Spell a lot of freight project, only do secrets, do not operate!


Today, I will share with you two very immoral ways to make money, such as more freight and more goods.

This article just wants to remind the business, there may be your order loss is so, find ways to avoid the loss.

After reading, do not do it. Do the project must be aboveboard, have the ability to do the capital, do not engage in

Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are very helpless pain, this is really very bad.

Freight for carriage

First of all, let’s talk about the shipping cost. You should know what it means when you see these three words. This is packaged as a project.

Project principle: Pinduoduo now some of the commodity prices really

Super cheap, but the quality is not necessarily very good, for example: most of the clothing clothing, some clothing prices can be as low as a few


The quality of this product must not be any better it happens that the price of this product gives the majority of the wool party a chance.

They specialize in low price orders, a single cost a few dollars, more than 10 dollars is much

The cost is not high, and when we receive the goods, the quality is certainly not good. Even if the quality is acceptable, we can find some problems for you to see.

SAO operation is here, how much money depends on the return of express fees, a lot of play this freight is the first to talk to the outlets to send express prices, the lowest freight can reach 2-3


, but

After you send the return order, you can ask Pinduoduo customer service to ask the seller to compensate for the freight, which costs 10-15 per order


Freight, even if 10 orders a day, is it 100


The profit? This way is masturbation business, more people.

There is also a carry-on freight insurance, this you apply for return, spell more

We will directly compensate you for the express fee, and the amount of compensation will be 10-13 per order


This method of doing platform, the platform insurance to pay the freight, but there is a risk, the amount of fraud, if you do not understand to check the sentencing standard can be.

The brothers who read this article have been doing, restrain themselves, as the saying goes: always walk by the river,

There are no wet shoes.

Quality goods

This is more ruthless, some people receive training fee price is also more ruthless, see knife fast, knife fast, leek more thick can fall, I understand the price of the project in 399-1299.

Masturbation, as the name implies, must have something to do with goods, mainly by buying goods in bulk and then taking possession

For their own, according to the old saying is unjust enrichment, also enough to sentence, but now the specific count is not gray I don’t know, understand can leave a message to the popularization.

Principle of the project: a mobile phone to go the world, do Amazon and do a lot of masturbation, I mainly say a lot of masturbation, after all, I am also

Pinduoduo merchants, also TM has been wanked N times, there is no way, Pinduoduo is now biased to the buyer is too serious, the business is less reasonable place at present.

Why is this project called cutting leeks? Let me organize the language and say it in one sentence as much as possible. This sentence of mine may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy.


For example, for a case of mineral water, I look for the same brand and the same style in Pinduoduo, but I make an order in different stores. After receiving the goods, I break a case and go to each store for a refund. That’s all. (I don’t understand what it means. Watch it several times.)

Both of the gameplay revealed above have some details, such as how to batch

Quantity operation, how to choose products and so on, I will not write the core things, simply share the process.

When we choose projects and do projects, we must understand what we should do and what we should not do. We must not do things that benefit ourselves at the expense of others. Only by doing right can we succeed in our life.

Spell a lot of freight project, only do secrets, do not operate!


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