Project Disassembly: Ant Forest, you can only water others and earn 200000 dollars


All of you here have been exposed to the project we disassembled today, but we used it for entertainment. No one thought of realizing it. It’s the ant forest!

Project Disassembly: Ant Forest, you can only water others and earn 200000 dollars

The forest is originally a public welfare action designed by Alipay. Users can get energy through their own behavior to water virtual trees, which can be obtained when the trees grow upElectronic environmental protection certificate.

In order to encourage us to plant trees, Alipay has designed a ranking mechanism, so we will have the incentive to irrigate these virtual trees, and even set the alarm clock and collect energy on time, so that we can obtain more environmental protection certificates and rank higher.

So we searched in PDD/TB/XY“speciestree”, as expected! As long as there is demand, you can play anything!

Links to sell green capabilities, environmental protection certificates and props appeared in front of me one by one, and I found that many people started their businesses relying on the ant forest.

Each seller has different business types. Some only sell green energy, some only sell environmental protection certificates, and some only sellThe prices of different packages are different. For example, most of the environmental protection certificates of ordinary saplings are 10$The price of environmental protection certificates, which are called “love trees”, such as Hua Bang and Shan Tao, will be as high as 60-80$: 45 more$8 trees

Here comes the point,How do ordinary people do it?

Use AmoyTreasure or free fish virtual no source game, open a shop, hang a link, this tutorial has been mentioned in the previous article.

How to get more energy and props?

You should know that when you play in Ant Forest, you will pay 5g offline, 80 g for public transportation, and 16g for online meal ordering. However, such access is limited after allHa, but the way to obtain the most energy at one time is second-hand trading, which is 9.7kg at a time.

How do you play?First of all, we need to have the cooperation mode of the home appliance recycling bin. When users place a 9.7kg package, they will be asked to place an order on the platform, leaving the address of the businessThe transaction is completed in the form of excessive kb to obtain energy.

In addition to home appliance recycling, there are also brushing steps. As long as you take more than eighteen thousand steps, you can get 296g of energy, which is very simple. Buy a wobble online directly! It can also collect a lot of energy.

Finally, sell environmental protection certificates and props to protect the environmentCertificates require multiple accounts to add users as friends. Just water them every day. Tell me how to play this prop.

Generally, they buy in the post bar, buy low and sell high to earn the price difference. According to what my friend did, the net profit is more than 200 a day, except that it takes time!

The disassembly is over, thank you for reading it!

Project Disassembly: Ant Forest, you can only water others and earn 200000 dollars


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