Uncover the secrets of a niche project: 30000 people earn money by lying down?


A few days ago, my father was seriously ill. After hearing the news, I went to see him.

Uncover the secrets of a niche project: 30000 people earn money by lying down?

Looking at my uncle, who used to be a strong man, now he is only skinny, so I feel very bad.

Fiction: I heard that there is a drug test on the Internet. For various diseases, you can help to see if you can find a channel.

I shouldCome on, let 2000 go$Money.

After going home, look for such channels immediately.

I don’t know. After understanding, I found that this is a huge industrial chain.

What is a drug tester?

The meaning of the drug tester: Every new drug must pass animal experimentsThere are three processes: physical test and clinical test.

The clinical trial is divided into three phases: the first phase is to observe the safety and metabolic process of drugs, which needs to be tested on healthy people. Phase II and III trials are to observe the effectiveness of drugs, and the subjects are patients.

Drug testers are also referred to as subjects in the medical field, that is, human trialsTest object in.

There are two types of drug testers:

1. Healthy people

2. Sick

A few years ago, I overheard that many people do nothing, spend tens of thousands a month easily, and enjoy free physical examination. It’s tempting, but I don’t know it in depth.

Now I know that the rumors in the past should be true。 It is said that there was no Internet connection at the beginning, and some people in major hospitals did this full-time. They did a good job, and there were more than one hundred and two hundred thousand people a month.

I searched some professional websites and found the following:

This kind of project belongs to the project of healthy people. Each project will do a lot of tests before hospitalization to ensure your healthYou can only participate after.

The time is from 12.6 to 12.28, which is 22 days in total, and the income is 8500$。 It’s full of food and shelter.

From this point of view, many people think it’s good. It’s much better than part-time work. If they don’t do anything every day, they can earn money in more than 20 days.

But on the premise that your body is enoughHealthy, can not conceal any allergic drugs and disease history.

The second is the test for the sick:

This income is higher, reaching 17480$To recruit patients with hyperuricemia and no gout.

Now living conditions are better, many people eat and drink at will, and this disease is very easy to occur. I can earn this money after 16 days in hospital.

Moreover, free physical examination will make you more aware of your physical condition.

Some items are gender restricted and some items are smoking restricted, which are basically required to be clearly marked. Some even indicate that they are not connected to the Internet, which means that the price is relatively low.

After all, it is all online query now, so that some drug testersThe bottom broke the thought.

After all, the risk is very high. Almost every item will draw blood during the physical examination. Excessive blood drawing, or excessive examination, will cause bodily injury.

Before the Internet, many full-time drug testers would wander around the major hospitals, attending three or even four sessions a month. Concealing various information toMake money constantly at the expense of your own body.

It also caused irreversible physical damage. This is tantamount to killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

My smart friends, I must be thinking about one thing now. If I can organize some patients who have diseases, are economically difficult, and have no treatment conditions at home to participate in the treatment,Whether they are doing a good deed.

Good or bad is not judged.

But there is a kind of intermediary in this industry, which is called drug testing intermediary.

Such intermediaries wander between hospitals and drug testers, living on commission. Some have enough resources, and even a project can be reserved.

For example, if 20 people are needed, he can provide 20 bagsField. Then his profit is very considerable, for example, a person earns 2000$40 thousand for 20 people$。 According to different types of project subsidies, we can earn more.

A few years ago, I heard that there are many college students testing drugs. Most of them are healthy people. Many people feel that they can make money quickly after trying it onceFeeling that they will pull students to do it, so the source of drug testers is very stable.

Now many people are sinking into the fourth and fifth tier cities, specializing in patient projects, which have higher benefits.

Everywhere I went, I put up small advertisements on the poles, and then people called in an endless stream. After a batch of calls, I directly took the bus to get startedCheck. Those who fail the physical examination will be given hundreds$People who want to do things tend to attach to the money as a subsidy for lost time.

Any industry, as long as it exists, is reasonable, but our contact is very narrow, until we really take the initiative to understand, we suddenly realized that such a profession really exists.

thisIt reminds me of a reporter’s secret visit to one of the “blood slaves” recorded in the past decade.

After seeing it, I was really shocked. What I do every day is to wait for blood drawing, which simply subverts the Three Views.

This industry is a niche industry that many people have never heard of. It is far away from many people’s lives.

whateverThis is true in all industries. As long as there are economic benefits, there are always people who can make a lot of money in it. No matter which link.

As long as you can easily earn money, you will also pay a huge price.

Uncover the secrets of a niche project: 30000 people earn money by lying down?


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