A sideline suitable for girls to do at home! You can make money at home


There are many sideline projects to make money on the Internet, but I always think that skill realization is the most popular.

A sideline suitable for girls to do at home! You can make money at home

Have you noticed that in recent years, there have been a lot of PS tutorials on the Internet, and PS has become a popular skill, such as rice circle girls’ drawing repair, Amazon e-commerce design, photography refinementUse PS.

And when you enter the workplace after graduation, you will find that the same sentence, “Those who are proficient in PS software are preferred”, appears at the end of most positions in large companies or small companies.

If you don’t have a skill, I suggest you learn PS. For example, there are many free and high-quality PS teachers on Station BCheng, using the time after class or on weekends, can basically master the software operation in the last month.

Learn PS, where can I find a part-time order receiving channel?

1. Amazon

Search for the keyword PS part-time, and a pile of lists will appear when PS repairs the map. If you are a novice, you should start from the basics, such as cutout and ID photoRefinement is a common job, and the money will increase with the difficulty of design.

2. Pig Bajie

Pig Bajie Network can provide various part-time jobs such as VI design, advertising design, PPT, card design, packaging design, etc., and they are all issued by certified companies with high securityPackage business.

Open Zhubajie, click “I have skills, and make money by taking orders” at the top of the home page to learn about the detailed price and rules.

3. Petal/Qiantu Website and other material websites

Petal/Qiantu Network is not only a famous material website, they also recruit creators and provide them with good works, with a single quotation of 10-50$about.

4. Take orders from rice circle

There is a super phrase “Fanquan Artistic Design” on Weibo, in which there are all partners who are good at PS and Party A who release design tasks. However, this kind of business belongs to private business, so you must keep your eyes open to prevent being cheated.

Of course, there are many channels for PS to take orders part-time, but we mustFollow the principle of safety first. Don’t be trapped. PS is a good choice as a sideline for office workers!

A sideline suitable for girls to do at home! You can make money at home


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