Reveal the same smart hula hoop project of TikTok, and earn 10000+ a month, which will make you surprised!


Reveal the same smart hula hoop project of TikTok, and earn 10000+ a month, which will make you surprised!


Smart hula hoops are quite popular recently, making a fuss. Many old ladies of square dance are using this smart hula hoop. What on earth makes old ladies like smart hula hoops?

In order to find out the root of the problem, I spent a lot of time in research. It turns out that when the intelligent hula hoop rotates, it is just like running, swimming and dancing. It is aerobic exercise, which can not only improve the heart and lung function, but also reduce the risk of vascular diseases.

Intelligent hula hoop is the girl’s favorite, is your mobile gym, will not drop the hula hoop, men and women of all ages can use the black technology of exercise fitness, after aerobic exercise, heat consumption, massage waist abdominal fat layer, persevere persevere, reduce the belly and thin waist has the effect, no wonder the girls like it.

Most damas are over 50 years old. With the growth of age, everyone may have other physical diseases. In order to prevent the spread of diseases, this smart hula hoop can just solve the damas’ pain points. The old lady performs square dance aerobic exercise every day to match with this product, which can reduce the occurrence of diseases. It is really a good new product.

【 Two 】

Below, let’s take a look at how hot the intelligent hula hoop in the end, using the whole network index to query, in fact, the intelligent hula hoop, is one of the small areas in the hula hoop subdivision.

The whole network index of intelligent hula hoop is 137, among which Google Mobile Index takes the first place. Although the whole network index does not exceed 4 digits, it is a popular product in the cold market, but this product has been warmly received by most netizens.

If we look at the number of smart hula hoops, there are none. This intelligent hula hoop long tail keywords no one to do bidding, I think this long tail keywords can be bidding, is a good opportunity, if interested can contact wechat.

Finally, look at a group of data, the price of Ting Xiang thin smart hula hoop someone do bidding advertising, a click price is as high as 3.06 dollars, we are looking at Ting xiang thin smart hula hoop click price is only 0.3 dollars, what does this set of data show? Ting enjoy thin smart hula hoop is actually being done, and is a brand key long tail word.

This is a business opportunity, keen eyes can find different business opportunities, although the demand is not great, but profitable, the market prospects are very good.

According to the demand graph of intelligent hula hoop, the search of intelligent hula hoop is all about the people who need to reduce their stomach, especially the girls, and the search results are all about the long tail words of hula hoop.

Related word search is all about weight loss, this group of people is very accurate.

According to the age distribution and gender distribution in the portraits of the intelligent hula hoop crowd, female students aged between 20 and 29 are especially in great demand.

【 Three 】

TikTok livestreaming belt goods set off a boom again.

This TikTok with the smart hula hoop products, the profit margin is still considerable.

If the unit price of TikTok customer is 49.9 dollars, the page views are 3.2W+, and the conversion rate is at the lowest 10%, the sales volume is about 160,000 dollars, the purchase price is 16 dollars, the profit is 33.9 dollars per order, and the total profit is about 110,000 dollars. This is only calculated at the minimum conversion rate of 10%. What if it is calculated at 20%?

TikTok search box search intelligent hula hoop, you can see a lot of intelligent hula hoop long tail words.

There are also a lot of intelligent hula hoop videos. In fact, they are all promoting intelligent hula hoop. The prices are high and low, and the functions are all the same.

【 Four 】

Where to find the supply of intelligent hula hoop?

I still mainly recommend 1688 procurement wholesale network, which can carry out one piece of consignment, the price is relatively cheap, and the quality is guaranteed. Generally, we look for products with large sales volume and high repurchase rate, which means that the product is very popular.

The cheapest is 11 dollars, the turnover of 90 thousand +, is the lowest price of the whole network, but also the lowest configuration of products, we should pay attention to the choice of supplies is not the price is low is the best bubble net income, at least to basic configuration, so that customers have a high repurchase rate.

We choose the intelligent hula hoop with the basic configuration of 16 dollars is OK, what we want is repeat customers, praise and sales.


How does intelligent hula hoop drain cash?

I recommend to Xianyu, post bar, QQ group, wechat.

I focus on the analysis of Second hand goods trading platform play.

1. Second hand goods trading platform

Search for smart hula hoops in the Second hand goods trading platform search box.

