Game money making project: the extraordinary pioneer moves bricks, and the income of tens of dollars a day is quite stable


Vanguard is a fps rpg game, which can be simply understood as a chicken eating game.

Game money making project: the extraordinary pioneer moves bricks, and the income of tens of dollars a day is quite stable

But this game has an auction house and can be freely traded. Any item can be hung on the auction house for trading.

After entering the “Chicken Eating Map”, you can take any materials you find and any loot you get from killing peopleOf course, if you don’t evacuate safely, all your supplies will be exploded.

“This is very similar to eating chicken. The difference is that as long as the extraordinary vanguard can safely evacuate, all the materials in this game can be brought out.”

I won’t talk about the specific introduction of the game. I won’t say anything about an articleFinish, let’s talk about making money.


Moving bricks:

This game does not need a registered number. A newly registered game can move bricks immediately, but the transaction bank function will not be opened until Level 8.

There are two modes of brick moving


Novice players will enter the game naked without any equipment. They will start the game with one hand, and all equipment will be picked up in one gameThe play lasts for 10 minutes. When the backpack is full, go to the evacuation point and wait. When the evacuation point opens, go out immediately.


Those who have played the game of eating chicken before can go to find someone and kill them. They can pop out all the things in their backpack except the “safe”. Generally, the safe can only hold one or two items. We can put valuable thingsThe money was put in the safe, and the savings were exploded.

Three minutes after the game starts, a material cart will come out. These two carts can explore good things, but they also look at the face. The first time after the cart comes out, go to the place where the cart is, box the mercenaries who protect the material cart, and then go to explore the material cart.

The material truck can burst: orange card, black card, four-5 level equipment, etc.

Orange Card Value 2-3$, black card value 16-20$And tens of thousands of game coins at level 5.

Ordinary commodities can be sold directly to the system, and ordinary rare commodities can be sold in auction houses.


Merchandise scalping:

The orange card, black card and equipment mentioned in the previous article are used in the qA lot of merchants in the Q communication group are buying low and selling high. We can also be such merchants.

For example, 2.2$Orange card collection, 2.8$Sell orange cards.

Collect black cards at 16 and sell black cards at 18.

Extraordinary Pioneer is a game produced by NetEase. At present, there are only international servers, and everyone is in the same area. So you don’t have to worry about the large player baseIf you can’t get the orange card and black card, don’t worry about selling the orange card and black card.


Low price leak detection:

Auction houses can set prices freely. Many people are not sensitive to prices. Some goods will be put on the trading houses at polar prices. At this time, we will directly drop them and then put them on the trading houses at high prices.

There are no restrictions here,Only 10% service charge will be charged.

Buy low and sell high to earn game currency. The proportion of game currency in the game is about 1:70000.


Bodyguards make money:

The role of the orange card and black card is to issue high-level equipment in the game, which is equivalent to a ticket. The boss goes to buy the orange card and black card to open materials. When the good materials are opened, what happensDon’t do it. It’s not too bad, so the boss always brings bodyguards when he goes to open a bubble network to earn goods. Being a bodyguard requires certain game skills. Anyway, it is to protect the boss to reach the evacuation point safely. The price of a game bodyguard is 4-5$

We can earn 10000 game currency at a minimum in a game,At the early stage, our kda was low, and the matches were all rookies or human-computer. Killing people and stealing goods could not earn much money. When the kda was high, the matches were all experts. When people entered the game, they were equipped with 4-5 levels of equipment. Anyone killed would have a game currency worth more than 100000 dollars. Of course, the premise is that your skills are acceptable, otherwiseIt will cost nothing if you are killed by your own equipment.

Game money making project: the extraordinary pioneer moves bricks, and the income of tens of dollars a day is quite stable


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