Net earn project: Teach you to do a month into 5000 wallpaper public number


A lot of people are saying that the public account is no longer working, and we media still need to do TikTok Kuaishou SNS. There is nothing wrong with this. However, when it comes to the actual income and easy realization, the income of the public account is still the leader.

Here’s an analogy:

TikTok has 500,000 fans (mixed cut, music account), how to cash out?

Drainage to wechat cut leek, peripheral goods with goods, basically there is no other channel, as for what star map, new film promotion, too random, a month or two to receive less than an advertisement is common.

And the public account of 10,000 powder, headline reading in 800 or so.

It’s very simple to cash out.

Vertical class of account (net income, financial class) basically follow the advertisement a reading 1 dollars, random pick up an advertisement tearfully earn 800 dollars.

Even if it is the flood type of account, the price of an advertisement is also between 0.5 and 0.8 dollars for a reading.

Various distribution of novels and comics.

Traffic master (this is not a high yield, but something is better than nothing)

Knowledge realization, paid courses.

Article with goods.

Compare very simple and clear, then how to do a month into 5000 wallpaper public number?

Do wallpaper public number, because the wallpaper number is simple, and do not need too long to make a certain result.

How do you do it?

Because the public account is a closed-loop flow, so we must do wallpaper number from the external drainage, as for how to drainage is very simple.

The Little Red Book:

Small red book is the most suitable channel for wallpaper number drainage, because the social networking sites of female users, and women are born for wallpaper avatar to pay more attention to some than male users.

Quick Hand:

Kuaishou wallpaper number is also very much, but Kuaishou vermicelli only need at least 8 dollars can do promotion, this is still very good.


Answer the questions about “wallpaper” on Quora. If you match the wallpaper with the question, you can get one or two answers and bring a lot of fans.

As for TikTok, it is not recommended. TikTok does not give much traffic to pictures. If we make the wallpaper into video, it will increase our workload, so we can make two more works of SNS and Kuaishou in this time.

The drainage channel is determined after the material.

Don’t even think about wallpaper material, go directly to your peers:

Wechat search wallpaper public number, a concern.

Search wallpaper topic on Weibo.

Quora search wallpaper answers.

This is not ready material, but when we do material do not directly put the other people’s finished material directly over the bubble net to earn, an article to save a picture, a dozen public number ten articles not to gather a material?

And send the finished material with renderings to our drainage channels.

As for this shell screenshots can be made directly with the “shell Screenshots pro”, then with copywriting and hit music is done.

Copy can be found on NetEase Cloud.

This project is basically equivalent to the project of moving bricks, basically do two or three months can be stable monthly income of 3000 .

The whole process is to find material – save – make shell screenshots – upload to our drainage channel – personal profile with the public number drainage – and then advertising cash or cash more violent.

Advertising can be picked up in the new list, 1000 reading wallpaper headline number basically an AD can earn 5-600, a month randomly pick up three or five headline ads and ten times advertising can also earn 3000 .

The above is the “net earn project: hand by hand teach you to do a month into 5000 wallpaper public number” all the content, to understand the greater net earn project, please pay attention to bubble net earn!

Net earn project: Teach you to do a month into 5000  wallpaper public number


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