It is not difficult to earn 10000 more per month for 0 cost sideline project!


Recently, a friend suddenly contacted me and said that thanks to my advice, he has also started to develop audio We Media.

It is not difficult to earn 10000 more per month for 0 cost sideline project!

This is also a friend I knew before. Like everyone, I want to do a sideline and earn more money after work.

At the beginning, short videos were very popular. She wanted to devote herself to the field of short videos, butOne common feature is that they do not want to appear in real life.

Presumably, we dare not shoot short videos.

But she also felt that we media must be the trend in the future. I said, your voice is very good, or you should be an audio We media.

Later, she thought about it on her own and would ask from time to timeIn less than a year, the operation is also very impressive.

She usually works as an administrator in the company, and the maximum amount is 5000 to 6000 dollars a month. Now she works as an audio We Media, and can earn more than 5000 to 10000 dollars a month.

Audio content products

It is a supermarket that is easily ignored by many people

Most of the time, people look moreRe writing and short videos, while audio is ignored by many people.

In fact,Content audio has a large market, especially in some fragmented scenarios, such as on the way to and from work, when doing housework, when taking a fitness walk

If you are not good at writing and shooting videos, it may be good to start from the audio fieldchoice.

And the material is very easy to find. Just record the articles or videos of your peers through your own voice.

The handling is easy, and it is basically original.

I would like to share with you a few ways to make money:

1、 Professional dubbing makes money

Himalayan FM audio production platform can be selected

Google Search“XimaLaya Sound Production Platform”, select from the platform homepage“Find Task”You can participate in dubbing auditions. As long as you are professional in dubbing, you will not worry about making money.

You only need to record a voice sample according to the provided manuscript and upload it. If the other party thinks your voice is OK, you can reach a cooperation.

The compensation methods of cooperation are divided into:Three types:

1、One time salary, one hour for one hour;

2、Base salary share=recording time * hourly salary all income generated by publishing works * share proportion;

3、Share only means that you can only receive all the income generated by the publication of the work * Share proportion.

The first is pure selling time, the second and the third areIt is equivalent to investing in technology to start a business. The difference is whether you have a base salary before starting a business to make money.

If you think this dubbing project is very marketable, you can participate in the cooperation in the form of sharing only.

If this work generates a profit of 1 million dollars in the later period, and the proportion of the share is 20%, then you can share 200000 dollars,The more income your work generates, the more your share will be.

When you have your own works, naturally many collaborators will come to you, and you won’t worry about making money at that time.

In addition, you can also record your own online course that earns money by voice. Generally, you can buy 68 to 299 online courses on the platform.

Even one year later, it will sell 1000 copies, 68000 to 299000 copies, and they are sold in a circular way, so there is no need to invest time.

2、 Non professional, relatively low threshold

You can choose today’s headlines and make money with good content

Today’s headline is the most perfect profit mechanism among many We Media platforms. As long as you have good content, you can earnTo the money.

Compared with the Himalayas, there is no professional requirement for sound and equipment.

Today’s Headlines make money by voice, mainly in the following three modes:

1. The platform broadcast revenue is 15$About/10000 times.

2. Do paid audio content column, and make money by selling knowledge.

Passed the assessment in Headlines todayTo open the original, you have the right to open the headline paid column. Similar to cash, there are paid circles and paid questions and answers.

Plan a topic from your field and share your knowledge and experience.

The title can be: How did I earn 5000 dollars a month by voice in today’s headlines? I believe many people must have paid attention out of curiositycoming.

Then comes the question of marketing and conversion rate.

3. Combined with network materials, short video re creation is carried out.

Today, Toutiao supports short videos, about 20$About/10000 times. Similar to the first one, set the theme and title to attract playback.

For example, the following video can earn 328 * 20=6560$

Here we can make a film and television commentary. For a film, we can write a commentary, edit commentary dubbing.

The number of broadcasts is also very high. Anyway, I often watch film clips in Tiktok, so this field, combined with my own unique interpretation style, is also a money spinner.

3、 If youIt’s an interesting soul

You may be suitable to do Station B, and your talent will never be buried

In Station B, I also provide two ways to make money by voice:

1. The dubbing contest organized by the platform earns bonus pool income.

2. Like Headlines today, short video re creation can be carried out.

The main sources of income include: fans charging and broadcastingClick revenue, and advertising revenue after the number of fans.

Learn more from others, and then slowly build your own style.

Well, that’s all for today. Share more valuable for those who are still hesitating to be our media.

It is not necessary to think about your productivity, but more about how toBorrow strength.

There are many ways to spread content, including articles, audio, video, live broadcast, etc. You can easily create original content by outputting the same content on different carriers.

If you don’t understand it, think about it several times.

It is not difficult to earn 10000 more per month for 0 cost sideline project!


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