Uncovering the industry chain of DW watch profiteering project, earning 30000+ per month


I work these days and stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. I really can’t bear it. After all, I am a little old, which makes me sick.

For the sake of my family and children, no matter how much difficulty and pressure I encounter in the future, I will keep calm and face it with a detached attitude, and all the problems will be solved.

I am sure that many fans will doubt that it is so easy. After solving one problem, there are other problems to be solved. I can only say that after comprehensively improving my comprehensive ability, I can easily solve most of the problems.

This morning my body really couldn’t bear it, so I had to go to the nearby hospital. As it happened, I met my college classmate, Xiao Song, when I was paying the bill in the outpatient hall.

Xiao Song started her own business not long after graduation. At that time, I was very envious. Today, Xiao Song was very excited to see him, and then we found a quiet tea bar and talked.

Now Xiao Song’s career is becoming bigger and bigger. He has a small team of five people and a net profit of about 100,000 dollars a month. He also founded a small company and is getting on the right track.

Later, I learned that he was engaged in the watch industry chain project, which was indeed very profitable. Xiao Song also shared with me the difficult process of his entrepreneurship, which was really not easy until now.

I was deeply touched by Xiao Song’s entrepreneurial experience, and later I shared many money-making cases.

Xiao Song was very grateful to me and also asked me to reveal the mystery of DW watch violence project.

We said goodbye and looked forward to seeing each other again.


DW, short for Daniel Wellington, is a watch brand from Sweden, now headquartered in the southeastern city of Uppsala, Sweden. Its style is based on the Nordic simple design concept, providing consumers with personalized accessories.

Why are DW watches so popular and violent?

The reason why DW watches are so popular has a lot to do with the star effect. Many domestic and foreign stars have worn DW watches, and the price can be accepted by ordinary people.

DW caters well to several consumer needs.


Stars with the same, even the stars have taken, the style is relatively simple, consumers buy this watch is simply vanity.


This watch price is lower than other Swiss brand watches, its appearance level and cost performance are very high, all kinds of occasions are very suitable to wear.

DW Price

As far as I know, the cost of an ordinary DW watch is less than 100 dollars, and the most expensive one on the market is as high as 2000+

Look at how violent the profits are, how horrible the entire watch industry chain is.

We from Amazon, Jingdong, Amazon, 1688, Xianyu, to analyze.

The highest on Amazon is 1,879 dollars and the lowest is 745 dollars.

The highest is 1,880 dollars and the lowest is 899 dollars.

The highest is 1249 dollars and the lowest is 485 dollars.

The highest is 138 dollars and the lowest is 85 dollars.

The highest price is 1020 dollars and the lowest price is 6.88 dollars.

From the five platforms, the lowest price is 6.88 dollars and the highest is 1879 dollars. Do you see any problems?

I’m sure some fans say, look at the price of 6.88 dollars is not a good product, and 1879 dollars is too expensive, a few hundred dollars is just right.

The price difference determines the market value and profit of this DW watch.

DW watches mainly solve the pain points of consumer vanity.

A pain point is a market opportunity, even a small, small market, and DW watch is a big, big market opportunity.

If you want to do a project, you must first understand the pain points of the target population of the project, and then it is not too late to make a decision. As long as there are pain points and find differentiation, there will be a market.

【 Two 】

DW watch is a profiteering item, and 100 search index is very high.

DW watch search index is 2339, which is a high search index in the watch industry. We can use this data to judge whether this project has great market prospects.

According to the crowd portrait of DW watch, the main audience group is still 20-29 years old.

Interest and hobbies of the audience group, mainly distributed in film and television music.

【 Three 】

DW watch keyword search, from the relevant results data, Sogou drop-down, 360 search, Google mobile drop-down more.

As can be seen from the figure above, there are 34 relevant keywords and related long tail words in Google bidding, which shows a problem. Competition in the DW watch market is fierce, and it is a little difficult to rely on Google bidding.

