Share a Quora 0 bonus period online earn part-time project, want to make money friends hurry up


Today, I would like to share with you a part-time project of Quora 0 online bonus period!

In the previous article, we shared with our friends the newly launched function of Quora to convert text to video with one click.

Recently, Quora also launched a video side project, which is dedicated to monetizing video, just like Toutiao and other “we media” accounts.

At present, the volume of 1w plays 18-20 dollars, someone tested for a few days, from the beginning of the daily income of 6 cents, to now stable 70-80 dollars/day/number.

So, it’s bonus season, so hang on if you want to make money.

Operation threshold of the project:

1. Quora account creation center reaches lv4

2. Released 5 original videos

Meet the conditions to open video revenue;

So the first threshold is the creator level to reach LV4, how to quickly rise to level 4.

In fact, about the upgrade, careful people in Quora an analysis can analyze its operation, and some people do not know bubble net earn. However, some people use this information to sell teaching services: 2 days to quickly upgrade to level 4

Someone actually bought it!

So how do we get there?

First of all, if you want to upgrade to level 4, you need at least 3000 creative points. The best way is to send video, which is the fastest way, because if you send more than 2 minutes of video, you will get at least 150 points. If you send 20 videos continuously, you will get 3000 creative points, and then reach level 4.

See, the threshold is very low, more than 2 minutes of video, do not need to play, do not need to like the amount, the amount of forwarding, only need more than 2 minutes of video can be, by handling, 2 days can be easily done.

Then send 5 original videos, you can go to the application.

Then you can post videos and make money.

In addition to this method, there is another way to earn bonuses by Posting videos on Quora.

Open Quora and click the ” ” in the upper right corner.

Select Send video.

It is best to send their own original video, was found handling will be deleted.

Be sure to bind the activity when you post the video. You can only get bonus if you participate in the activity.

Some activities as long as you send a video can punch a successful card, some activities to send several video bubble net to earn, details can go to see the rules of each activity.

Now the threshold of withdrawal is much lower on Quora, which can be directly withdrawn within 20 or 30 years. Moreover, the support is also strong, which is a sideline business.

The above is to share the content, I hope to help you!

Most of the time what you lack is not the method, not the skill, but a group of people with the same frequency resonance! With the tiger Wolf, must be a beast, with the phoenix, must be a beautiful bird!

Share a Quora 0 bonus period online earn part-time project, want to make money friends hurry up


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