YouTube life number money project analysis: a day to make 500 steady combat routine!


Under the background of more and more fierce competition in the short video industry, the speed of YouTube update iteration is getting faster and faster.

In order to let more people can smoothly into the game, thoroughly understand more YouTube cash gameplay, today I give you to share a YouTube drainage project: life number

Recently when bubble net earn brush YouTube, found that the “recommended” channel can always brush a lot of release of “life tips/skills” video account, after investigation found that there are also a lot of people through sharing this skill to drain cash.

In fact, many short video platforms have the routine of making money through life account, so some big shots have copied this routine into the video account. According to the data of account works, it is not difficult to realize tens of thousands of dollars in a month.

In fact, this routine is not difficult, but in the drainage skills, YouTube and other platforms have a little difference.

The following is to disassemble and analyze, how this way of making money is completely transplanted to the YouTube to realize profits.


Disassemble the project operation process

Long before the opening of video account, Life account has been a relatively mature game in short video platforms such as TikTok and Kuaishou.

And with the YouTube flow growth, so there is a big boss copied this set to the YouTube, began a large number of drainage from the YouTube cash.

Instead of searching for “life hacks/hacks”, you can get a bunch of accounts in the recommendations section.

It is not difficult to find that the interactive data of all aspects of the video works of these accounts is also very good, and the accompanying income realization ability is also relatively strong.

The project of Life Number can be said to have zero cost and is very basic. The core gameplay is to output a variety of short videos about life skills and methods, and finally divert fans to the private traffic pool or sell goods in small shops for cash.

After understanding the core operation points of the project, let’s talk about the content setting:

Whether a short video can attract users to watch it for a long time and generate sharing behaviors such as forwarding and liking, the key lies in whether the content contains a sense of value, which in turn includes the use value and circulation value.


Life is about maximizing the sense of value

Life is going from

Easy to spread, easy to achieve, low threshold

“Route, bring users a strong sense of value, in the video users only a few cents or just do a simple action to solve the problems in life, relatively speaking, is very practical.

Therefore, compared with other pan-entertainment videos, life accounts with knowledge output are more popular due to richer viewing experience, and also have natural advantages in terms of increasing fans.

▶ How to Make a Life Hacks Video?

1, life tips mixed clip video:

This type of number is the most, directly download the foreign video website “life hacks” video, and then do a second clip, add new dubbing, subtitles, background music, can be released.

2. Video of teasing sand sculpture skills:

The seemingly useful “life hacks” in most videos are actually useless. You can choose from them

Make fun of these useless “trick” videos to attract fans

To attract the attention of young users, expand the user group, improve the efficiency of powder absorption.

3. Real life tips Video:

In order to increase the persuasiveness of the content, some really useful skills can be selected through practice and then combined with their own creativity to shoot new videos.

With the core gameplay and content out of the way, how do we guide our fans to monetize?

Below the video insert the link of the public number article, and named as “click here to buy the same product of the video/click here to buy the same product of the video”, to attract people who have the intention to buy;
The background image of the homepage of the YouTube is attached to the personal micro signal diversion to wechat;


How to cash out after cold start?

This kind of life number cash way is also relatively wide, bubble net income summarized the following methods, hope to be helpful to you:

1. Small shops sell goods

Some household products can be added to sell on wechat small stores, such as garbage bags, tissues, towels, wall hooks, etc. Such products have low price, high conversion rate and are suitable for audience groups of such video content.

If you have a source of goods, you can also stay in the public number article mall small program, in the small program to sell a variety of daily necessities, snacks, home appliances and so on is OK.

2. Drain personal micro signal

In addition to opening small shops to sell goods, but also the fans to their own private domain traffic pool, do a good job of fan maintenance, accumulated a certain amount of fans, what is not selling?

At present, the YouTube will divert fans to the private domain traffic mainly by leaving wechat two-dimensional code in the public number article; Leave personal micro signal in the homepage profile of YouTube; YouTube home page background picture to leave personal wechat; Leave your wechat name and wechat account in the comment area;

3, the article left QR code to sell project courses

The last way to cash out is to insert the public number link below the video, the link inside to leave their own two-dimensional code to do project training to sell tutorials, when their other cash business is mature or developed to a certain extent, you can package the whole project of gameplay tutorials for resale, but the premise is that your teaching content needs to pass, or it is cut leeks, cheating.



Ok, that’s all for today’s project sharing. The threshold of this project is relatively low and it is relatively easy to increase fans. Those who want to make some pocket money by light operation can try to do it.

Regardless of whether you can make money or not, it’s good to keep improving your “problem solving skills” through practice and exercise.

No account can explode at once, only through constant trial and error and exploration to make the account, everyone come on!

* Warm tips: in the drainage and realization, no matter what platform should be operated through the formal way, the formal way to realize, the content of this article is for reference only, do not use illegal ways, harm yourself!


200 million traffic in front of the YouTube how to play in the end?

YouTube is still in the savage growth period, now is the best time to enter the game to seize the dividend!

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YouTube life number money project analysis: a day to make 500 steady combat routine!


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