The project of empty handed white wolf can earn tens of thousands of dollars per month without spending a penny!


I read a news these days that a house in Hegang, Heilongjiang only needs 20000 dollars. Many people are attracted and a large number of people go to Heilongjiang to see the house.

The project of empty handed white wolf can earn tens of thousands of dollars per month without spending a penny!

They are clamoring to copy the bottom. Tell me how stupid these people can be. In economics, bottom copying is carried out on the premise of being able to rise, or with a marketThe callback probability of the field.

It must have an economic cycle. It can reduce to more than 20000 houses. Do you think it will have an economic cycle?

Maybe, maybe 50 years, maybe 100 years later.

The housing price is probably determined by the resident population and the migrant population in this cityGangs is a city with a population of less than one million, covering an area of 14684 square kilometers, and the pillar of the city’s economy is a single coal industry.

The single industry of the city has increased the population outflow of the city. The basic reason is that there is no one. The house price cannot be the same as that of cabbage.

If there is no one, you willThere is no economic activity. Without economic activity, there will be no economic cycle. I still want to wait for a callback. It’s really cute.

A friend of mine is from Hegang. When he saw the news, he said to me: “It’s a joke, ignorant leek!”!

You see, what they say is so beautiful, ignorant chives.

Remember last year, Xi’anIt’s hard to say how hard it is to make people settle down. As long as you have a college degree or above, and want to come to Xi’an to set up a company, you will be given free settlement, support and tax reduction.

Almost every office building in Xi’an will put several thick leaflets of settlement policy at the front desk, and every property will call on leaders for instructionsHand out brochures to commuters late.

Every city is expanding its own population. Look at the crazy drainage between cities, not for traffic.

People are the first productive force, and traffic is money.

The project we are going to talk about today can not be separated from traffic, but the playing method of this project is too strong to say.

Everyone should know about crowdfunding projects. For example, I sell one project for 1000 dollars$Money. Then someone started crowdfunding and found 10 people, and that person was 100$Money.

It greatly reduces its own risks, which seems to be a good thing for all living beings.

This is from the user’s perspective.

Look at this from the perspective of crowdfundingIt’s not that simple. You think people do good deeds.

In fact, it is also about making money. How to make money?

It’s not just 10 people, it’s the core of the problem, 1000$He will start to launch the money project in his own traffic pool, whether it is a circle of friends or a official accountCrowdfunding of 10 people, then building a group, and pulling 10 people including themselves into the group.

There must be more than 10 people consulting him, maybe 50 people, 100 people consulting him, then he will build 5 groups, 10 groups, and each group will still charge 1000$Money.

The other groups are totally net earnersIt is the pattern of “empty handed white wolf”. Because the first group has already obtained the project, it only needs to distribute it to other groups.

I have written about the game of crowdfunding projects before. In fact, project crowdfunding is just a need. For online profit groups, they are extremely willing to buy a project from crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding itself isA good thing is to reduce your own risk and use crowdfunding to resist unknown project risks.

But then again, it is still inseparable from their own comprehensive capabilities, and the individual differences between people are the biggest barrier.

Today, we mainly analyze the game of crowdfunding, rather than being a human being.

That flowWhere did you come from? QQ group, search keywords: crowdfunding, project crowdfunding.

Add groups one by one. When the time is ripe, they will send some projects from influential project parties, or add their QQ one by one to form a crowdfunding group.

The year before last, I used QQ groups to addMany people have created their own crowdfunding group of 300 people. When you launch crowdfunding, you are basically crowdfunding.

If you want to be more direct, you can pay for a referral, find the official account owners, and go back to their friends. When you have a certain amount of traffic, you can start to push back business cards with some people.

There are thousands of ways of drainage. Let’s talk about these two points today! Those who have the intention can directly operate it. The production can be compared and calculated, and the operation can be copied in batches.

Don’t worry, crowdfunding will last forever, just follow 9$9. The purchase of project data is the same, and the target group has a sense of payment for a long time.

Because there are investments in human natureThe mentality of the machine is willing to expand with small things.

The project of empty handed white wolf can earn tens of thousands of dollars per month without spending a penny!


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