emotional improvement, and psychological education/counseling. The God of Wealth here suggests that the two fields of career and self-management are good, and they are just the same no matter what timeIt is also worth persisting in output for a long time

(3) Historical stories

History includes modern history, ancient history, and world history. The scope is too large. It can update the history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, modern history, and can be divided into dynasties. Each dynasty comes from one dynasty to another. But there is a threshold that you need to be familiar with the history of this dynastyAt least 60 points should be obtained if you know something.

(4) Fiction Story

There is a key point in updating novels. We need to screen books on the novel platform to screen the contents of non copyright, medium and small authors, so that we won’t have trouble finding them. Let’s share the general situation of novel authors and remove the head authors。

Here is a software recommended for you to convert text into audio, which can be directly implemented by clipping, and there are several kinds of sounds. Import the prepared text material, find a favorite voice to identify, and finally export the file, so that a text audio can be completed. If there is a good material channel, it canPut this audio on various platforms to make money.

Of course, if you don’t think so, you can find some paid platforms. If you are not sure, you can find a professional recording person. The market price is 100 words$Qian, 500-800 words is 5-8 for an audio update$Money, in the case of unstable income, the suggestion is still an opportunityGenerated by or recorded by yourself.

3. Realization

As the number of audio played increases, your fans will become more and more. The platform also recommends on the home page according to people’s attributes. In that case, your income will be more and more. It doesn’t take much time a day. Two hours a day is enough. Zero costIf you repeat your entrepreneurial projects every day according to your own interests, they will soon break out. You can earn 100 a day$As mentioned above, if you are familiar with the enlarged operation, the benefits will be even greater.

There is little competition for the project of Headline Audio, and the platform support is also strong. You can make money as long as you play. As long as the account is vertical,Later, it is easier to make money. This is a process of accumulation. The number of fans will continue to increase in the later period, and you can make money by sending any one. 99% of the money is made by long-term accumulation to a certain extent at a certain moment, not overnight. I believe that all efforts will not be wasted.

Huge profit audio basic project, headline synthetic audio making money 200 a day


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