Try this niche website to make money: OEM OEM information network


Before writing this article, I went to Google to check, and it seems that I did not find such a website. Of course, this does not mean that there is no market, but there may be no webmaster to do it.

Try this niche website to make money: OEM OEM information network

In fact, I have had this idea for several years. I want to build a website dedicated to publishing OEM/ODM information, and then I can rely on membership fees orWe will profit from sales leads.

The reason why I came up with this idea is very simple: with the development of WeChat business in recent years, countless brands have been extended, and the existence of OEM factories makes it as simple as drinking water to create brands and produce products.

For example, a few years ago, I produced a brand of delayed spray,It’s called Mains MNC. Because a big brother happened to have a MNC brand and a factory in the United States, I registered the trademark in China at that time, and then found an OEM factory in Dongguan to produce a batch of delayed sprays. We also sold them ourselves.

I was in 1688 years agoI have consulted with the OEM factory about the cost of the contract production of slimming tea. What level can the OEM go to?

As long as you give him a brand, he will help you deal with all the other aspects, including packaging design, production and other aspects. Of course, you have to do the sales yourself.

Through 1688We can clearly find that the number of OEM manufacturers in all walks of life is extremely large. We can be sure that these OEM manufacturers need to find customers, not just rely on 1688 to bring them traffic and orders.

There are a large number of businesses, indicating that there is a marketof

Of course, because what we want to do is OEM information network, we should finally look at the search data of Google and other search engines.

Through the analysis of Google index of OEM and ODM, it can be determined that Google search engine has a certain amount of search, and there are more keywords, such as OEM and OEMThere are many long tail keywords that can be mined for processing, co production, etc.

The traffic of these keywords is also very considerable. It is not a problem to support a website to achieve an annual income of hundreds of thousands.

And I found many independent stations in Google to optimize some specific product words, such as cosmetics OFor example, the enterprise website that manufactures products for a certain industry shows that the traffic of Google search engine is relatively good.

Maybe you are worried that when the website is launched, there are no merchants to put advertisements or become members?

In fact, we don’t need to consider this problem at all. We do so many things all over the countryOEM manufacturers, there will always be discerning, because your website traffic can bring him customers, naturally will pay you.

Here’s an interesting thing. In the past three years, the online earning blog of the bf team had not been advertised, and it seems that there was nothing to consult about website advertising until the fourth year, an advertiser asked me for advice, so I hung up the first advertisement, and the result was

When I started to hang this advertisement, in less than a month, dozens of advertisers asked me to hang advertisements.

Later, I talked with some advertisers. Some of them actually did the same projectI am familiar with it, so once I find out where the other party is advertising and the advertising effect is good, I will immediately go to these traffic channels to advertise.

Of course, between webmasters and advertisers, the traffic of websites is always depended on. The small traffic of websites means that webmasters ask advertisers for advertising, and the advertising price is easy to talk aboutThe advertiser begged the webmaster to put it in, but he didn’t bargain, or even increased the price.

In my previous blog of BF team, some advertisers were willing to increase the price and make the advertising space rank higher.

The final question is what kind of website should be made. You can’t use blog programs to make all websites, can you?

Obviously blogThe program is not suitable for the industry website mentioned today.

After thinking about this question, I think we can build a recruitment website, as shown in the following figure:

Because the profit of this kind of information network depends on the advertising of OEM manufacturers and the information released by website members, the home page of the entire website canIt is built in the form of the above recruitment website, which is very suitable for the needs of this website.

After all, this kind of website is not a website for operating content. It is a little different from the website we usually do.

Interested students, I think we can conduct in-depth research on the market data. After all, I haven’t found the case website, soIt is difficult to determine what level of website profitability can be achieved.

In fact, if you want to say that there are no cases, there are actually various B2B websites. B2B websites originally release information to enterprises, but we do not do comprehensive websites, but build a vertical industry letter around OEM manufacturersInformation aggregation station.

According to the idea of making money on this website, it can be extended to all industries.

Try this niche website to make money: OEM OEM information network


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