How can the low price movie ticket project get thousands of dollars a day through Changjin Lake?


Today, I would like to talk about a commonplace project – low price movie tickets.

How can the low price movie ticket project get thousands of dollars a day through Changjin Lake?

I think everyone has basically seen the recently popular film Changjin Lake on the theme of fighting against US aggression and aiding Korea. How much is the ticket?

Basically 40+, right?

If so, we should take a closer look at the project we talked about today.

Let’s not mention “I and my hometown》Regardless of “War Wolf”, the popular “Changjin Lake” has at least4 billion 800 millionTherefore, Lao Guo believes that the market prospect of movie tickets will always be hot in the future.

Not a few people know about “low price movie tickets”, so today we will talk about the project of making money from low price movie tickets. If it’s done well, how about earning hundreds a dayIt’s a small problem.

First, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this project:

Advantages: Occasionally, the business is hot and well done. One day, the net profit is hundreds or even thousands of people. Customers have a high repurchase rate, and they are basically repeat customers. After all, they really get preferential treatment.

Disadvantages: If it is done as a sideline, there will be a little riskFew people will hoard goods. If they fail to hoard goods, they will lose money. Of course, if they buy goods themselves and occasionally help friends, they will have no risk. They should always watch their mobile phones for fear of missing the list.

1、 Project realization mode:

Issue tickets to customers

Issue tickets to customers on behalf of peers

Find a peer to help issue tickets to customers

The best choice is naturally to go out directlyTickets, no middlemen earn price difference, can maximize benefits.

Under special circumstances, I can’t complete the ticket issuance, so I have to find peers to issue tickets. There are thousands of cinemas in China, and I’m sure there will be times when I can’t afford to issue tickets. At this time, I have to find peers to help me issue tickets, and the profit will be small.

2、 Low price photo ticket resourcesHow to find it? (Project core)

Like those coupons purchased on e-commerce platforms, coupons, deductibles, and vouchers are also divided into reduced coupons and threshold free coupons, usually of 5, 10, 20, and 30 face values.

This type of coupon can be divided into stackable coupon and non stackable coupon.

Many platforms buy tickets for the first time orIt was the first time to buy a ticket on that day,

Stackable bonds: the price can be reduced on the basis of the special price.

Non stackable coupons: you have to pay more.

Universal coupon: a coupon that can be directly exchanged for movie tickets, such as 50 universal coupon, which means that the ticket price of the corresponding movie theater can be directly exchanged for 50$Movie tickets within. (70、90, 100).

The universal coupon can also be divided into excess subsidy and non excess subsidy.

If you have a 50 currency coupon, the ticket you want to buy is 56$Excess subsidy: The amount exceeding the par value of the coupon can be purchased by making up 6%$Money can buy this ticket.

Non excess compensation: You can’t buy this ticket with a universal coupon, you can only buy it within 50(50 included), that is, no matter how much the ticket price is, the final payment amount is the amount of the ticket.

For example: Wanda IMAX50 fixed coupon, no matter how much the ticket price is, as long as it is IMAX hall, the final payment price is 50$

How to use all kinds of tickets: go to the APP of the corresponding platform——Coupon/e-coupon — Add coupon/e-coupon — Enter the coupon code to add successfully, and then buy a ticket to use.

Low price photo ticket resources can be paid to purchase various communities and online newspaper groups to purchase a treasure and Second hand goods trading platform.

It is recommended to go to various communities to find securities. The number of securities dealers in the community is large and wide, and the securities in various places and cinemas are basicallyThey can also compare prices. If they find those with low prices, their profit margins will become larger.

You can search for movie tickets in QQ group, where there are many online newspaper groups and scalpers of movie tickets.

3、 How to find more low-cost photo ticket resources

Generally speaking, people will have more confidence in people in the same city as themselves (so-called fellow villagers)Therefore, community suggestions are the priority in the same city.

However, Lao Guo suggested that you should not directly hate the advertisement when you enter the group. It is polite for the group leader management to kick it out without saying a word. At this time, you can consider changing the avatar to one with the words “Bubble Online earns low price movie tickets”. People will know what you do when they see it.

Or you can talk to the group firstPeople who are familiar with each other for a period of time often share the good news of watching movies at low prices. People are not stupid. They will ask what is going on when they know it, and then they can promote it.

Online channels, such as Post Bar, Douban, Quora, Xianyu, etc., as long as they can increase their information exposure without being reported and deletedthat ‘s ok.

More importantly, leisure fish is the channel for releasing commodity forms. It is better not to make a deal on it, but only to publish a message on it to tell others about such a thing. It is best to lead it to WeChat transactions.

In addition, it is better to leave contact information for Second hand goods trading platform and make pictures instead of sending VX directly to the other party, otherwiseIt is easy to violate rules and regulations, and the number F is serious.

Why notSecond hand goods trading platformDeal above?

1. The Second hand goods trading platform rule is that virtual products cannot be released. If there is any problem with the product, the buyer basically wins.

2. The time of capital withdrawal is uncertain. If you meet a good customer, you will immediately confirm the receipt of goodsFor those who don’t remember this after watching the movie, you may have to wait a few days or even wait until the time of automatic receipt. During this period, the money has been hanging on the Second hand goods trading platform and can’t be collected back.

4、 Realization process

Distribute low price movie ticket information through relevant platforms (platforms are selected according to personal expertise), and customers come to you with screenshots, so that customers can learn from the United StatesChoose a seat in the group and give you the screenshot directly.

The screenshot should include five major information: film name, cinema name, time, venue, seat and price. According to the screenshot given by the customer, consider how to issue the ticket based on their own ability and resources, whether to issue the ticket by themselves or to find a peer. After determining the cost of issuing the ticket, make a quotation to the customer and transfer it after confirming the ticketNo charge, then we issue tickets, send screenshots to him, and collect money.

If the selected platform is a treasure class guarantee trading platform, the customer can directly take a photo after the customer agrees to quote according to the customer’s requirements, and issue a screenshot of the ticket to the customer directly after the ticket is issued.

This project really wants to completely refine the process, but it doesn’t20000 to 30000 words is definitely not good. Many projects are shared. As long as you go to the actual combat and stick to it, I believe everyone will have their own realization ideas.

So much talk today

How can the low price movie ticket project get thousands of dollars a day through Changjin Lake?


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