Sharing the operation skills of the free fish without supply project, 5 steps make it easy for you to earn 100 dollars a day


Income generation from sidelines has always been a hot topic on various platforms,

Sharing the operation skills of the free fish without supply project, 5 steps make it easy for you to earn 100 dollars a day

There are many forms of sideline income generation:

Writing, e-commerce, short video

The initial intention of most people to seek sideline income is nothing more than their main income,

More extra income,

So everyone got excited and joined in“In the army of income generation,

However, it ignores that whether it is e-commerce, writing or making short videos,

It takes a long time to settle in the early stage,

Not suitable for beginners with zero foundationNovice

If you are not careful, you can easily be “cut off the leek”!

Instead of “generating income”, they spend a lot of time and money with them,

Well, hereDoes the bottom fitNoviceWhat about projects that don’t take much time?

Of course, I strongly recommend you to operate:

Free fish projects without supply,

Fast money, zero inventory, no deposit, zero investment!!!

How to operate? Let’s have a look!

About the account

The Second hand goods trading platform account can be directly logged in through Amazon. WeIt doesn’t need many accounts to be an Second hand goods trading platform account. A novice friend can first operate an account, and then try to operate multiple accounts after the data of the account is stable.

But one thing must be noted: the credit score of Alipay sesame corresponding to the Second hand goods trading platform account must be high, the higher the better, the bestSesame credit score can be more than 700。

This is because the Second hand goods trading platform account will be graded according to the user’s Alipay Zhima letter,It can be divided into five credit ratings: extremely poor, medium, good, excellent and excellent.

The direct rating will be displayed on the product display page and personal homepage. The higher the credit rating, the more advanced the product display will beTo promote the transaction.

In terms of account profile setting, it is recommended that you set the account as a female, because according to statistics, the turnover rate of female Second hand goods trading platform sellers is significantly higher than that of men.

About how to select suppliers

Here we recommend common platforms:1688 platform and the evening of battle.

As long as there is a deal order on the agreement, then directlyCopy the buyer’s receiving address, go to the 1688 platform, and place an order for the corresponding goods. This is also the way to spell Xixi.

This operation is very simple. Our focus is to determine what your store should sell, so that popular products are more likely to appear.

In fact, about what products to sell, andThere is no clear direction. I recommend some niche products here, such as sunglasses, fishing rods, umbrellas, tents, handmade products and so on. The market demand is pretty good. Other strange commodities have a high order rate.

If you are a novice friend, you are not recommended to sell clothes, because clothesThe profit of the category is relatively low, and the after-sales rate may be relatively high. Novice players are not recommended to operate.

Tips for setting title, copy and first picture

When releasing goods, the most important thing is undoubtedly the setting of the title and the first picture, followed by the introduction copy of the goods. Because when the buyer first sees the productThe first thing I saw was the title and the first picture. Only when the title and the first picture are attractive enough can buyers be lured. Click to see the detailed introduction of the products, so these three factors are very important to create a blockbuster.

1. Title

It is better to select keywords on the hot search of Second hand goods trading platform and TB, and the combination of the title isEquation:Brand words product words modifiers,If you really can’t, you can modify the supplier’s product title as your own product title.

2. First picture

The main image must use a high-definition image, and the background of the image must not have any watermark, otherwise it will affect the recommendation seriously, and may even lead to violations.

Picture meWe can directly copy the previous ones, or select the better ones in the buyer show.

3. Commodity copy

The general formula for writing commodity copy is:Selling point trial population advantages,We should learn to grasp the psychology of buyers and promote transactions. If you can’t write the selling points, you can refer to the details page of the products on the shelves. Generally, there will be.

Second hand goods trading platformProfit Setting

Xianyu is a second-hand trading platform, and the biggest feature of the products on the platform isLow price,Therefore, when setting commodity prices, we must not set them too high.

In particular, the new number can be set 1~2 lower than the peers$To sell at a price of, which makes it easier to place orders, and then adjust the price backJust come.

How to operate Second hand goods trading platform

1. Increase account weight

In the early stage of account operation, we can find friends around us to brush the turnover and accumulate favorable comments, so that the account weight will gradually increase, the traffic will naturally come, and there will be transactions gradually.

2. Polish merchandise

Remember to polish it every dayGoods, so that the goods can be better recommended. The best time to polish the goods every day is 8 o’clock in the morning.

3. New skills

Generally, the time for new goods is 8:00~10:00 in the morning, 12:00~13:00 in the afternoon, and 18:00~20:00 in the evening, because this time is freeFish users are more active, which is more conducive to the display of new products.

It is recommended that you upload 3 to 5 new products every day when you are just operating. When you upload 50 products, you should delete the products with poor display and browsing volume and upload new products again. In this way, you can ensure a continuous flow of storesThe flow of.


The free fish project has a wide range of applications. It is easy to get started and everyone can operate it. As long as the precipitation is well done in the early stage, it is still easy to stabilize 100 every day in the later stage. If the revenue from batch account operation is considerable. However, we should remind you that this project is highly operable, but can it be doneIt still depends on the execution ability of individuals. If you fish for three days and bask in the net for two days, you will do nothing but give up halfway.

That’s all for this article

Sharing the operation skills of the free fish without supply project, 5 steps make it easy for you to earn 100 dollars a day


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