Tiktok basic project: 9.9 dollars per order, but 10 w dollars per month, depending on how to operate


I have stressed many times that we must be able to borrow money.

Tiktok basic project: 9.9 dollars per order, but 10 w dollars per month, depending on how to operate

I watched Da Zhang Wei on a variety show before, and he told me about their two tutors:

Don’t spend money to get things done

Spend others’ money on your own business

Many entrepreneurial models, including the entrepreneurial giants, are using this method of borrowing chicken to make eggsWolf.

Because everyone is afraid of risks, controlling risks with the help of others can reduce costs and risks.

Last night, I saw a brick moving project in Shuo Tiktok. I will talk to you briefly.

Daily income ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands.As shown below:

These accounts are dedicated to selling online courses for cash,Network wide course 9.9$

The course sources are some well-known online courses. Many online courses range from hundreds to thousands. Many ordinary people are reluctant to go.

But suddenly a 9.9 seller came. Is it worth seeing.

How did these people get their courses? After all, the cost of buying so many courses is alsoNo, it’s not a joke.

If you want to make money, there will be a way out.

I have thought of this idea before. I understand it. I can earn hundreds more every day$, no problem at all.

OK, valuable.

Two ways:

1 If there are many peers selling this class together, you can organizeThe team goes to sell, and there is not much to share.

2 This move is more advanced. We see which course is better, and then we launch crowdfunding, more than 200$20 people will share the class, but not 10 people$Money.

Then you can find 20 people. You can buy and copy the contentPeople give them a copy, and you get the course for free.

Then you can take this course to 9.9 and sell it again and again.

Similarly, 2000$Class, tens of thousands$You can also do the same for the class of. You just need to integrate people in the middle, and then sort out the content.

And everyone can get what they wantThe cost is still very low.

In this way, your cost of taking the course is 0. If you don’t understand this idea, you should look at yourself again and again.

In the future, many places that make money can use this idea for reference.

OK, tell me, how to drain?

First get a Tiktok number. The head portrait should be changed to[Online course 9.9】It is good to have a simple solid background. In the personal introduction, write the main courses, and then publish three works, as shown in the following figure:

Users can see it by clicking inPurchase entrance

Drainage method:

1. Intercept the stream in the live broadcast room

Expose yourself by brushing gifts and making comments. When there are users who are interested in buying courses in the live studio, seeing your avatar and nickname will have a chance to contact you.

2. Closure of comment area

Leave comments under the videos of some online courses, and directly intercept the stream. First, pay attention to a large number of knowledge bloggers, and then they will comment under the works as soon as they update their works.

How much does a video of a large knowledge blogger playThere are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, such a large amount, it is not difficult to drain one or two hundred people every day.

Comments must be positive, and be exposed through avatars and nicknames.

Through batch operation with software, dozens of accounts are operated at the same time, and the above comment operation is automatically completed with script software.

You can even monitorKeyword. When a user has a purchase intention, he or she can automatically send a private message to the other party.

As for software, interested students can find someone to customize it in a treasure, about 500$One.

If you don’t want to spend money on software, you should work hard and comment manually.

How to realize?

9$9. It’s just a low price diversion productHow high profit realization channel.

1. Selling courses

After adding to WeChat, users can launch their own series of courses, ranging from 9.9 to 199. Some buy a single course in 9.9, while others pack all courses in 199.

How to buy it is cost-effective for users.

2. Apprentice

I got through the project myself, then bring people to do it together. If there is meat, everyone will eat it together, and the efficiency will be high.

Write a tutorial, enroll students through the circle of friends, and provide corresponding services. The customer price is generally between 499-999.

All the people here are willing to learn, and they are also willing to make money, so the conversion rate is also very good.

3. Other projectsRealization

With traffic, we can build our own We Media platform, such as the official account, to gather traffic. Usually, we can receive thousands of ads$

Other projects can also be grafted. If you have traffic, you don’t worry about making money.

Some small partners are worried about infringement. In the era of knowledge payment flooding, various aspects of supervisionIn fact, it’s not strict. You said that there is nothing wrong with sharing the low price of the Bubble Online Earning Course you bought.

This is just like what we don’t want to buy in a treasure and sell second-hand goods hanging on Second hand goods trading platform. It’s just that knowledge pays. It’s virtual and can be sold indefinitely.

If you still worry, you can be a payment agency like usGroup, make a official account and manage the content well.

The principle is very simple. The emphasis is on execution. If someone works together, it is naturally the best. It is always lonely to work alone.

Tiktok basic project: 9.9 dollars per order, but 10 w dollars per month, depending on how to operate


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