Daily income of 100 projects without brain information difference can make money on foot


What do you rely on to make money from projects?

Daily income of 100 projects without brain information difference can make money on foot

Is it perseverance? Or execution?

Although it is related to the above factors, it is more important to know how to think dialectically.

There is no shortage of projects on the Internet. What is more lacking is a good thinking mind and a good eye for discovery.

If you pay attention, there are projects everywhere.

Today, justWe bring you this small project. The existence of this project can be said to be closely related to our lives, and we use software almost every day.

Seeing the picture above, I wonder if you are familiar with it? Surely smart people have found business opportunities?

Yes, WeChat sports leaderboard advertising space rental。

Next, Uncle will give you a detailed disassembly:


Principle of making money

We can see in the picture that the person who ranks first in sports every day will seize the cover of your friends. I believe you can see it when you open it. The cover is a valuable advertising space for advertising,There will also be a lot of exposure. We can use this location to rent some advertisers to put background ads to make money.

The stickiness of WeChat fans is needless to say. The commercial value is also very high. For a WeChat with 3000 people, the exposure rate is 10%, and about 300 people will see itAds.


Operating Steps

1. Preliminary preparation

First of all, we need to prepare several mobile phones and several WeChat signals. It is better to ensure that one phone has one number. The more people on each WeChat, the better.

However, it is worth noting that we should not think about adding friends automatically. WeChat risk control is now very strict,That’s not worth the loss.

The simplest way is to manually add about 30 WeChat users every day.

Of course, there are so many WeChat friends to guarantee, and there are also many ways of subsequent realization, which can be completely done as a long-term project.

2. Preemptive platoonNo. 1 in the row list

If it happens that your work or life requires a lot of walking every day, then you will have a congenital advantage over others. You can not only finish your work, but also get extra pay, killing two birds with one stone.

But to be honest, if some of your WeChat friends are doing sports cover adsNo matter how hard they ran, they couldn’t run the number of steps they took with RJ. There are many XG step software on the Internet. If you can’t run, you can go to various e-commerce platforms.

3. Make WeChat cover map

Search WeChat campaign on the WeChat search interface, and then enable it. After enabling, the page reads “Enter my homepage”You can set the cover. If you need to promote yourself, you can directly set it as the picture you need to promote. If not, we can just use this$The golden land can be rented to obtain rent. Wouldn’t it be good to be a charterer and a charterer?

4. Realization

If fromThere is already a demand for publicity. You can hang your own information for exposure and publicity, virtually saving a lot of advertising fees. If you rent, you can charge according to the price in the above figure.

This is only a part of realization. If you want to do other projects with thousands of friends’ WeChat, will it be difficult?

Well, that’s the end of today’s project.

Daily income of 100 projects without brain information difference can make money on foot


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