This operation UAV profiteering project, Xiao Bai can also earn 30,000 dollars a month, highly recommended!


Everyone is familiar with the profiteering project of UAV shared today. The rise of UAV has brought a lot of convenience and joy to people’s life.

General drone use is no problem, only more than 7 kilograms of drones will be restricted to use, larger drones are not ordinary people can afford to play.

Drones can take aerial photos, but they’re not so random. Be sure to fly away from people, cars and buildings for the first time. Try to find an empty space to practice. Drones should fly no higher than 500 feet and stay away from public places such as airports and parking lots.

It is important to watch the weather and observe the terrain when flying drones. In the event of strong winds and other weather conditions, dangerous factors must be eliminated in a short time. It is especially important to master the performance and operation of the unmanned, and try to avoid low-altitude flight to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The reason why Lo Jin Brother shared this drone project came from a fan, his name is Yu Ge.

He is several years older than me. At present, Yuge is in the early stage of entrepreneurship and is engaged in a UAV project. Currently, he has encountered a bottleneck and can’t think of a better solution.

Ugg told me about his current bottleneck, and I helped him clear his head and identify the source of the solution. To fully resume the UAV project, how to combine online and offline can create greater profits and build their core differentiation competitiveness.

I spoke with Yuge for more than an hour, and finally solved the fundamental problem. The next step is practical operation, a lot of testing, traffic acquisition……

The road to success is not crowded, because not many people insist.

Little drops of water wear through a stone, not the power of water, is the power of continuous.


The use of drones in more and more scenarios, video shooting, agricultural production, sports training, security… Drones are already affecting more than one industry.

Uav is actually a high-end toy upgrade version, the rise of UAV has formed a tuyere, that is, because this tuyere allows a few people to earn the first bucket of gold.

Let’s take a look at the whole network index of the keyword UAV. The value of 40471 is very high. The main data are Sogou pc index and Sogou Mobile index, as shown in the figure:

The data above shows that the drone market is huge, and the future value, not to mention the significance, is huge. We want to operate this drone is not without opportunities, opportunities are to rely on their own to explore, not casually.

We’ll take a step by step look at how to operate a drone. If you have the resources, networking ability can be involved in UAV training, UAV professional aerial photography, UAV driving license, UAV performance, UAV delivery and so on these are high-end play has a certain threshold, if a friend interested can find fishing brother further communication.

In front of the elder brother also said that there are classification of drones, general drones have limited height flight, this is the toy unmanned aircraft, today I share is this general drone, practical operation is relatively simple.

【 Two 】

Drone pain points

Some people buy drones for fun, some people buy drones for better video shooting, some people buy drones for the convenience of crop spraying and so on…

In fact, the rise of UAV is to solve a variety of pain points, often a pain point is a huge market.

If you want to run a project, you must first understand the pain points of the audience, after market research, and then decide to do it or not.

The audience group of UAV is very wide, men, women and children are very fond of it.

Drones are not that cheap, but they are not too expensive, and the average person can afford them.

【 Three 】

I. Supply of UAV

① Alibaba

Alibaba is the largest one-stop purchasing and wholesale platform.

② Amazon is Alibaba Group’s online retail platform.

③ Second hand goods trading platform

Xianyu is an idle trading platform owned by Alibaba Group.

(4) Chinese and foreign toy websites

As a leading online media in the toy industry under the Guangdong Toy Association, provides information and e-commerce (B2B) services to the toy industry through portal, new media, APP, special issue and other media.

【 Four 】

First, UAV drainage skills

Fishing brother will give you a few ideas, good to use, very effective!!

1. Micro blog

① Microblog topics

How to use Weibo topic diversion?

When releasing micro-blog, write their own advertorials in advance, find the corresponding topic, implant the UAV advertorials and contact information in the micro-blog content, multiple accounts for a large number of releases, improve exposure.

This topic about the drone long tail word — Jay Chou drone confession Hannah, no host, this is a flow breakthrough, microblogging hot topic is very much, the best application topic host, your drainage effect is more accurate, more effective.

