Dull sound to make money, a day into the low threshold of thousands of lying to earn projects


Today, I spent the whole day in the company talking with my friends and the manager of his technical department. I simulated a lot of potential operational options. To be honest, just four words made my head dizzy, so many things were imposed on me in such a short time.

My two colleagues are also very urgent and have no choice. Although Hefei, a second – and third-tier provincial capital city, has a good future in terms of planning, it lags behind when it comes to the contact with new things on the Internet and the introduction of leap-forward thinking. If you want to put some ideas into practice, you must learn from them.

You know, with the growing development of the Internet today, a thought may determine a career, so now if someone tells me that someone earns tens of millions of dollars online, I will not be surprised at all, it is already very common.

I heard that everyone is now robbing an east Moutai, let profit space seems to be quite big, grab to directly equal to earn half, but need an East annual card member, this is also a marketing method.

I rarely use a certain Dong, but recently my friend occasionally sent me some of a certain Duo Li let me bargain things, sometimes help to click a few, but really let me the last straw is its pop-up ads, but I have to say, a Duo Duo marketing is still good.

Today’s comparison, I think in a number of above, there are ways to make money, and the threshold is relatively low, more suitable for beginners.

Of course, I’m not asking you to sell those serious products here, because promotion is too expensive to make money on the Internet, there is no certain funds to operate, it is impossible to do, want to rely on the dividend to eat a wave, it is unrealistic.

What I want to talk about today is the way to make money with a lot of movies, and the way to realize the virtual resources of movies and television.

If you’ve read my previous article about a set of universal methods for monetizing traffic, you should know how to do this kind of project, but why do I want to do it in a lot of places?

Because I somehow searched the movie in a Duoduo, the commodities inside are still very rich, which also shows that the management of a Duoduo is not very strict.

In a treasure, the same keywords can not find some more valuable information, but in a lot of can.

Let’s take a look at some of the content from the movie search:

I don’t need to say any more about this, but I think you already know it, and this is the product that can be searched under the strict control of the rest of the fish.

These are relatively obscure content, but it is normal to be spelt tens of thousands of pieces here. Relying on this one burst baby alone, the store has been able to earn thousands of thousands of dollars a month.

Of course, a lot to our feeling is always cheap, cheap, so the price of the commodity itself is not high, like this product, bought is to kill time, it is suitable for the whole network fanning powder, whether men and women.

If the traffic on the e-commerce platform alone is not enough to satisfy our appetite, then we will have to find a way to sell our treasures already on the shelves.

Quora recommended good things

As we all know, Quora has added a lot of promotion links a few months ago, which is more convenient for us to expose the baby.

By itself it can be used for a whole bunch of lessons, but we have to learn to interweave it, to draw parallels.

I also mentioned in the article that I downloaded the keyword ranking of 5118 Quora website, and then found out the keywords with search index and in line with our product category.

For example, if our product is registered as an international version of a certain sound, then you can write your answer under a relevant question with similar keywords, such as “Did you know that the international version of a certain sound was boycotted by Trump?” Questions like this are good.

Then use some skills to do the ranking of the answer, so that your recommendation exposure will be very high, will directly affect the number of users into the store to join the fight, with Quora good things to recommend to push your product link is a better way.

Douban Team

As mentioned before, the old platform has its own inherent fans. There is no need to question this. Without the love of a large number of old fans, the platform is difficult to go on.

In Douban, enter the group, because we are looking for potential users in similar interests, so precision is particularly important.

We continue to take the registration of the overseas version of a certain sound as an example. We can search the name tikxxx of the overseas version of a certain sound, so that we can see this precise group. This one here is created two years ago on the bubble net, but you can see that the post is still very fresh, just a few days ago.

There are also surrounding keywords, such as the word TikTok can also be used, there will be a lot of groups, these are potential users.

Then it is OK for us to advertise in such groups and guide them to trade in a large number.

As for the provenance of the goods you sell, you can spend a small amount of money to obtain from multiple peers.

In addition, traffic like Q group, interest tribe, post bar and even a certain sound itself can be designed to guide into our commodity circle.

The product category must be more, even if they do not need to register bubble net to earn, they may also need something else, just like the supermarket selling cheap eggs, there are always consumers need others will buy from the supermarket.

To make money online is to make a poor information, all the projects, I think the road to the simplest, the more simple method, the more can restore the project itself, in fact, “traffic source cash channel” this combination is applicable in many projects.

Dull sound to make money, a day into the low threshold of thousands of lying to earn projects


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