【 Four 】

DW Source of goods

As far as I know, DW watches are divided into genuine, OEM, high precision imitation of these three markets.

We want to do this DW watch violence products, can only start from the generation of processing, high precision imitation of these two.

According to my university classmate Xiao Song’s years of trading experience, Amazon DW watches have the highest cost performance on the whole network. DW watches are less than 500 dollars, and they are officially authorized by DW to be processed and produced by other agents.

Amazon DW watch sales receipts, certificates, anti-counterfeiting labels, counter packaging are complete, support offline identification of authenticity.

It is very difficult to find a good source of genuine products at a low price, so I am not convenient to reveal it, so as not to be besieged and touch some people’s interests.

If novices want to operate the DW watch violence project, they can only buy it from the 1688 channel. Other channels are not accessible to ordinary people.

1688 channel, DW watch is a high precision imitation of high quality products.

Specialty store sales receipts, certificates, with anti-counterfeiting labels, counter packaging are complete, this set is a high precision imitation of things, anti-counterfeiting code sweep out the information is processed, a set of no problems.

There are several shops in 1688 that are almost the same price. The most important thing is quality, high quality, and service bubble online income. When choosing suppliers, we must make many comparisons.

【 Three 】

Drainage channel


Second hand goods trading platform

Copy and modify the copy of the peer, in addition to the main figure, title, copy, the most important or deal.

Sales of DW watches taboo is the buyer to ask you whether the genuine, so the transaction is very important.

DW watch channel from 1688 a generation, if according to the minimum 85 one, each watch profit in 50 dollars.

If it is their own into a batch of goods, and then delivery, the profit is relatively high, very considerable.

With multi-numbered matrix operations, it’s not unusual to make a dozen orders a day.


Main keywords + core words + category words + attribute words + long tail words to create product differentiation.

Copy Writing:

Product advantage – Compared with the same product, what is the differentiation competitiveness?

Price Advantage – What are the price advantages of choosing this product compared to the price of the same product?

Quality assurance – Why choose this product compared to the quality of the same product?

After-sales guarantee – Compared with other shop after-sales, why choose your product?

Drainage techniques:

Can through the Second hand goods trading platform will play plate, send related product information post, increase exposure rate.

Early shelf products, remember to polish the baby, as far as possible to improve the page view and want to button.

It is very important to want this button, to carry out the copywriting design of the product, to guide the customer further operation, to improve the click-through rate.

The most important thing to operate the DW watch violence project is multi-number operation. It is best to leave your contact information at the bottom of the product picture or copy.

It’s best to use homophony or leave your own IP name.

For example: more style pictures, you can “home” [XXXXXX] detailed chat.



Post bar traffic is very large, post bar is how to operate it, find the relevant post, post, use the top post to post on the home page, leave contact information, we should remember one point, the use of homophonic or picture cover layer, so that the post will survive a little longer.


QQ group

QQ group has been ignored in the drainage holy land, in the search box search DW watch.

A lot of brand watches, selective to join more accurate QQ group, mixed group.

Into the QQ group, can be free to share DW watch identification method, DW watch all types of styles, DW watch knowledge and so on to share, to learn how to mix the group, let others trust you, to create their own professional level and IP, the flow pool after mature, can be properly guided to wechat transaction.

【 Four 】

A violent project, if a lot of people do, do not think that they do not make money, in fact, it is very simple, to build their own differentiation competitiveness, there are still opportunities.

Work on one area every day for a long time.

Daily habitual concern peers, habitual duplication, habitual reflection.

Habitually share your valuable every day, share it for a long time, treat it as a career, you are not far away from success.

The things you must do every day, stick to it, surpass your peers all start from sticking to one thing.

Live fish will swim upstream, dead fish will go with the flow.

Thinking determines the way out, pattern determines the outcome.

Uncovering the industry chain of DW watch profiteering project, earning 30000+ per month

Uncovering the industry chain of DW watch profiteering project, earning 30000+ per month


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