Duplicate a simple and easy to understand small project, easy to move brick day to earn 500


In the afternoon, go home from the company, pack up your luggage, this weekend to go to a friend’s company to play for two days, see if there is any new content worth learning, after all, want to be behind The Times, it is necessary to continue to expand their knowledge.

Making money online should always be something that everyone is trying to do, after all, the sense of crisis brought by the epidemic is still there, especially this year, it seems that everywhere can’t live without short video, as the development of short video has become a hot industry this year.

There are many ways to make money that extend from short videos, such as team play with goods, live broadcast, drama, individual play book list number, wallpaper number, shop exploration, small music and so on, which all reveal the vigor and vitality of this industry.

As I was chatting with a friend, most novices to short videos, especially TikTok, die after one or two hits because they don’t know how the content works, they just know that a video is all it takes.

And the vast majority of short video training outside also tells you that you can make money as long as you explode the video. But how to explode the video, how to do the video, how to rub the heat flow, in fact, is still a set on Google.

There is no superior technique, most of the knowledge points, as long as we can figure out the rules of the platform, we can also explore to do.

I think there are a lot of projects, based on a platform to extend out more, so want to share a share of the soup, not to do it is of course not, but also to find a certain way, especially just entered the line, it is best to start from the minority, no matter what industry.

Because the Internet business is different from the entity business, maybe you do entity small people will not be interested in some extent, but on the Internet, there is no absolute minority, even if you completely think of the field, there will still be people constantly searching for search, these are potential wealth.

Therefore, if you just start an e-commerce business, you can’t choose to sell cosmetics or clothing. If you start to do TikTok, it is not recommended that you do hot reviews or story numbers. To a large extent, you can’t do it.

So under the category of small, but also to combine the short video this is the hottest media bubble net earn, is there a good project worth our novice practical operation?

Today brings you this relatively unpopular project, is more suitable for beginners to play, and almost no big threshold, is the manual ledger.

I think a lot of people should see this is confused, what is this ledger?

In fact, it is our usual paper notebook, on which to write things, that is, at any time can remind us of today or in the last few days what important things.

For forgetful friends, especially girls, this ledger is very necessary, and there are many kinds and the style is very novel. So will anyone buy such a ledger?

When you watch short videos, you may often see some accounts that write calligraphy or live write fans’ names. Now, with the popularization of intelligence, more and more people appreciate handwriting more, including designing or doing art with a pen. Ledger has become a kind of performance art, not just a notepad for recording life.

In Station B, there are a small number of up masters who make money exclusively through this kind of ledger. Most of their videos are related to ledger, such as the types and styles of ledger, the content of ledger or the matching pen.

This kind of video is not too much technical content, is a mobile phone stand in there to shoot, you just turn a few pages of the notepad in your hand, with beautiful music or some more explanation, mainly to teach everyone the use of ledger, how to use correctly, how to make more beautiful cover and so on.

This kind of video itself can earn a commission of clicks as long as you participate in the platform creator program on site B. If you bring goods under the video, there will also be a commission of supporting sales.

Like these matching products such as watercolor pencil, ink pen or imported high-grade writing pen and similar stationery products.

Products should be a series, so that the sales can be good, I have seen a lot of TikTok account owners, when they open the yellow car inside the shampoo, and Oreos, this difference is very big, will make users think you are very unprofessional.

In fact, the operation of this kind of niche field is very simple. It is to make corresponding ledger videos and publish them on various platforms, not only Station B, and formulate corresponding modification methods based on the actual situation.

There are many channels for video release, such as Tencent, iQiyi, Youku and YouTube. Maybe no one around us likes this thing, but don’t deny that there will be a lot of people like hand ledger, just look at the playback volume of those videos.

The way to make money is mostly the revenue from the video click platform, advertising and so on. For novices to make money online, this may be a better practical short video entry point, because the video production is really no technology at all.

For Xiao Bai, this project is a short video project in a niche field. It puts aside the impact of big field categories on new accounts, so that the niche field can rise quickly.

All are imitation videos, see how peers do, let’s change other accounts also shot. As long as the video quality is good, other things are not a problem, the accumulation of fans is not a matter of a day, if you want to find a small category to work deeply, and like ledger, and share with everyone, this project can be done.

Duplicate a simple and easy to understand small project, easy to move brick day to earn 500


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