Monthly into twenty thousand e-commerce Amoy customers, make a lot of shop group batch play


This year, the e-commerce industry is developing towards the field of short video. From video to live broadcast, many people ask me what e-commerce should do now. In fact, I think Pinduoduo’s low price strategy really disturbs the market.

On the other hand, we can also see the traffic potential of the platform, since most users like the low price

Taiwan, we can also do some profitable projects on this platform, such as Pinduoduo store group. Of course, I don’t mean selling products here. There is also a zero-cost game of profiteering.

If we novices do a lot of spell, generally start from a single store, the profit of a single store must not be as good as the store group, but it is a relative risk

Relatively small, suitable for our early low cost operation.

Generally speaking, I suggest two or three stores to do it at the same time. Here, I would like to tell you about a flow rule of Pinduoduo stores. For an e-commerce platform, it is very important to obtain the flow support of the platform during the operation of a new store.

For example

Many people say that one of its search mechanisms is somewhat similar to that of a treasure. It is true. First of all, the sales volume of the product will have a certain search tilt for this treasure, including price, commodity score and click rate, conversion rate and so on

Rate one of the behaviors.

As normal, we sell products on Pinduoduo, and the prices are basically fixed. Below are competitors competing with us for low prices, and above are the purchase prices of the purchase channel 1688. If we want to achieve a high sales volume, it is nothing but shua order.

But today I

To teach you is a set of natural flow of e-commerce platform play, from the point of view of cost saving or low threshold, perhaps in the fight to play Tao customers is a very good choice.

I’ll give you an example here. Let’s say we take out a product, and the product is an electric toothbrush, so let’s take

This toothbrush can be searched on Pinduoduo, in everyone’s impression, Pinduoduo price is very cheap, in fact, its price is not cheap, there is a good profit in the middle.

And for each item, we see that there is some commission down there, which is to say, to make a shop like this,

We want to upload some products with competitive prices but high commission. Where are the low-cost platforms? The wool must come from the sheep.

Since it is a good choice to do a lot of Amoy customers, and we do not need to stock up, simply promote and sell goods can make money, and now there are a lot of people are doing this

Platform of Tao customer, how should we do, in other words, how to choose products, how to upload the baby, how to do Tao customer store group.

First of all, we find a platform that provides commission goods services. For example, we go to the high commission activity area of a treasure and find some category products. Here we can choose some level three category products

Key words to search, mainly to search some relatively easy to sell products.

On the one hand is high commission, on the other hand is low price, here we can take the middle, such as clothes, shoes and hats or household goods, the general commission can also be, the first category is clear, the choice of good products bubble network earn link through the picture search side

Search for formulas and extract their links.

Of course, we can change the price of each product in the background of uploading and increase a part of the price, that is, increase the price by about 1.5 times on the basis of the original price. Of course, the final price should refer to some peers of Pinduoduo


The first step to do Amoy customer is the best product at a reasonable price, although the profit is up, but the product can not fall out is not good, in the middle of this most of the workload is to collect a product with a high commission.

Here, I set a number for you. Every day, you can select and collect products and upload them, so as to achieve 200 babies

Pinduoduo stores also have a uploading limit of about 5000 for a single store, so we upload about 200 babies every day, and then screen according to the actual situation. We keep the high-quality babies, and remove the ones with low profit or not suitable for Amazon from the shelves to choose new ones.


Shop a traffic recommendation is mostly brought by sales and good sales of goods, so we have to take up traffic and did not transform the products to delete, timely update the baby.

At this point, you should understand our mode of shopping, so whether we do a single store or

In the operation of store group, we are just a middleman, and the middleman earns the difference, right? We are just a daigou, buying products from the upper house and sending them to the lower house, such a model.

As long as we are doing e-commerce, one topic we can’t avoid is customer service. Of course, the store group is much better, because we don’t need to rely on it

Customer service to do the transformation, we mainly rely on volume, store stack, product stack, a large amount to achieve sales performance.

At present, one person can manage at most 9 stores per day in the mode of doing Pinduoduo Taoke stores. If you want to move to the mode of studio operation, there is a crucial problem is to put all the stores

Some people focus on operation and statistics, some people focus on customer service, and some people focus on product selection and collection.

This fine operation has two advantages: first, the trained staff will not resign and we will be caught unprepared; second, everyone has their own duties, which is more conducive to fine operation

An operation of a store group.

If there must be an investment, the investment is a virtual store deposit, of course, the store deposit can be returned, the other is nothing, Tao customer after so many years of development, the platform to change, but the idea and the model of making money are the same.

Monthly into twenty thousand e-commerce Amoy customers, make a lot of shop group batch play


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