Simple and rough, a month to earn 60,000 resources handling, white can do!


At noon in the company to take a nap, head to toe did not warm, I do not want to turn on the air conditioning so early, put their own body is very bad, the day is dry and cold.

I always feel like our central region, in winter is also quite cold, I used to stay in Washington for a few years, people are cold outside, entered the house has heating, our house has no heating, no heating, unless you decorate the house to install the floor heating, otherwise the outside is as cold.

Often sit in front of the computer, do not exercise is not good.

In fact, speaking of physical exercise, I once planned a cooperation business between gym and tattoo on Huaihe Road. At that time, I just came back to do advertising, but the effect was quite good. I did not know the gym, and the tattoo master was my friend.

I don’t think it is necessary to follow the rules to make money. If you want to make money in a short time, you should have some ideas. A friend of mine from the second generation of local rich family has a lot of money, and he has recruited a manager to manage all the businesses of the investment company.

The manager is a Wenzhou, it seems that there are a few brushes, a few shops can also get, he seems to be the main push is wedding photography, at that time I did not know how much profit wedding photography in the end, as long as there are customers, a single is thousands of money.

Of course, you have to take those packages only thousands of wedding photography, that can’t compare, listen to a friend said that the family is also recently in the integration of other wedding photography shops, ready to engage in a joint activity.

In fact, such activities, especially offline joint name, brand upgrade, store reload and so on words, we see in the heart should understand that this is the performance of business is not good.

If his business is booming, does he need to join forces with another company? If business is good, is it necessary to reinstall the store and upgrade the brand?

What seems to be a very hot activity is actually the offline entity business huddled together to keep warm.

This is only limited to those businesses with capital, if your shop size is small bubble net income, do the product is relatively single, then you hold whose legs to warm the problem, this is also the current offline small businesses the most sad place.

The advantage of the Internet is actually the cost of investment, the same business, investment is not big, and the target object of the business is not limited to local users.

So we all know that the network, the most difficult to solve is the traffic problem, in addition to the template operation I introduced to you in the previous article, the rest is coolie.

Access to traffic itself is constantly increasing the point of passive drainage, as long as you are willing to sacrifice a little more time.

If you really do not want to solve the problem of traffic, to attach to the platform, follow the gameplay of the platform can also earn a little pocket money, such as handling video.

Why to carry video, because now the mainstream media is video, if five years ago or three years ago, I may directly tell you to carry the article, the platform is not the same, the carrier is not the same.

What are the easiest platforms to cash out on right now? Short video platform, of course. Apart from the rewards or on-demand dividends of the platform itself, there are many channels that can be extended, so such a platform is more suitable for our short-term profits.

Take moving video for example, we all know that there are a lot of videos on YouTube can be downloaded bubble net earn, and then used to arbitrarily change the sequence of the video can be used, but there are very few people to move.

On the other hand, the domestic videos can be transferred to the past, and the same income can be obtained on YouTube. For example, the yoga and fitness videos on YouTube can be played for thousands of times. The advertising commission dividend of the platform is generally about 5 dollars.

In my opinion, on YouTube, videos about investment and finance, financial stories and other categories are played relatively frequently, because most of the advertisements in these videos are related to investment and money, and advertisers pay high prices.

Some friends may worry that these foreigners can’t understand Chinese, we move there, there will be few page views, in fact, there are a lot of overseas Chinese, and there are compatriots in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are using YouTube, so the choice of platform is also very important.

Like the following account, the cooperation of a single video on YouTube can reach more than 80,000:

Not only some financial and economic content, even Mr. Guo’s crosstalk show or some of our domestic sketches, have a good demand volume on YouTube.

In fact, handling is not only this understanding, such as you are now doing a text project, then some foreign platforms to find quality content, even if it is video or audio, you can use software to convert into text, then the text is high-quality original in China.

Do you really think those “we media” text or video, large bubble online earning millions of fans, are all their own original?

My suggestion is to move quality resources from abroad to China for three reasons.

First, with the improvement of Chinese people’s living standards, eager to understand and learn some new things, especially yearning for foreign countries, you look at those short videos in the record of life abroad, the general fans are not low.

Second, it is easier for us to study the rules of domestic platforms than those of foreign countries. For example, YouTube, you ask me to tell you its recommendation mechanism now, I actually do not know, but domestic platforms, it is easy to master and learn, and can maximize the value of our videos.

Third, no matter you video, text or audio, as long as it is put in China, we are relatively easy to monetize, all kinds of fans, shopping carts and so on are also familiar with, if you decide to become a ready-made dollar, all these have to start from scratch to learn.

Simple and rough, a month to earn 60,000 resources handling, white can do!


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