Unusual and niche project, anonymous SMS, daily income of 1000


Project Disassembly

Unusual and niche project, anonymous SMS, daily income of 1000

Dismantle a recently popular project on Tiktok YouTube for kids –Anonymous SMS

What is anonymous text messaging?

To put it simply, when we send text messages to others, we will display our mobile phone number. We can find the sender through the mobile phone number, but we can’t find the sender through anonymitygive.

Many people will have questions about why they want to send messages anonymously?

1. spoof brothers

2. Also, to convey feelings to the person you love, whether you love in secret or not, the role of anonymous text messages will show up at this time.

Search on Tiktok[Anonymous SMS], you will find that there are many account videosThey just recorded a video of anonymous text messages, with copy and background music.

After many people see the video, if they want to send anonymous text messages, they will search the official account according to the blogger’s top video operation and pay the fees. I have seen that most of them are 1$One, and then editAlthough there is not much money for SMS editing, it can’t hold a large amount. In addition, there will be re purchase. For example, the following official account has functions such as good morning, good night, unfashionable love talk, learning reminders, etc. The most important thing is that it can also be fixed at a fixed time or monthly subscription.

The following official account may be updated once a month, but the reading is veryNot bad. On average, there are about 5000 readers.

[Anonymous SMS] What are the cashing methods?

1. Users send messages anonymously 1$For one, the cost is calculated by everyone. For another, the profit is 30 cents. Mosquito legs are also meat. Although a single piece of money is not much, it is impossible to make a lot of money online.

2. Realize official account, receive advertisements, traffic owners, and sell accounts.

3. Accept apprentices for training.

In fact, many people want to do this project, but there is no way to start. Here I would like to share the operation method of [anonymous SMS].

[Anonymous SMS] Project Operation Steps!

1. Register and set up a official account to undertake traffic transferChange.

2. Connect or build an anonymous SMS platform

At present, the platforms for sending anonymous short messages include Pepper Net, Whisper/Flying Pigeon Secret Message, etc. The partners can also search on Google themselves. The following is the experience of users, and the partners can refer to it by themselves.

3. Get traffic

This is actually the simplest, Tiktok search[Anonymous SMS] There will be many accounts. Find dozens of benchmarking accounts and copy them first.

In fact, the content of this kind of video is very simple, without complicated editing. After recording the video, the background music can be released with a copy. Remember that the copy and background music are hereOne is the finishing touch of video.

The video produced can be synchronously released to Kwai, and the YouTube can be automatically realized in half an hour every day, or can be used as a long-term operation project.

Anonymous SMS is a kind of project that can be said to be very unpopular and niche, but the threshold is very low. There are also many holidays in ChinaHot holidays can better absorb powder quickly, and interested partners can have a try!

Unusual and niche project, anonymous SMS, daily income of 1000


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