Anyone can do zero cost TikTok money project, a stable daily income of 400 dollars!


American artist Andy Warhol once famously said:

In the future society, everyone can be successful within 15 minutes.

Now, his words seem to have come true. More and more ordinary people have become popular on the Internet in a short time through Tiktok, Weibo and livestreaming, and then disappear in a short period of time.

However, in the era of short videos, TikTok has a very large total traffic, and there are a lot of small projects centering on TikTok.

Take a look at how much those famous anchors earn in an hour of selling goods live, or the articles hanging on the window of TikTok have already sold tens of thousands of dollars. Even if a few orders are sold, it is still money, which is better than sitting idle and having no business.

However, in some cases, it is not easy for ordinary TikTok users to make money on TikTok. Apart from the factors of content and platform mechanism, they have to have some luck to attract traffic. Only with the traffic can they talk about making money, which is not a thing that can be achieved in a short time.

Therefore, today, I recommend to you a small project of TikTok that requires no investment, low technical threshold, and no promotion and drainage, and can simply make money. This project is called TikTok

TikTok Blue V certification promotion

“Is perfectly suitable for TikTok novice to try.

Please carefully read the following content, may help you to open the door to know TikTok again.

What is TikTok Blue V certification?

Tiktok, a platform with a huge flow, has become a behavior-driven incubator of explosive commercial reputation in the whole network, providing a new battlefield for enterprises to bring goods.

If a company wants to expand its business through TikTok, it is a timely strategy. And for TikTok platform, after the traffic, what to do? Figure out how to monetize that traffic, of course.

The company wanted to advertise its products on TikTok, and TikTok had a lot of traffic, so it was launched accordingly

“Blue V Certification”,

Can be said to meet the needs of both a product.

Next, what are the benefits of certifying Tiktok Blue V?

In short,

Businesses can advertise their products on Tiktok as long as they pass the official review with their business licenses

, similar to Weibo Blue V, is mainly an official identity authentication.

It is different from ordinary merchant account, not only can highlight the enterprise identity, authoritative credit endorsement, let people more assured; And a lot of equity. The most obvious is the appearance of blue V logo and enterprise information, and there are nickname protection, background image customization, business official website link, search top premium, for enterprises to do TikTok marketing to increase the official endorsement, import traffic.

Certified Tiktok Blue V Enterprise

Whether it is traffic or promotion, it is more practical than personal number

So most businesses and enterprises will want to do certification.

At this time, the nature of TikTok Enterprise is about equal to a TV shopping program with official endorsement, or the exclusive TV station of the merchant enterprise.

At present, there are two ways for enterprises to authenticate blue V marks:

First, it is authenticated by the TikTok APP itself.

The official certification price is 600 dollars, but there are many certification procedures, and many businesses certification process is not particularly clear, there are more complex prohibited industry criteria, ordinary businesses may not be able to rely on their own certification success.

On the other hand, there is no corresponding blue V customer service service in the background of TikTok, and there will be no customer service after the authentication fails. It is easy to lose 600 dollars, and it may cost more money to solve the problem.

The second is to pass the Blue V service provider certification authorized by TikTok.

The certification price is still 600 dollars, and the official service provider of TikTok provides one-stop submission, certification and after-sales service. It is worth mentioning that the success rate of certification through the service provider channel is much higher than that of individual certification, and the approval rate will reach more than 95%.

Then, TikTok Blue V promotion business opportunities appear.

TikTok Blue V certification promotion agent

He earns 400 dollars a single time

There are so many enterprises and merchants all over the country. If Tiktok hires people to promote Blue V certification one by one, it will take a lot of time to operate it, not to mention the high cost, which is easy to outweigh the loss. Tiktok will not be foolish enough to do a loss making business.

So they will find some powerful agency for service providers, with the help of their power to really cover the advertising to all parts of the country, so that the national business enterprises are included, later they need to advertise in the platform, it must pay “protection money”.

The income of the promotion personnel comes from the official of TikTok. When customers fill in the invitation code provided by the agent during authentication, it will be included in the performance of the agent. TikTok makes payment the next day, and the payment will be returned the next day after completing the authentication for the merchants. That’s where the profits are.

