Find another virtual resource project through your own needs!


I registered a company last year and asked someone to do it on behalf of me. Then I outsourced all the bookkeeping to that agency. This month, the contract expired. Today, I asked me about renewal, but I got as many quotations as last year.

Find another virtual resource project through your own needs!

In fact, there are many other companies looking for me here, and I think this companyThe company has been working for me for a year, and every month it will be on time. It has provided me with some data on account keeping, which makes me feel reliable. But the price is far different from that of other companies.

Their company charges 1800 dollars a year for bookkeeping and 3300 dollars for other addresses. Last year, they were willing to spend this moneyBecause I didn’t know much about the price of this matter before, I felt that it would be more convenient to outsource the troublesome business of the company, which costs thousands a year.

I’ve been contacted by many companies this year, and I’ve probably asked about the price. If they can give me some discounts this year, even if it’s a little more expensive, IThey will still choose their company, because they have been working for one year after all.

Later, I went to consult with another company. They were all in the same city and did the same work and service. As a result, the price difference was about 1000 dollars. Finally, we talked about that this company could do this for a year. Then I sent the screenshot of the chat with the company hereTo the previous company.

After a while, I was willing to pay 2000 dollars to my company for one year. I was not surprised to get this result, which was a way of making money with poor information. Many of the prices you thought were far from the internal prices.

Then I’m putting this company on the booksWhen searching at the end of the day, we found many stores in this field, and the company kept accounts for dozens of times a month$, only a few hundred a year$Money, but this kind of accounting is only suitable for companies that do not have too much business and do not need to issue invoices for reimbursement.

In fact, I already know about the information gap and moneymaking serviceIn terms of resources, you can connect them yourself. One company earns thousands of dollars a year, and 10 companies receive tens of thousands a year. You just need to outsource these companies’ accounts.

Because many things can be operated online, even if you want to learn how to do accounting, you can go directly to a customer service shop to communicate with himSpend some money to ask him to teach you how to do accounting. The most difficult thing for this information gap is to find customers. At present, people who contact me basically rely on telemarketing.

Thinking of this, I went againSocial networking sitesAfter searching for keywords, I found that teaching others how to keep accounts, and the tutorial materials are also a virtual material that can make money. You can see the needs ofIt’s not a small request. This is just a case I found casually.

This project must have been operated by someone before. As long as you find a peer to buy a piece of data, you can know what kind of data they are selling, how they charge, how they deal with you. You can also set your own price for this kind of data. One piece of data can be sold for 19 or 39 was OK.

Record all his information and transaction scripts, and you can directly model him to start operation. You can also send notes when he sends notes, and then you can search other platforms, not onlySocial networking sitesThere are other platforms, such as Quora and Weibo, that can be used for operation and drainage.

Above isWhen I was searching for Quora, there were still a lot of people with 60000 views. After I registered with the company, I wanted to do my own accounting to prove this demand.

If you have resources, you can directly connect with the company, help others do accounting, and outsource the accounting business again. If you don’t have resources, you can sell the company to do accountingInformation is also a good project. The above is today’s sharing. I hope it will help you.

Find another virtual resource project through your own needs!


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