Share a profitable project – Tarot card reading, making money is nothing more than copy and paste


Hello, everyone. Today, I will introduce a profitable project — Tarot card reading.


What are tarot cards

Tarot cards are ancient western divination tools, which tend to psychic divination.

By placing randomly selected cards in the designated position, the symbolic meaning of the cards is analyzed to explain the problem.

Tarot cards help us visualize the images and answers in our subconscious, and then convey the meaning and wisdom to the soothsayers through their interpretation.

It is simply a tool for humans to understand their inner selves, the unconscious mind, and newcomers need not be too superstitious about it.

Here, I will not introduce the history of tarot cards and the use of techniques and so on.

After all, the focus is not on the cards themselves, but on how to use them to generate revenue.

The interactive video of tarot card divination on B station has been played tens of thousands of times, bringing millions of traffic to UP.

An emotional Tarot divination video received 1.653 million views and 66,000 coins on B station.

So hot tarot cards, in the end is what kind of a money-making project?


There is a demand, the market potential is large

“Classic tarot | can ask business/feelings/health/studies/money/relationships”

“Tarot Card Reading: Find out if it’s over.”

Projects come from requirements.

Why are tarot cards so popular with young people?

The root cause is anxiety caused by the high-speed modern society.

We all know that no one can predict the future.

All they need is someone to talk to, a place to vent their feelings.

In essence, tarot card reading satisfies people’s psychological emotional needs.

If there is a demand, then there is a market.

As you can see above, the search index for Tarot cards is quite high.

The overall search volume for the day was 3,896, the mobile search volume was 3,047, and the numbers are trending higher.

And the overall relevant results of the Google page are also very large,

Contains up to 100 million pages of content.

These data all prove that the market demand of tarot cards is huge, the market potential is also huge.


Drainage, project real operation cash

If there is a demand and a market, then prove that the project is feasible.

At this point, you might have some questions.

I don’t know divination, and I don’t know how to operate this industry, so how do I operate it?

Everything comes to him who puts his heart into it.

And making money is just copy and paste.

As long as you want to do it, as long as you want to make money, as long as there are successful cases to learn from.

There must be a way to solve these problems.

So how exactly do you do that?

1. Learn and understand the industry thoroughly

If we want to work in this industry, we must know something about it.

We can go to Google, a treasure or B station to search several sets of more comprehensive video tutorials bubble net to earn, or find a reliable teacher to learn art.

If you can’t handle the tarot cards skillfully, use the Tarot card online divination tools first.

As long as the thought does not slide, the method is always more than difficult.

2, imitation, peer when the teacher

After learning tarot divination, we need to go to the major platforms to build IP.

In previous posts, I have also mentioned that the monetisation model of Internet money-making projects is nothing more than traffic.

At this point, we need to learn to take advantage of the major high-traffic platforms.

Google, wechat, Weibo, TikTok, B station, SNS, Quora, Tieba, Ximalaya, etc.

Do not know what content to send, to see peers are sent some content.

First imitate, then surpass.

3, practical operation, multi-platform drainage

Taro business mainly includes two aspects:

On the one hand, the real card divination Taro division operates private domain flow, in wechat “stall”.

On the other hand, web divination includes web page jump link, B site, micro blog, etc., which is more to promote drainage.

For example:

B has 258,000 followers of the UP host, in the home page introduction, attached the Weibo account, Amazon store name and fan QQ group.

Amazon stores mainly sell transporters and lucky objects, and the number of fans is as high as 53,748.

All the accounts of hundreds of thousands of TikTok fans are transferred to private wechat for cash.

4. Cash out and create a circle of friends

After drainage, it is necessary to start to create wechat circle of friends, send some daily divination, user feedback pictures, etc.

At the beginning when there are no fans, you can earn money through the free divination bubble net, and then guide the fans to forward their free divination copy in the circle of friends, to attract more traffic.

Later, you can charge dozens to hundreds of dollars each time through divination.

When there are many fans and your personal IP is influential enough, you can sell peripheral products, take students to train, open shops and other ways to make money.


Write at the end

The most profitable thing in the world is nothing more than two things: to increase the income of others; Provide value to others.

The logic of making money on the Internet is the latter: provide others with valuable information and they will return it to you.

Early imitation is only the first step, but it is definitely not the last.

If you want to do this project well in the long term, you must be in the user’s perspective to think about it, rather than trying to induce the user.

Still the same sentence, flow is the core, content is king.

Without value, content can’t gain the trust of fans and users.

Share a profitable project – Tarot card reading, making money is nothing more than copy and paste


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