No brain operation into thousands of monthly, batch amplification into 100,000? Talk about the hot Quora video money project


Do network six or seven years, money did not earn too much, but a lot of experience. There are 100 startup side projects, 18 traffic plays, 49 short stories, countless lessons learned, and ways to move on. In the next time, I will slowly record it in the public number, do not have to worry about breaking more, just a fast problem, we have a long time to come.

Today, turn the public account, see a paid reading article, 40 dollars sold more than one thousand copies, just a week time more than forty thousand water, it is very enviable, give the elder brother a thumbs up!

And this article is about a side project that’s been going viral lately, and they call it,

The monthly income of Quora single number is xxxx, and the monthly income of brainless operation is xx million

. Outside charge training, packaging to sell thousands of sell very fire, after all, brainless operation tuition fees came back half a month

The bubble is famous for its fans (though not many), and it’s free to dismantle the project

1 [Quora Video Earning Project]

The creation level of Quora is up to level 4. Video revenue can be opened and videos can be posted to earn revenue. It is a very old and common practice that has been enduring.

The attraction is that this is probably a blue ocean project, and there are very few people working on it

The degree of reliability is max. Refer to TikTok Kuaishou, good-looking videos and other we-media that you know a few years ago. But now, this focus is definitely on short videos

2 [How to reach the Revenue Threshold]

A master in a field, must be hard to study the rules of the people, and study the rules, is nothing more than two purposes: to make money earn powder

Bubble net earn although not master, also love to study

Then I began to study, looking for some tutorials, asked some friends, Quora how the fastest speed to rise to level 4, some say 7 days, some say 3 days, the main is to upload video bonus, write the answer also added, but not as fast as the video.

I read the rules and felt that I could be promoted in one day by sending videos:

If you upload a 1-minute video, you’ll get 110 points if you upload a 2-minute video, and 150 points if you upload a 3-minute video, you’ll get 170 points

Everything has no tutorial, everything is their own exploration, their own research, too lazy to get video, I played with the handling.

There are too many videos in TikTok, but most of the videos that are one minute or more are movie clips. I found a small program to remove the watermark, and directly transported it in batches. After removing the watermark, I just uploaded it to Quorafat.

Video to watermark, wechat small program search: happy shake toolbox

I sent more than 20 videos, and the added points were enough to upgrade the score of level 4 for my trumpet. I didn’t care about it. After the platform updated the data one day, it was successfully upgraded to level 4.

Simple and rough, but moving bricks in bulk is tiring, boring and boring. There is a brother usually love to play Quora, a look at the level has been four, directly meet the demand does not need this step

3 [Revenue Play]

The current revenue is the revenue of video play, other gameplay to be developed, but can be predicted, from the powder, selling advertising, selling goods in these areas.

At present, there is about 18-20 dollars of revenue for 10,000 plays. The unit price is very high. If we do it in mass, we will make a lot of money. This unit price is more than that of many we-media platforms. Those who understand it will understand that the video has traffic support and can also increase the amount of powder and drainage.

Send video is the amount of the heap can be, do not recommend you to carry ha, I am too lazy, in fact, the original video, also do not need to spend much time. Just take a picture of the scene on your phone, set it to music, record a three-minute video, and that’s it.

Another method is to go to wechat, Quora, Toutiao, copy some articles, to Quora article, statement reprint. Then convert the article to video with a key, and delete the article when it is finished, and change the content form of the text into the content form of the video.

Do this in bulk every day, and fill Quora with videos to play against the dead. As long as there are plays, there will be profits.

A large amount of miracle, send more videos, there are always some fire, fire brings benefits, comfortable.

4 [Online earning Project]

Net income project, is probably poor information

Come early for meat and come late for soup

The life cycle of a project, always play the first person to make the first money bubble net to earn, understand the gameplay, the next step can sell training, down to hit a group of beginners, make pot full.

Paid reading, money making project training, Second hand goods trading platform there are people to sell know-Hu 4 level tutorials, a lot of single.

There is no need for a tutorial, the rules are very clear, how to upgrade the details.

But someone can find it, and they just keep doing it

There are people who need to buy it, and there are too many people who are addicted to tutorials, who are forever in someone else’s layout, handing over money over and over again

Some people “smart”, I look at not pay, I do not

It’s kind of interesting

So you have people who watch everything and satire for fear of getting ripped off

There are also people who don’t listen to the expense of tuition and grow into old leeks

It is their own choice, think of a word, everyone needs to be clear what they need the most, and choose the path to achieve it. Hopefully everyone will find it and work on it

No brain operation into thousands of monthly, batch amplification into 100,000? Talk about the hot Quora video money project


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