Promoters can get a rebate of 400 dollars each time they successfully certify TikTok Blue v

Even if you make one order a day, you will earn 12,000 dollars a month. If you work hard, every month certification success 5, 10, or even 100 orders, the profit will be more considerable.

So, how can we do this blue V certification promotion business?

One is to directly apply to TikTok to become its service provider.

There is no doubt that the rebate is the highest level, but TikTok has certain requirements on the service provider’s single amount, and not just any agency can do it.

If you want to become a tier 1 service provider, you need to submit more than thousands of orders every month, which means that only some enterprises with larger volume and better qualifications can contact the official of TikTok and become a tier 1 service provider. Therefore, some small and medium-sized teams and individuals can consider the second way to become TikTok Blue V certification agent.

The second is to choose to become the service provider below the promotion team.

In this way, Tiktok Blue certification is promoted through the name of the service provider and their exclusive invitation code, and they will get the commission after settlement.

Of course, such a rebate is certainly not a high rebate to become a service provider. But the good news is that there is less or no requirement for monthly submissions, which is definitely more studio-friendly and individual-friendly.

At present, the market of TikTok Blue v authentication is still a blue sea, and the number of TikTok users and Blue v accounts have been growing. According to official statistics, although the number of TikTok Blue V users has exceeded one million, there are still nearly ten million merchants who have not completed the certification, which has a huge market potential.

For example, all kinds of offline service industries such as catering, wedding photography, entertainment, beauty and hairdressing, live merchants’ physical stores are in urgent need of stepping out of the traditional marketing circle. In the new media environment, as long as the promoters reach them and share information with them, they will naturally make a deal.

Moreover, each business license can authenticate more than one TikTok Blue v number. Customers who have authenticated TikTok Blue v before may be repeat customers. All the promoters of TikTok Blue v need to do is to pass the information of TikTok Blue v to merchants.

TikTok Blue V certification promotion

What should I pay attention to?

The specific work of the promoters is:

Publicize and promote TikTok Blue v externally, seek potential customers for cooperation through online and offline channels, grasp the latest official policy information of TikTok Blue V, and provide consultation, certification and follow-up services for potential customers.

The work seems to be relatively simple, but as a promotion agent must be familiar with the rules of the platform, the rights and interests of blue V and the platform of the support policies, and need to prepare a series of cases and promotion words before communicating with merchants, so as to effectively improve the turnover rate.

In addition to platform rules and marketing techniques, you should also pay attention to these two aspects:

(1) Select agents with short settlement cycle

Each service provider gives the rebate settlement method and settlement cycle is different.

The settlement cycle has three methods: monthly settlement, weekly settlement and daily settlement. Some of the settlement methods are paid to the company account, which requires tax deduction. Some are paid to private accounts without tax deduction.

Now a lot of agents are monthly knot, also said that the line is monthly knot, in fact, there are a lot of weeks within the line knot bubble net income. Therefore, when choosing a service provider, the shorter the refund period, the better to avoid taking more risks.

(2) Choose agents that do not need to pay fees

Different service providers have some differences in the recruitment of their promotion teams, and some need to pay a certain fee to participate in this project.

Whether it’s full time or part time, the purpose is to make money. Should you have to pay a deposit to work? It’s not scientific.

In addition, both the paid agent and the free agent provide some explanation of the project, which is not of much practical significance. In the bubble net to earn, want to make money or rely on personal efforts.

To sum up,

If you want to participate in the TikTok Blue v certification project for free, you need to choose some service providers that do not charge any agency fees to cooperate.

Then according to their own reality, choose to pay the commission on the public account or on the private account, and the settlement cycle on the line.

Write at the end

Some people think playing TikTok is a waste of time, but others see and learn a lot of different things on TikTok.

If you want to make money, you must rely on new ideas and characteristics, not imitation.

Any side project, as long as the project is not too bad and there is a success story, means it is doable.

If you don’t do well, it is basically human problems, either easy to give up, or not enough execution, or not hard enough, don’t like to think and summarize.

The above is a zero-cost project that anyone can do to make money from TikTok, with a stable daily income of 400 dollars! The entire contents of the

Anyone can do zero cost TikTok money project, a stable daily income of 400 dollars!

Anyone can do zero cost TikTok money project, a stable daily income of 400 dollars!


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