Share a simple sideline project, easily earn 8000 per month, and start with zero foundation


I haven’t shared a project for a long time. Today, I share a Tiktok wallpaper project that the team is currently operating.

Share a simple sideline project, easily earn 8000 per month, and start with zero foundation

You can play Buddhism as a sideline. You can find materials every day when you are free. You can match a copy and music. You can earn money directly after becoming a popular player. You can easily earn 8000 a month.

The old routine of the studio is released in batchesJust big.

This project is sold outside for 990 start, and it will be given to everyone for free today.


Account related

There is nothing to say about registration. For regular projects, use your mobile number.

Tiktok doesn’t have the idea of raising names in a strict sense, but sometimes it’s very metaphysical, and it doesn’t matter if you raise themGod, right.

If you need specific account maintenance steps, just ask me through WeChat.

Account packaging is necessary, including nicknames, avatars, background images, personal signatures, and how to leave hooks. Do not directly appear too obvious “WeChat” words. Tiktok clearly said that it is not prohibited to put WeChat and official account, which is trueIn the world, there are countless awards for this reason. How many long snacks.



This is the top priority! Some people still get stuck in 500 after 100 days of publishing, while others become popular after a few posts.

With popularity, there will be traffic.

If you don’t work hard on it, you can never get hotDoor.

There is nothing special to say about looking for materials. I have a certain aesthetic appreciation, focus on a track, and then I mustHeart, heart, heart!

Say important things three times.

Recommend a material channel for everyone, tens of millions of fresh materials, and refuse to move.

To download the following software, you need to use some high-tech, if notChannel, I get private information.

This software is a little troublesome to register, but it can succeed with patience. You can also call me if you need help.

Determine your own style and search according to your needs. It is recommended to search directly in English. It doesn’t matter if you can’t speak English. Google will translate it!

Cut and map the material after downloadingDo, the software is very simple and easy to use, you can explore it yourself.

Or the atlas. Recently, Tiktok is also vigorously supporting the image and text$, which is of great benefit.

Or short video, which is recommended to be controlled within 7~12s.

Copywriting here$It is also important that good copywriting can play a role in guiding comments on works with fire.


Realization method

The realization logic of wallpaper type is very simple. It is to attract those who want wallpaper with good content and guide them to add your WeChat or official account.

After becoming your own private domain traffic, there are several ways to realize it.

9.9 Mapping community
Official account traffic main
Commercial Advertising

To make money on the Internet, traffic is essential, and the essence of traffic is contentAfter understanding this truth, it is not easy to get ten thousand and eight thousand a month.

This project can be completely operated as a sideline. It is absolutely enough to use the fragmented time every day. On average, half an hour is enough Good work. The video is so popular that it’s like lying down and making money.

Share a simple sideline project, easily earn 8000 per month, and start with zero foundation


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