Low profile and unexpected project magic teaching, low threshold and strong liquidity


The magic teaching project is not a model for people who work on the Internet. In the era of Google’s profiteering bidding, it is directly dominated by various single pages, which shows how profiteering it is. Of course, the times have changed. Today we are not talking about bidding, and ordinary people can’t afford to burn it. Today we are talking about what we can play.

Low profile and unexpected project magic teaching, low threshold and strong liquidity

Now it’s shortIn the video age, all kinds of ghosts and monsters can make money by playing on it. We can see that many accounts are doing magic in the short video, and their overall fan data and likes are all OK. Let’s analyze them below.

First, we can analyze from the following points

1. Magic teaching, which sounds goodIt’s a feeling of hopelessness, which makes people feel that the production threshold is very high. In fact, the production threshold is not high, and the traffic is surprisingly good. Magic is different from other fields. Its traffic is very good on headlines, Tiktok and some short video platforms, as long as your content can reach the basic standardExactly. On the whole, it’s not too bad.

2. There are many ways to realize magic teaching. Whether you are teaching with apprentices or selling magic props, magic is a good way to realize. Magic project is a very worthwhile Internet money making project.

Let’s talk about a play method made by low threshold, which can be carried directly in iQIYIYouku and Station B went to find some magic teaching videos. Of course, there will be some overlap risks in the above platform handling, so it is necessary to do some weight removal operations. If not, you can find some detailed de duplication tutorials on the Internet for learning, which will not be repeated here.

Some overseas channels such as Ti can also be usedK Tok, YouTube, and ins can be used directly after being moved without heavy lifting. There are many magic teaching resources with high quality. So we know that the operation of low threshold is to directly carry.

The high threshold playing method is used for live shooting, which can also be divided into two typesOne way is to find a magician to cooperate. You can shoot and make videos for him to appear on the screen, and how to divide them can be negotiated. After all, we still need to negotiate with people. For some people, there may be some communication costs, so we suggest you demonstrate your own shooting.

No, just go toAfter learning some video tutorials from housewifei, you can take live pictures of yourself after becoming proficient.

After a period of time, with a certain fan base, it’s time to realize. Let’s talk about some realization channels.

The first channel for realization is to pay for knowledge and sell the tutorials directly instead of going to a certain treasure or fishBuy, how many$It costs dozens of dollars. Take it and sell it for dozens$Money is easy. You can also make your own tutorial to sell after you learn it. As for the price of 99 or 199, you can decide. The core is that you bring this group of people who like magic, and then make the realization of knowledge payment.

The second channel for realization is to sell props,A lot of magic is actually achieved through props, which are the core. As long as you have this props and some simple operations, you can look very magical.

The third realization channel is mainly in the private domain$。 Many people have accounts. You will find that they leave WeChat and contact information. Why do they leave WeChat? In fact, the core is to build its own private domain traffic pool. The most powerful points of private domain are three accumulation, transaction and repurchase.

When there are a few WeChat friends, it is enough for you to eat for many years, and then you can make a deal through it, whether it is a sale or a tutorial. The key is microRe purchase can be realized in the letter. Those who want to play this project may as well try it. Anyway, it is much easier to realize than any copywriter music number.

Low profile and unexpected project magic teaching, low threshold and strong liquidity


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