Uncover the secret: the automatic game hang up project invested 50000 dollars!


Is it exciting to say that you can make money automatically by hanging the game on the computer?

Uncover the secret: the automatic game hang up project invested 50000 dollars!

Just look at the WeChat index below

How many people search means how many people “believe”. At the same time, some people who think that “there is no pie in the sky” think that this is a lie, whether they believeI still don’t believe it. Most of them are judgments based on their own cognition. Today, I’ll take a look at this common but unknown full-automatic game hang up project.

Is this project deceptive?

It depends on who you meet.

What is the principle of the automatic game hang up project?

Played gamesEveryone should know that the game basically needs krypton gold. There are many “merchants” who collect equipment, sell equipment and sell gold coins in the world public screens. Players can get gold coins and equipment through krypton gold to “upgrade” their game tasks. Gold coins and equipment are mostly “typed”!

So, the game hung upThe principle is that the software script can automatically hang the game, automatically make money and equipment, and then sell them to the players who need them.

What does this project require?

1. Computer and other hardware equipment

2. Game script software and simulator

3. Game account

4. Dynamic ip

5. Labor cost

Let’s talk about hardware equipment such as computersTake 10 mainframes as an example. Two displays are enough. The mainframes can be configured by themselves. The video card is better. About 2800 will be used to get one, and 28000 will be used to get 10 mainframes. With the network cable, router, shelf and display, the cost is about 35000 dollars.

Build such a shelf, noI really can’t get a professional level.

The price of game scripts varies according to different games. Generally, they are charged by month. There are hundreds or thousands of game scripts a month. There are also free simulators. There are also simulators specially configured for games.

The same is true for game accounts. For example, Legendary X has two accounts for 50 cents. WhyTo buy rather than register yourself, this may involve the issue of mobile phone number, which is the most basic risk control.

Dynamic IP is not expensive, just look good.

Labor cost, let’s not say more.

Can this project make money?

About 100 machines, 10 employees, 3500 base salary 10% gameThe monthly output of 10 machines is about 10000-15000, so the employee salary is about 5000. If the monthly income of 100 machines is about 150000 based on 15000, the net profit is about 100000 after the labor cost is 50000.

Do you feel excited?

Hailong HeartYes, he used to earn 3500 base salary 10% commission. After two years of work, he finally felt that he had no money to earn. He decided to work on his own. He had 10 machines. He was a master of 10 machines before, which was also a familiar way. But a month later, he was skeptical of life. He didn’t earn enough money to pay the electricity bill,With these 10 machines, the monthly electricity charge is about 1000

I can make money, but I think it’s not as easy to make money as I thought. The profit you see is 100,000 dollars, just the result. To put it more bluntly, most people do not have the ability and resources to make money online to solve problemsPerhaps this is the reason why Hailong didn’t make money. Perhaps this seems to be a completely automatic hang up project with no difficulty, but the threshold is actually very high!

Is the game hang up safe?

There is no doubt that this is a gray industry, a real wool collection!

There are unauthorized additions and modifications to the game in the plug-in software, and the game is normalThe operation process and normal operation mode cause interference. According to the provisions of the Notice on Special Governance of “Private Services” and “Plug ins” issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication in 2003, “Plug ins” are illegal Internet publishing activities.

The compilation of plug-in software needs the data support of the game, and through relevant technologiesIf the game data is obtained by technical means and the circumstances are especially serious, it may also constitute the crime of illegally obtaining computer information system data.

Well, in the end, I want to say that the way to make money is tens of millions, and the choice is very important.

Uncover the secret: the automatic game hang up project invested 50000 dollars!


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