A suitable for ordinary people to operate the Tiktok project – Tiktok wallpaper number, take you to think, see, do, earn.


In this era of nationwide TikTok, stories of becoming rich overnight on TikTok are happening every day, and everyone wants to get a piece of the action.

But without good looks and talent, it is not easy for ordinary people to make money on TikTok.

Is there a low-barrier, replicable Tiktok project that anyone can do?

Must have, this article introduces a suitable operation for ordinary people TikTok project – TikTok wallpaper number, with you think, see, do, earn.

What is Tiktok wallpaper number?

It is to collect some beautiful wallpaper from the Internet, cut it into a short video, and then with a popular BGM and a heart-wrenching or exaggerated copy can be published. As shown below:

What are the advantages of wallpaper numbers compared to other TikTok projects?

1: The editing technology is very low requirements, is the picture set template, skilled operation after 5 minutes can do a wallpaper short video.

2. The fans are young, mostly students aged 13-22 years old, and the drainage is easy.

3: Materials are not hard to find, there are countless wallpaper materials on various forums and wallpaper apps.

How to find wallpaper material?

1: The following sites range from anime, games, characters and landscapes, from chemical molecules to galaxies and universes.








2: Quora search wallpaper recommendation, many answers have a bunch of beautiful wallpaper.

3: wechat search keyword wallpaper, there are a lot of wallpaper tweets bubble net earn, you can also pay attention to a lot of wallpaper class public account.

4: micro blog search wallpaper, choose the topic, you can see a lot of wallpaper super words.

5: Mobile wallpaper APP

APP store search wallpaper, there will be a lot of related apps.

How to make a short wallpaper video?

Wallpaper is divided into static and dynamic two kinds of wallpaper, the production of short video static wallpaper is not complicated, set the template to pile material can be done.

Download the clip APP on your phone, search for the wallpaper, and select a template you want. Then import wallpaper material, one key can cut the same style.

Dynamic wallpaper short video production, because the dynamic wallpaper itself is moving, use the mobile phone to record the screen, and then upload to TikTok on the line.

Before the video is released, it also needs to be accompanied with a copy, which can be used for reference by Quora sentence topic, NetEase Cloud hot review area and other copywriters in the industry.

How to monetize?

1: Diversion to wechat

The Tiktok signature bar says Datuk plus micro ×××, and then update the wallpaper released by Tiktok synchronously to moments, so that these fans develop a good habit of browsing your moments.

When wechat friends accumulate more than a certain number, they can sell the things students like to cash in bubble online income, such as mobile phone case customization, album books, star surrounding, complete set of comic wallpaper resources, etc.

2: Diversion to the public number

On the signature bar of TikTok, it says, “Please go to the public account ××× to get the photos for yourself. Every day, I will update a tweet of wallpaper collection collected from the Internet to retain fans. At the same time, I will arrange wallpaper materials on TikTok regularly for fans to get their own photos.

The main way to monetize the public account is to make money by advertising. The reading volume of the wallpaper public account is about 3 cents. If the number of public accounts is stable at around 5,000, you can earn 1,500 per AD. If you can get at least four ads a month, your monthly income will reach 6,000.

3: Sell the account

Selling numbers is the easiest way to cash in, and the price of a single fan is generally about 3 to 5 points.

Okay, so that’s the whole wallpaper number thing. If you think it’s going to be easy, you’re wrong.

When working on this project, you will probably encounter the following problems, which will cause you to give up easily.

The process of finding images is too painful, always can’t find satisfactory wallpaper

I worked so hard to edit the video, but it only got a few dozen likes

Today is too tired, the public number will be updated tomorrow

Although it is very simple to find pictures, clip videos and update public accounts, the biggest difficulty lies in repeating these boring operations day after day. How many people can do it?

In fact, the road to success is not crowded, because most people can not stick to it!

A suitable for ordinary people to operate the Tiktok project – Tiktok wallpaper number, take you to think, see, do, earn.


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