Single month income 3W game issuer project disassembly! Do not need to be popular to operate, selflessly share with you!


Recently, many fans asked me about the game release project, and then went to see it. They found a game method that can be operated without being popular. If the game method is operated well, there is no problem to enter 3W per month.

Single month income 3W game issuer project disassembly! Do not need to be popular to operate, selflessly share with you!

First, project introduction

This project is to promote games, and hang out on this videoPlay links, and the game will be settled according to the number of times it is played. As long as it is played, there will be profits, and the unit price is also good. If it is high, the number of people playing the game will be 200, and the unit price will be 30 or 60, depending on the number of people who activate or install the game.

Open the publisher plan of Tiktok Sousu gameClick the first one to enter the interface. There are many game tasks to choose from. Each game has task introduction and creation guidance, which is easy to use.

Second, how to make mobile video

First of all, we need to make videos after we have tasks. Only when we have videos, can we link to them and make profitsThe video materials can be played in the game by playing the trial hand, and the materials can be obtained by recording the screen. You can also download the official materials of the mobile game, direct these materials to the clip, retain some cool and wonderful clips, add some templates, and directly create and export them.

Specific editing techniquesIt’s very simple. If you really can’t, you can go to the official editing tutorial. After we do a good job, we will release the video and upload it directly through the task’s Bubble Online link portal. In this way, we will bring our own game link. Then we choose the cover copy. If you can’t, you can also meet your peers and make some changes,

There is no need to talk more about this. Several videos have talked about similar methods before, and then input the pound sign and add some topics, which can be the name of the game or related categories. You can add them according to the content.

Now let’s talk about the subversive playing methodsThe playing method does not need to be listed as a popular game publisher. Many people will think that it needs to be listed as a number, and only when it is listed as a popular game can there be traffic. In fact, it is a popular playing method,

For example, my playing method does not require a threshold. I can play as long as I hang a link. According to the method, there will be benefits, and the benefits will be very high. There is no need for video quality and content qualityThe amount is high, and the content is OK. The income depends on the degree of personal effort. Some can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, and some can earn thousands of dollars a month.

It is suggested that the number of activated and installed small games should be connected. It is OK to play games with a certain number of players, but the revenue will be low. This game is released to the task platformAfter the task is released, let others do the task, and then go to your video to help you complete the download and installation of the game. As long as someone installs the game, there will be 30 dollars of income. For example, if you send five dollars, you can earn 25 dollars of difference.

There are a lot of streams in this task platformQuantity. A lot of people will help you to do it, so you just need to pour an information gap, and then you can make money.

Single month income 3W game issuer project disassembly! Do not need to be popular to operate, selflessly share with you!


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