Daily earning 300 , zero cost official account earning project, suitable for novices, long-term operation!


I chatted with an old man yesterday and found that he was writing a official account, and his income was very good

Daily earning 300 , zero cost official account earning project, suitable for novices, long-term operation!

First, let’s talk about how much money we can earn. Look at a screenshot of the income of this brother’s circle of friends, which is 300 a day. At present, it is estimated that it should be 1000 readings, which can give about 20 benefits

Let’s talk about the principle first. The official account article will be interspersed withAll kinds of advertising content, including the bottom of the article, have advertising content, and only if someone clicks on this content, it will generate corresponding revenue.

Novice can make money the next day by operating a new account. Simple and rude!

Specific operation:

The first step is to prepare a WeChat official account. We can register a subscription account directly in our personal nameYes, one person can also register multiple. I won’t explain the specific registration process here, just go to Google.

The second step is to select the location. As mentioned before, make headlines, and choose the best results that are easy to resonate, such as hot information, social news, high-speed car accidents, campus bullying, etcAmong them, high-speed traffic accidents are the easiest to make data.

The third step is to fix the materials. There are two main types of platforms for obtaining materials, one is microblogging, and the other is station B. microblogging is mainly for finding text content, while station B is mainly for finding video content.

Search for car accidents on Weibo, and then pull down to find popular articles. articleThe material is obtained.

The fourth step is the original article. Here we only need to do two actions to complete the original.

1、 Change the pseudonym first. Each article has a corresponding hero. We can use a pseudonym instead, and add a comment after it.

2、 Add 50 words of self reflection. Every article hasWe can directly extract the corresponding wonderful comments and short microblog content. Or you can write it yourself.

Step 5: Get traffic. Because we are a newly registered account and have no basic fans, it is easy to directly obtain the main revenue of traffic. Go directly to WeChat groups, and don’t restrict the industry to all groupsAbout 300 more seeds will be enough. Then send the written content to the group twice a day. The data may be better at noon and evening. In this way, your article will come up soon after you read it. What we need to do is repeat the steps to obtain traffic. One employeeYou can read more than 5000 articles at your post, and you can calculate the income by yourself.

This is about the whole project. Many people may not appreciate such a small project. In fact, the cost of doing projects is getting higher and higher. Either the profit is too low, or it is too troublesome to operate. I want to say that any itemIt is impossible to make money without executive power.

The matrix operation of the official account is very easy to break ten thousand dollars in a month. It is suitable to do a sideline properly, mainly at zero cost. The official account can also be accumulated, and its value in the later period is unlimited. No matter how much you say, you’d better practice yourself.

Daily earning 300 , zero cost official account earning project, suitable for novices, long-term operation!


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