Subdivide virtual products for operation, and earn xxxx million dollars a year


Last night, a colleague who had previously operated a project came to Guiyang, had a meal together, and talked about a lot of the latest money making information. He said that last year, with the help of live video, he operated local specialties. A team of three people made more than 1000 wang profits a year, but this year’s traffic is expensive, not as good as last year’s

Subdivide virtual products for operation, and earn xxxx million dollars a year

In the chat, he gave meHe revealed a message. He said that when he saw the project you have recently operated, I also went to study it. But when I saw the content of our project slowly going offline, I went to study other categories. He said that there was a guy around who operated virtual products, what was he selling, and the guidance materials for primary school students, which earned thousands of dollars a year

I said this thingHowever, it is so popular that he said that if you think about it, it is impossible for you to buy materials online at present. Now you cannot participate in some tutoring classes, but the children’s learning must continue, and they cannot lose at the starting line. So many parents try to find resources for their children, so this resource became popular. He said that his brother would do it aloneIn this category, thousands of profits are made in a year

I got a screenshot later. A peer operated in Tiktok. What’s the sales volume? What’s the demand? There are resources to operate. Because children’s money is the best, parents can economize, but children’s problems must notFalling behind, especially after I have children, I feel so deeply that sometimes I don’t compare with others, but others always have children, and my own children can’t fall behind

He said that he would not sell adult materials, but only what children needed. Seeing the sales volume above, it was really hard to imagine that he could achieve this number. With the help of Tiktok, other channelsIs it possible to operate in this way? This is still some data. He said his friend operates some documents, which can be printed directly

The price is not high, but the sales volume is scary. How much is the demand? If the main fans can attract to WeChat, how much is the value? All of them are housewife groups, all of them are familiesLong, the things that can be done are still large. I went to search other channels again, and the sales volume was also frightening

Since primary school students have this demand, middle school students and college students have the same demand. Who doesn’t want their children to have good data? I remember when I was reading, the best seller in the bookstore was not a book,It’s the exam materials, the so-called forms$Information$These manuals are the most expensive and sell the best. Even if you don’t have money, you can save to buy some and hope you can get a good score

Actually speaking of this, I thought of an article I wrote earlier, which said that a partner was selling college students’ examination materials in QuoraThose who have studied in the university know what the college exam is, and there are important points in the exam every year, so some partners sell this stuff. When they saw him share it, they can also make tens of thousands of income through traffic in a month. The channel is knowing, and his model is still

Again, the virtual product market is very good, especiallySome sub groups are willing to solve their needs and earn a little money. They can consider virtual products with low investment and low trial and error costs, especially those who have just entered the Internet. I decided to become an entity when I started my business, but now I still do virtual products and virtual services

We will continue to deeply study operational virtualization and more products with high demand

Subdivide virtual products for operation, and earn xxxx million dollars a year


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