How can a novice enter 200 per month for operational projects and course distribution?


The Internet economy is developing rapidly,

How can a novice enter 200 per month for operational projects and course distribution?

The people pay more and more attention to the sideline income generation,

Who doesn’t want to earn three or five thousand more after work$

Make life easier?

But sidelines,

Whether to make money, completelyDepends on itselfIn the case of,

Some people can stand loneliness, settle down and be down-to-earthTo accumulate,

Finally, through sidelines to reach the highest point of life!

Today, I bring you a simple sideline,

Course distribution,

Although this project has existed for a long time,

As long as you do it carefully,

The daily income of 200 is still achievable,

The project has zero investment and zero risk,

Interested friends, you can refer to the reference!

IAs we all know, since 2016, the knowledge payment has become popular, and the distribution of paid courses has also been popular. During the bonus period of the project, the friends who first started the layout have already made millions. As time goes on, it is not so easy to do this project now, but as long as you do it carefully, you can still earn more than 200 dollars per dayYes, the project has zero investment, zero risk, and can be learned as soon as possible. It is especially suitable for novice friends to operate.

The key to CPS promotion is to promote the products to users, and users can get the commission of the platform after purchasing the courses you promoteThe core of CPS promotion is “traffic”, as long as there is traffic, make moneyNot a problem.

Many platforms actually have their own traffic, such as Toutiao, Tiktok, Baijia, etc. You just need to do a good job of content and optimization,However, the course distribution is different. It does not have the platform’s own traffic, and it relies on its own drainage.

Although the distribution of courses is more troublesome and difficult to open up in the early stageOne thing is very striking, that is, the revenue is considerable. In order to attract more promoters, many businesses set high public commissions for course distribution. Some courses even have a distribution commission ratio of up to 80%, that is, as long as the distribution is successful, 100$80% for promoters$, while coursesFang only gets 20$

You don’t even need to write a copy or design a promotional poster. All of these are generated automatically with one click. All you have to do is promote, promote constantly, and earn more than the course provider.

NoviceHow to operate this project?

It’s really very simple.

Now many platforms have distribution functions,For example: Netease Cloud Classroom, Qianchat, Litchi Microcourse, etc. Enter the platform, select the course to be promoted, and there will be a distribution button in the online profit corner on the top right of the course. Click it, and one click will automatically generate a promotional poster, copy the copy, and then publish it on your social platform, as long as someone buys the course through your link, you will get the corresponding commission.

How do I get traffic?

The simplest and most effective solution:Post bar and poster fission.

1. Post bar drainage, you can do free gifts in the post bar to attract the attention of fans. Don’t underestimate the post bar. In fact, the traffic of the post bar is very large and the weight is quite high. As long as you canWell posted, the drainage effect is absolutely excellent.

If you want to operate this project for a long time, you can create a dedicated store, and then directly put the recommended courses or evaluation products on the store to promote your store, while users buy courses through your store.

Post directly in the post bar and send materials for freeAs for the information content, you can collect it on Google, or you can directly spend a little money to buy it on a treasure, and then use the top posting tool to make the posts always on the home page, and then you can sit back and wait for passive traffic to automatically add.

2. Poster fission, you can automatically generate a poster with one click, and then create a WeChat groupAs a fission fish pond, the posters are forwarded to WeChat groups and friends circles to attract other fans to join the group. A robot is set up in the group. As long as new users check in, the robot will prompt users to forward the posters to unlock the course, which will continue to repeat the operation.

Although this automatic fission method is commonly used, it has a good effectIt’s a good passive drainage method. The added traffic has a certain demand, so the conversion is relatively easy.

As long as we stick to the above two methods, we can attract dozens of precision fans a day, and the rest is to prepare scripts, which can be directly imitated and very simple. Dozens attracted every dayPrecise powder, even if only 10 deals are made, it can also earn 200 on a proper day.


Although the course distribution project is not in the dividend period, it still has a large profit margin. No matter what sidelines, we should not always think about getting rich overnight. In fact, even one month can only bring us an additional 1000$Of revenue,This sideline is worthy of our persistence. Don’t always think about earning money beyond the value of labor. Most of them are naked traps, waiting for you to enter the pit. Be alert!

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How can a novice enter 200 per month for operational projects and course distribution?


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