Share a sideline profit making project that is especially suitable for office workers, Mothers and novices, and make a stable profit of 100 per day


Making money on the Internet can surprise you.

Share a sideline profit making project that is especially suitable for office workers, Mothers and novices, and make a stable profit of 100 per day

Because the Internet sells services, products and demands.

Sell everything you know or even don’t know.

With so many users, there are also so many strange demands.

Some of your needs are unknown, but others need them very much.

Some people complain that the InternetMaking money from a project is like looking for a needle in a haystack: it is difficult to choose products with demand from a large number of products, and it is even more difficult to choose products with demand but little competition.

However, optimistic people always compare Internet projects to big waves of gold rush, and those who can make gold rush will surely make huge profits with one capital.

Lock your own selling points, and focus on one thing for a long timeDo well and die hard, then you can succeed.

If you are good at something or you make money in the project you operate, you can sell it as your selling point.

There are many people who have unique skills, but they stop to use the Internet.

for instanceYou can take pics. You are a master in love. He knowsCar, you have high EQ, you have experience in raising children, you are a good braggart, etcThese can be used as your selling points to collect money on the Internet.

If others are unwilling to do it, you can make money if you are willing to do it.

In fact, what many people lack is not the technology to make money, but the thinking to make money.

I spent a year on the Internet,As a result, when reviewing the year, this will be a little bit, and that will also be a little bit. But I was really stupid when I practiced, and I was really in trouble when I collected money.

As a result, I didn’t see a penny, not because of poor technology, but because my mind didn’t keep up

Finally, I would like to introduce a new personNoviceProject, office workers and treasure mothersIt can also be operated manually, which is very simple and has no threshold. This project isKwai games.

You can take a look at the weekly list. People who have done well earn more than 2W a week.

How to operate it?

1、 Find the official entranceThis project does not require any expense,KwaiOfficial support, if the video qualityWell, there are not only cash rewards, but also flow rewards.

Search Kwai’s homepage: Kwai game partners, then you can see the partner entrance

2、 Enter the partner page,There will be many popular games. We can click on the game to try it, record a video of our own try, edit and make it, and then click to participateTask, just publish the video.

3、 How to make videos?Introduce three ways to record video

Direct shooting and screen recording
In the way of shooting the screen, one mobile phone plays games, and one mobile phone shoots, telling the process of a game. After a certain amount of editing and explanation, the copy will be interesting.
Pure clip videoRecord firstMake the video of the whole game, and then edit the corresponding game screen according to the copy, interspersed with a certain expression pack, film and television stem, to increase interestExplanation, passage and game eggs
Edit the eggs and playing methods that others do not know about in the game. Through playing the game introduction, decrypt the eggs and attract users’ interests.

mostAfter, you canRefer to peers with high ratings, imitate and learn their shooting techniques, and also go to a certain sound for reference. The small game project started from a certain sound at first.

4、 How to realize?

After the video is released, it will be settled 1-7 days later, mainly in two ways:

Small game, no need to download,Direct viewingThe link at the bottom left of the frequency is mainly about the revenue from advertising. The more users play the game, the more revenue from advertisingLarge game, download through link, single 0.2-10$/A video can reach thousands or tens of thousands of times

If you have any questions about the operation, you can also go inGame Partner College,Watch the video to learn.

Interested friends can try.

The starting point of this project isVery simple, no experience, basically zero threshold.

The only difficulty isHow to make works popularLet more people watch and participate in the game.

nothing less thanThe probability problem is that 10 videos are shot with a high probability,Or is it more likely to shoot 10 videos with one fire? A great deal makes a miracle, continue to learn how to take high-quality videos, and continuously upload works. The probability of success will definitely increase.

Any project can earn money, but no project can bend down to pick up money at will。 Ordinary people are usually hard to get involved. The threshold is highOnly the money of execution can be earned in the industry of.

If you want to make money online, the execution factor accounts for 90%.

If you can stand loneliness, you can keep prosperity.

Share a sideline profit making project that is especially suitable for office workers, Mothers and novices, and make a stable profit of 100 per day


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