From the data of Second hand goods trading platform, we can see that most of the smart hula hoops sell well within 100 dollars.

The following shop is selling 30 dollars, 596 people want it, we calculate 50% of the people, from 1688 purchase or a consignment, a single order is 16 dollars, in Xianyu sold a single order to earn 14 dollars, 50% is 298 people, the total profit is 4172 dollars bubble net profit, this is just a single product, if you Xianyu shop measured two or three explosive products, No less than 10,000 a month. If you open one more Second hand goods trading platform shop, you’ll be excited.

From the Second hand goods trading platform message can be seen, are want to reduce the waist, weight loss of the audience group, this group is more accurate, the probability of placing an order will be relatively large!

So how do we do that?

First open a good leisure fish shop, this is free, no deposit, no promotion fee, no brush, no pressure. Second hand goods trading platform can use their spare time to operate, the operation is simple and takes up little time, can be done anytime and anywhere, is also very suitable for part-time.

In fact, their own information is perfect, pay attention to the certification information in addition to the landlord does not need certification, other certification, so as to increase the weight.

More important is the personal profile here you have to write that you are a professional jian fei expert, in order to create intelligent hula hoop subdivision leisure fish shop.

Every day to find 20 intelligent hula hoop peers, a total of 100 peers is basically OK, the peer product title and copy, all recorded.

You need to see how to take the title, the title must have the main keyword + core words + category words + attribute words + long tail words, to create product differentiation.

Product copy attention is a point, must make clear this intelligent hula hoop can give customers to solve what problems, what is good for customers, price, as well as quality, after-sales service, must let customers have a cheap idea bubble net earn, plus give some small gifts, the important point is must be a flash sale!!

Product advantage – Compared with the same product, what is the differentiation competitiveness?

Price Advantage – What are the price advantages of choosing this product compared to the price of the same product?

Quality assurance – Why choose this product compared to the quality of the same product?

After-sales guarantee – Compared with other shop after-sales, why choose your product?

Drainage technique

Can through the Second hand goods trading platform will play plate, send related product information post, increase exposure rate.

Early shelf products, remember to polish the baby, as far as possible to improve the page view and want to button.

It is important to want this button, to carry out the copywriting design of the product, to guide customers to further operation, to increase the click-through rate.

For example: send a small gift worth 50 dollars, if you want a gift must point I want, this is to guide the customer further operation.

The most important point of the operation of intelligent hula hoop is multi-number operation, the first Second hand goods trading platform shop to measure the explosive products, and then make plans, the most important step in the product picture or copy at the bottom to leave their own contact information.

It’s best to use homonyms, numbers or leave your own IP name.

For example: more styles of products, can “home” [XXXXXX] detailed talk.


Does this surprise you? To make money is the road to simple, need not be too complicated. Too complex trading ultimately can not flow operation, can not be well expanded, make more money!

O(∩_∩)O ha ha ~


If SEO can be done, the visitors are not accurate, and the flow is high! But SEO is timeliness, ranking will fall, like Google ranking.


Jack Ma once said:


You are poor, because you have no ambition.


It wasn’t hard to go through the tough times, because I knew it would get better.


Don’t wait until tomorrow, tomorrow is too far away, act today.


Today will be cruel, tomorrow will be more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night.


Entrepreneurship is first to do, want to do more useless, light want to do that is utopia. A lot of times entrepreneurs don’t start a business because they don’t know it. In fact, when you figure it out, you won’t start a business. It doesn’t matter if you don’t read many books, you are afraid of not reading in society.

Jack Ma, as we all know, is a successful entrepreneur.

We only see Jack Ma’s success, but we don’t know Jack Ma used to work 20 hours a day.

We only know that Jack Ma is rich, but we don’t know that Jack Ma once ate instant noodles for nine months.

We only know that Jack Ma drives a luxury car, but we don’t know that Jack Ma once rode a bicycle to work for three years.

That’s how most web entrepreneurs do it.

Experienced clouds, to see the rainbow.

And not everyone can see the rainbow the day after tomorrow…

The future is in store! Come on, my friends!

Reveal the same smart hula hoop project of TikTok, and earn 10000+ a month, which will make you surprised!

Reveal the same smart hula hoop project of TikTok, and earn 10000+ a month, which will make you surprised!


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