Information poor side project, by basics can also earn 6000 a month


Since I lost my email in a Chinese forum in Australia some time ago, in order to get some information, I have received a lot of emails successively. Last night, I accidentally entered an anonymous group of tg, which really refreshed my three views again. After browsing, I even felt a little shocked

I think that we are familiar with what imitation zhi, shua list of those how pediatric, from what the so-called edge also pulled far away.

Recently, there has also been a new net wind, I hope that the idea of this or early break it, advised everyone not to touch, do not think, normal work every day, to go home to see football

Incense, net think of something, so casually on the forum to delete the post.

In fact, when it comes to these, I have some immature ideas, of course, formal, and then slowly to popularize it, if you can connect a few unexpected points, maybe there will be some big harvest.

I was yesterday

A little bit about doing


A few students wrote to me in private, which basically means that there is no chance for ordinary players now. Of course, I personally think there is. In the past, there was a small and broad method called DOU directional casting, but now it has to be a new way.

Of course if you say you don’t need it at all

This is impossible, after all, do video, equipment or professional skills, the learning or to learn, short video this platform every week or every day has its own outlet, a network red toys can let businesses sell out of stock also confused, the day brush to shake the head video, follow it can rise powder, take other people’s material out of the camera

oral seeding can set people up.

See, the wind is everywhere, if you have a little observation ability imitation ability, you can quickly find a small position, in the short and boring field of video production to earn a little money, of course, if you do not intend to work deeply, seize the time to change, do not waste time.

Earn money Online

There are no more than two kinds of money projects. The first is to do it quietly, just like the recently popular chakouzi. I have also learned that it is time-consuming and laborious, and the income is not proportional to the hard work.

Also today I want to give you some ideas about the project

You can have a try, as long as it can open their own thinking about the project, I think it is a worthwhile thing to do.

The video operation described above is a very suitable way to make money today, no matter where you are


Or tubing, B station can be realized, the way is simple and rough, the first sell technology, the second

Learning from operation and selling products, when we do a project, we should first understand the market demand, not just as we imagine, poor information and poor ability is the basis of the project.

Next, I will talk about a market demand and the project brought by this demand. Inadvertently, I saw that the market is relatively hot at present

What are some big boy toys? Drones? Of course, when it comes to drones, the most popular is DJI in our country.

Have you ever thought of it? Dji has not been as popular in China as it is in foreign countries. Besides, DJI has a special UAV alliance marketing website in foreign countries

These guys are making a lot of money promoting DJI drones



I have a rough understanding of a drone alliance promotion commission can be more than 300


Around, the description on this is very clear, write the drone post and add the product link, post to Facebook, Tw

itter and drone photography forums, it’s as simple as that.

Though this is an overseas promotion official website of DJI, it is a domestic brand after all. How many materials and evaluations are found in China? We want these contents to be easier to find

To the material to wash the manuscript translated into English, with the link released on the line.

Only when you have an insight into the core products can you know how to operate this project. Find methods, peers and sources from the products. Recently, I saw several people have a special preference for Xiayyu, and they are also very passionate about it

To find the same, full of user groups, product attributes, source channels, I give you a big mouth, talk about these nonsense what use.

In a sense, I am also a user, and what users want is landing products, which are about to go to heaven. Why not directly talk about what products to do if everyone can find them

Product positioning, also do not need to fly around the country to open the e-commerce selection assembly.

Of course, if you can slowly start to play the flow, this thing will become interesting, will find the difference and will do the flow, basically what project will be very fast, of course, others speak out of the project can be done, everyone’s reason

There are differences in ability and resources, and there will be differences.

Projects are common, but people are not, every project can be copied, others play directional investment you also play, others go pay stream, you also copy, this is no problem, but personal growth experience can not be completely copied.

Information poor side project, by basics can also earn 6000  a month


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