For the professional anti fake project, you can earn USD 20000 to 50000 per month for single operation


Professional crackdown on counterfeit goods

For the professional anti fake project, you can earn USD 20000 to 50000 per month for single operation

Marx quoted a famous saying in his book: “If there is 10% profit, it will be used everywhere; if there is 20% profit, it will be active; if there is 50% profit, it will take risks; for 100% profit, it will dare to trample all human laws; if there is 300% profit,It dares to commit any crime, even the danger of hanging its head. “

According to the Food Safety Law, food fakes are one for ten.

The premise of many online profit projects is drainage. Only when the drainage is sufficient, can we talk about income and realization.

When it comes to Amazon, it is inevitable to mention fakes and high imitations. Yes, these are profiteeringProducts, so we should aim at these profit-making businesses.

It is wisest to earn money from rich people.

Many stores have a rule of “one for three” to buy a pair of two or three hundred Nike high imitation shoes. As long as the evidence is sufficient, they ask for “one for three” to make one order a day.

So today I’m going to teach you to practice in personOne Amazon product category: health products.

First of all, let’s take a look at the new Advertising Law issued by the state for Baoji products some time ago:

Follow Amazon$My friends probably all know that since the promulgation of the new advertising law, the promotion language of a product on Amazon has almost disappeared, “No. 1 in the whole network” and “No. 1 in sales volume””No. 1”, “No. 1 brand” and “unique” are the words of promotion.

We all know that these absolute words are prohibited words in the latest advertising law, so we don’t need them.

But I still believe that thousands of Amazon merchants have never heard of the new advertising lawThe product details and product pictures of the store are the same as a dime. Some merchants’ product promotion may be based on the principle of direct use, and others will save them when they change.

Nowadays, there are few such popular prohibitions, but the definitions of some advertising laws and regulations are much broader, and generally they are not beaten by the crackdown on counterfeiters once, I don’t know what went wrong with the product promotion.

For example, health products can help prevent and treat diseases.

Then we’ll look at the corresponding punishment,

It’s easy to impose millions of fines on anyone.

But if we understand the advertising law and can negotiate with the storeIf there is a need to pay three or a certain amount of compensation for a holiday, the merchant is willing to negotiate with us.

Next, let me talk about the practical part (click on the blackboard, and the knowledge points come). Take health care products as an example

First, how to choose products and check whether the product promotion violates the advertising law.

As long as you wear this blue hatAll health care products are subject to the new advertising law. Look carefully at the publicity pictures of the products to see if there are prohibited words in the advertising law.

Mainly for Article 1, Article 2, and Article 4, pay attention to whether there are violations.

Article 1: Assertions or guarantees of efficacy and safety.

Article 2: Disease prevention and treatmentFunction.

Article 4: Compare with drugs and other health care products.

For these three items, carefully study whether there are keywords such as “ensure cure”, “absolutely safe”, “have preventive function against xx disease”, “have better efficacy than xx drugs and health products” in the promotional commodities.

Now let’s take an example, AmazonShangsoxx Oral Liquid

It is indicated above that suitable people: those with slight gastric mucosal damage, and those with constipation.

The product description is stipulated by the Drug Administration, so the efficacy range of the product and the suitable crowd must not be exaggerated during the promotion. Otherwise, even if it does not mention bubble online profit and disease, it will also violate the Advertising Law.

However, the products of merchantsThe details are as follows

The third point is that for patients with gastritis and gastric ulcer, it obviously violates the second advertising law in the above figure.

Take the decisive screenshot to leave evidence.

Second: Collect evidence of dialogue with customer service personnel.

After collecting the evidence of violation of the product promotion, the customer service personnel shouldIn short, the evidence is to take the customer service girl to the pit, usually one or two days after receiving the goods.

Many businesses do not know what the advertising law looks like, let alone the customer service girls. In order to sell their products, they always boast about their own products. The customer service girls areQuite naive.

Something like this

Such a high degree of cooperation, you must think that this is my arrangement. Don’t let this girl down. Shoot hundreds of them right away$Our products are rich in merit and reputation.

According to experience, it is difficult to negotiate with customer service girls successfully. They always say to respond to problemssettle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Then we need to proceed to the next step.

Third, collect the information of the merchants and make a complaint call at the location of the merchants.

Before calling the complaint phone at the place where the business is registered, we need to prepare some materials:

The name of the company registered by the merchant, the name of the store, the specific address, contact numberThe number of the easy order, the name of the purchased product, the date of purchase, which advertising law you think violates, your name and contact information.

The company name can be found in the store details, and then the address and contact information of their company can be found on the Internet according to the company name.

Generally, as long as you complain, the evidence is sufficient, and the local people haveThe customs department will conduct on-site inspection.

You can rest assured that government units will not disclose your personal information here.

A week after the complaint call, the customer service sister came to me (the local department concerned should have gone to the company to check),

My sister is still too young. You ignored me before, but now I amYou can’t stand it. (The evil spirit smiles)

The fourth step is to cancel the complaint letter after negotiating with the merchant.

The template of the letter of withdrawal can be printed, signed, scanned and settled directly.

This order costs 220$, income 660$, net income 440$

This is the real project with zero cost and high benefit, and the benefit is 300%. It’s really not good. We have no reason to return the goods. Most stores support this.

The general outline of this project is almost out here, and you can directly operate it if you are smart.

But when it comes to this, do you think it’s over?

As mentioned above, many businesses directly copy the treasures of peer storesPublicity, so there will be surprises waiting for you to trade your precious golden finger for a shop.

This is just a category of health care products, as well as a variety of fake goods, all waiting for you.

So far, the project is completed, and multiple projects are operated at the same time. Do you think the monthly income is more than tens of thousands?

For the professional anti fake project, you can earn USD 20000 to 50000 per month for single operation


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