How to apply for a topic host? Weibo is an old platform, the most important thing is to read high-quality content, write several high-quality content, apply for topic support people are not a problem, a steady stream of high-quality content output, still afraid of no traffic?

(2) Weibo star power list

In fact, the star power list can also be used as a drainage channel, a lot of big stars on the platform, few flowers, and not many people pay attention to this plate.

We can do this, spend a little money to open a micro blog member, everyone has the qualification of sending flowers every month, the purpose of sending flowers is to show the ID of sending flowers on the list of big stars, your ID is set, can not be directly hard advertising, so exposure is very high. If the drainage effect is large, you can batch operation, this amount is very large, fission is very fast.

③ Weibo comments drainage

Step 1:

The early Weibo nickname, profile picture, personal homepage cover, personal profile layout is good, what you do to improve what, these four factors determine the efficiency of the conversion of powder.

Step 2:

Find at least 100,000 or more big V comments, as long as he posted a micro blog, you will comment, the early comments do not be too naked, soft text can be, this will lead to accurate fans.

Step 3:

Leave 50 comments a day, remember to stick to it, with the amount of basic conversion rate will be high.

In fact, Weibo is a drainage holy land, the flow is very accurate, but we did not find so much just, as long as they feel they can be drained to test, a large number of tests, benchmarking peers, even beyond peers.

Micro blog articles, micro blog super topic and so on these micro blog features, can be used as a drainage channel to pay attention to.

2. Post it

Be prepared for 4-5 high-weight old numbers in 10-15 years and pay attention to the posts related to drones.

Step 1: The account profile picture is uploaded to the drone profile picture. Do not leave watermark in the early stage to avoid being blocked.

Step 2: Pay attention to the relevant post bar, sign in every day, blow water, post bar level is better at level 5 or above, the higher the better!

The third step: keep the account active every day, reply to relevant posts, improve the activity.

Step 4: Find good materials, cases, content, use the segmented method to reply.

Step 5: After you’ve made your post, each time you reply to someone else’s post, use the title and link to reply.

Step 6: Post more than 5 times a day. Don’t post too often.

Step 7: It is best to keep the manual top post or use the top post software to operate every day, will always be at the top.

Step 8: In the later stage, relevant welfare groups can be established to attract fans into the group.


Find a good source of goods, the next how to sell, the form of cash is very much.

Such as:

① Google bidding advertising.

As can be seen from the figure, there are a lot of bidding advertisements, with the highest click-through rate of 6.94 dollars per unit price. The competition is too fierce, and it is not easy for beginners to do it.

② Amazon shop

③ Second hand goods trading platform shop

④ Google post bar

⑤ Set up street stalls

⑥ Open physical stores

There are also wechat moments, wechat public account, Quora, Weibo, QQ group, TikTok, Kuaishou, B station……


Poor information

Let’s take a look at these two figures, one is the price of 1688 drone, the other is the price of Amazon drone baby.

The maximum configuration of 1688 UAV is 369, the starting batch is 24 boxes, and the wholesale cost is 8,856 dollars. If we apply for one piece of consignment delivery, that is, 389 dollars per box. If we apply for consignment delivery, we will save the start-up capital, and the delivery cost is not a small amount of expenditure.

If Amazon sells this UAV according to the highest configuration of 1688, the selling price of Amazon is 839 dollars, and the price of a 1688 piece is 389 dollars, with a simple profit of 450 dollars, which is a considerable profit. 30,000 a month is not out of the question.


In fact, there are many ways to monetize, and the most important thing is that it cannot be divorced from the underlying logical thinking.

The premise of realization is the flow, must do private domain traffic, can not rely on the platform of traffic, to learn to direct the flow to wechat, public number and so on, through the Amazon customer, advertising, knowledge payment, Amazon store, TikTok live, virtual tutorials and many other realization channels.

Traffic is based on the Internet, as long as you have a passive traffic every day, within 1 year, you will become the eyes of others.

The future is in store! Come on, my friends!

This operation UAV profiteering project, Xiao Bai can also earn 30,000 dollars a month, highly recommended!

This operation UAV profiteering project, Xiao Bai can also earn 30,000 dollars a month, highly recommended!


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