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I haven’t been to the supermarket for a long time since I used the community group-buying software.

Outlet is not enough, so ran to the nearby supermarket to buy.

At the entrance of the supermarket, there is a roll – up, many people watching.

Into a look: harm, again this thing.


Peach and plum spring breeze a cup of wine, river’s lake night rain ten years lamp

At that time, the popular film and television card, under the sign of “One card in hand, the whole network can see”, reaped the money of countless people. Later, with the rights protection of the copyright, the project gradually disappeared.

It made a comeback a few years later, when people began to miss the apps that paid for them on their screens.

It was the answer to the sentence:

Customer demand exists, the business will not die.

This project, I talked about last year.

I also analyzed the selling points of this project:

Now iQiyi, Tencent, Youku and other film and television platforms, want to watch movies, basically need to open a member.

Copyright charges, a platform monthly card on a dozen or twenty dollars, can also understand, I myself is also a Tencent annual card member, just to give my family to watch TV.

But now all the major platforms like to engage in independent broadcasting, want to see only on that platform to see bubble net income, so many people have to open several platform members.

A drop of water into a river, Juanjuan to pay more money, a month also want hundreds of pieces, sad ah.

Many people point to the pain point:

Is there a comprehensive APP for all shows?

So the movie APP came out and started the business of analyzing paid movies on various platforms.

【 Two 】

People rely on clothes and horses on the saddle, want to do business to see peers.

This platform early to do wechat business has also done, to share with you the gameplay:

1, the platform

There are many similar platforms, Google search a lot.

I don’t recommend it here.

2. Buy the activation code

This kind of software background can directly generate card, users sell.

It’s about 29.9 dollars/month if you buy zero.

The agent can generate an infinite number of cards.

Of course, there is a threshold, usually between 399 and 699 per person.

What if you just want to watch TV and not spend the agency’s money?


Second hand goods trading platform, spell more direct search: film card.

Generally, it is about 0.2-0.5 dollars.

3, circle of friends, group marketing

Marketing words reference:

“Free to Tencent, iQiyi, Mango TV and other 12 major film and television platforms one-year VIP membership (total value 1,974 dollars), private chat I get free! Only 10 places are available today! Speed! ”

With their own wechat QR code poster, work together.

4. Communication, transformation and transaction

In the major groups and circle of friends after the post, want to get film members will take the initiative to add you.

After the marketing words reference:

To receive Scheme 1:

I recommend XX wechat friends to actively join my wechat, and you can get a one-year VIP membership of 12 major film and television platforms (iQiyi, Mango TV, Youku, etc.) worth 1,974 dollars for free.

The general requirement is to recommend 5-10 friends is appropriate, too many is difficult.

Receive Option 2:

Limited time benefits 9.9 can buy VIP, in addition to the member recommended rebate 5 dollars/person, no limit.

5, flexible marketing strategy

If you want to get a movie membership, you will definitely recommend your friends to add you.

If one person recommends 10 friends, then 10 people can recommend 100 friends.


If customers don’t like hair bands, also can hair or invite yourself into the three group of 100 people.

In short, a little work, more flexible, the speed of the flow up fast.

On the contrary, the same marketing, cash is difficult.

【 Three 】

Money is made with brains, not brute force.

In fact, there are many angles on how much money you can make in the end, it all depends on the pattern.

A small troublemaker, good for making some hard money.

Happy little rich, Douban post bar film and television review area marketing.

0.5 dollars wholesale point activation code 9.9 dollars to sell, a day out a few bikes have money.

Good for earning some pocket money.

500 dollars to make an agent, generate unlimited activation code, find a few agents to sell.

Business super, wechat business, store marketing, the more traditional business information is worse.

Wholesale 1 dollars a piece, 100 pick up, a day out a few single meal money.

Looters are good for dirty money.

Marketing, big picture, big money with a shovel.

Spend thousands to buy source code, domain name, server, shell shelf, recruit partners.

500 partners, a few orders a day, recommended members have prizes, lying down to make money.

Let me emphasize this again:

“The article is only to share, not to recommend, the project has copyright risk, should be careful. ”

Of course, there are those who are outraged by the idea of capitalism helping the rich and the poor.

Developed the software, burn their own money to all sentient beings when the savior.

But it was an image. He still had an agenda behind his back.

Let’s think about it:

What kind of person watches TV and isn’t willing to pay for a membership?

Most of them are poor, such as students, treasure mothers and office workers.

Their common characteristics are:

Want to do a side business, like the price of the thing.

As soon as traffic comes, there are 100 ways to slowly convert it:

Amazon customers,

Flow card,

Travel tickets,

Low price movie tickets,

Virtual product resources,

Imitation shoes, imitation watches, imitation clothes,

High cost performance products leak,

Simple profiteering projects recruit agents


All paths converge, flow is king.

【 Four 】

And finally, as usual, a little sentimental soup.

Today is the first day of December, I saw a piece of heart-breaking text:

The world’s most worthless, is the man nothing gentle; It’s not the little surprises and doll-machine love that adult women are addicted to. It’s the privilege of having a big house, a fancy car, good food and a superior social status.

Economic society, men and women are playing under a rule, you don’t work hard to lose.

Today is also the last month of 2020 bubble net earnings, a year to go.

Did you panic?

Where are you right now?

Thinking about the people who love me getting a year older, I admit I panicked.

In my opinion, a man at his best is:

A small career success, can drive the car you like, and the co-driver’s wife laugh, children play in the back row, parents at home food and clothing.

What more can you ask for if you have a lifetime?

If you do not have such a state, let them work harder.

Encourage it together.

Earn 100+ daily start, simple and rough, pro – test effective money small project.

Earn 100+ daily start, simple and rough, pro – test effective money small project.


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