Share an offline physical money making project suitable for office workers in their spare time


Some fans asked me if there are any offline entity projects suitable for current office workers to make money in their spare time? I think for a long time only to push the project, the current more suitable for office workers to do in their spare time!

Why is the ground push project suitable?


The early stage of the ground push project is suitable for one person to do, to build a team, more substantial benefits.


Earth push is an offline sunshine project. Although it does not belong to the real industry, it can be operated offline with a relatively low threshold.


The ground push project can not only exercise eloquence but also cultivate communication skills, and the key is to improve customers’ trust.


Ground push project can guide customers to add wechat, cultivate contacts, establish their own private traffic, later can be realized.


Ground push project investment is very small, early efforts if the benefit is reasonable.


The ground push project has a certain threshold, must have a certain level of speaking and communication, logical thinking to be clear, it is better to have affinity, so that.

【 Two 】

Ground push projects include: all platforms pull new products, new products activities and so on

We are mainly engaged in the activity of pulling new information on various platforms. One person can do this activity, but other activities are not suitable. Users tend to resist such activities as pushing PSO machine and applying for credit card.

【 Three 】

I. Preliminary preparation for the ground push project

Do to push, a little similar to set up a stall, first of all you have to have a little courage, followed by must put down the face, if someone think face is more important than making money, then go home wash wash sleep. Little courage can exercise more, but if you lose face, there is no way.

First of all, we should choose a good gift to send, not to choose very ordinary, very common gifts, it is best to choose some more conspicuous, more novel gifts. Especially net red toys, such as some time ago I wrote net red bubble bubble net earn, these can attract treasure mother. The ultimate goal is to catch the eye and attract more people.

There is another important detail. What is the target customer group of your new activity? If it is a kind of treasure mother, you can use Internet celebrity toys, more practical maternal and child supplies to attract treasure mother, such a gift selection venue is generally chosen near the kindergarten.

If you want to attract young men and women, the gift is a little exquisite, generally choose more personalized, unique, Tiktok network celebrity products, young men and women just need products, this kind of young men and women choose the site is generally in the supermarket, shopping malls, residential areas, commercial streets and so on.

If you want to do take-out class pull new, the general take-out group is very wide, almost most people will order take-out, generally choose in the office building, community gate, square, shopping mall and so on.

If you want to do shopping, generally find users aged between 18 and 40 years old, generally choose in supermarkets, near the university gate, residential areas and so on.

General gifts in 1688 wholesale online to find, will be relatively inexpensive, if you do not understand the words can talk to me privately.

Remember, just find the right product and market it to the right people you want to appeal to. Choose the right place to do the ground push, the effect will be better!

Gifts to buy several types, the more the better, each user’s preferences are not the same, this operation can cause the user’s attention, will be attracted to the gift.

In addition to choosing good gifts, first make sure to push and pull the new platform activity, design and pull the new copy for the advertising company. You also need to prepare the advertising rack, display rack, work card, small bench, mineral water.

The advertising content should be easy to understand, do not design complex, it is best to have an illustrated advertisement with their own wechat QR code and mobile phone number, show if I participate in the activity can get what benefits, can send what value of products, etc., these copywriting to be real, do not falsification, exaggeration.

【 Four 】

If you choose a good platform to pull a new activity? Do you still remember the Jiedaibao incident a few years ago? At that time, it was really popular, and it used some special techniques to push. The tactics of Jiedaibao adopted the system of everyone participating, and the people with ID cards developed into their own ground push personnel. Because of the Jiedaibao incident, the ground push was slowly popular.

The invitation system in the ground push is very lethal, for example, after A registers, A invites B, how much money can A get, B is A subordinate. B invites C again, A gets as much money as B gets, C is B’s subordinate, and C is A’s subordinate. The invitation goes on and on, and the data is so scary. If you split half the reward of the invitation to the client, the fission effect is faster!

Choice of Time

Monday to Friday are working hours, we should know how to make good use of time, in working hours generally push and pull new activities, can only find treasure mothers, freelance workers.

Nowadays, people like to have a walk after dinner, aerobic exercise, make good use of this time, especially in the summer, sometimes I also think that the push also depends on the season to eat ah, also divided into off-season and peak season.

Especially in the weekend, especially in the afternoon, many young people like to have a party, can make good use of this time.


First, ground push promotion

This push promotion is particularly important, but also equivalent to our online drainage of the deal. First of all, to adjust your attitude, you can think, if you are Jack Ma, how to do the promotion?

You have to understand what the push is for? Not only to make money, in addition to making money your ability to improve, must be brave in the face of all difficulties, can not shrink.

First of all, make sure that your push and pull new activities promotion is to send gifts, wechat red envelopes, high value gifts, XXX film and television members activation code, flow card, shopping red envelopes and so on this series of Dongdong, to let customers feel that they have taken a big bargain, not you complete the task to give you gifts, to use the weakness of human nature to do practical things.

You should organize your words well, tell the user what is the most effective, and say what words the user will scan the code to register. In short, it is human nature, what benefits can you bring to the user, and use the endorsement of the platform to elaborate the authenticity, security and convenience of the promotion activities.

The organization of the language should be logical, do not hesitate, attention is a professional to push promoters, they still hang the work card, image should be appropriate. If you meet the intended customers, you should learn to take the initiative to attack, take the initiative to have a story, to explain to your intended customers, to learn to carefully observe each other’s eyes and body movements, eyes are the key channel to obtain information.

If you persuade the intention of the customer, got his consent, both hands to send the customer like the gift, guide the customer added wechat send a small red envelope this small action, to pay attention to the details, can not directly give the customer gifts, to give the customer to choose their own bubble net earn, these details to master, let the customer in you take a big bargain here, and there are gifts and red envelopes, In fact, every customer wechat value will be higher, so don’t feel that they lose out.


1. Customer wechat classification

If you do the push promotion, get a part of the customer wechat, then I congratulate you here, after the push difficulty will be smaller and smaller, why do you say so? No matter what project you do, the flow is the most important, with the customer’s wechat, it is necessary to slowly cultivate their trust for you, any transaction, trust is indispensable.

Every time we send a gift out, we should pay attention to the analysis of traffic, every time we have to do a statistic, micro signal on the date, to push the customer, customer type, phone number, so that the promotion of the later again has great benefits, can judge more accurate users, it is easier to promote.


First, post-maintenance

We maintain for the purpose of user viscosity.

Establish a user community group, set up bait, raise ripe, value release, further improve the user’s trust in you, so that you can also know the user’s demand, with the demand you are afraid of not a deal?

Use the new activity to acquire offline accurate users, combined with user thinking, Internet thinking, the combination of offline and online, improve their own differentiated competitiveness, then you will go further and further.

Combined with the above points, if we do it, we will be able to achieve very unexpected results in the future marketing activities.

【 Eight 】

Jack Ma once said:


You are poor, because you have no ambition.


It wasn’t hard to go through the tough times, because I knew it would get better.


Don’t wait until tomorrow, tomorrow is too far away, act today.


Today will be cruel, tomorrow will be more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night.


Entrepreneurship is first to do, want to do more useless, light want to do that is utopia. A lot of times entrepreneurs don’t start a business because they don’t know it. In fact, when you figure it out, you won’t start a business. It doesn’t matter if you don’t read many books, you are afraid of not reading in society.

Jack Ma, as we all know, is a successful entrepreneur.

We only see Jack Ma’s success, but we don’t know Jack Ma used to work 20 hours a day.

We only know that Jack Ma is rich, but we don’t know that Jack Ma once ate instant noodles for nine months.

We only know that Jack Ma drives a luxury car, but we don’t know that Jack Ma once rode a bicycle to work for three years.

That’s how most web entrepreneurs do it.

Experienced clouds, to see the rainbow.

And not everyone can see the rainbow the day after tomorrow…

The future is in store! Come on, my friends!

Share an offline physical money making project suitable for office workers in their spare time

Share an offline physical money making project suitable for office workers in their spare time


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