An online unexpected profiteering project, Novice can also make 50,000 a month


In the morning, looking for information on the Internet, accidentally found some information about “beautiful China”, a rough browse, there is no earlier heard of some content, very feeling.

It is said that “Beautiful China” is famous from a female voice actress, in that year is also relatively popular, but this violated the national law, so the end can only be the site was blocked, but the influence of this station is still very big at that time.

Of course, this platform is absolute money, because ten years ago in the Internet bubble net to earn, this website audio data first in the world, light members have reached tens of thousands of people, page views can be imagined.

The huge profits of websites have been known to all, and the threshold is not as high as ten years ago, so it is relatively simple to make money. The above example of “Beautiful China” tells the story of the world’s largest Chinese audiobooks website declining due to pornography ten years ago. Then, if we want to engage in the website industry, how to choose our own appropriate category?

I have often tried different websites, such as Tao customer rebate, movie source code and so on bubble net income, most websites make money rely on advertisers to give advertising fees, but there are better ways to make money, such as self-promotion.

Here you may say, isn’t it sweet to hang an advertising alliance?

In fact, it is really not sweet, now on the one hand, because the platform rules of the advertising alliance are very ridiculous, there will be deduction, in addition, most of the small advertising alliance is not reliable, and the reliable price is super low, it is chicken ribs.

But to know, no matter how the development of the Internet, the website which depends on the search engine to traffic platform will always be worth doing, so today I will tell you about the website to make money in another branch, that is, we often encounter but can’t think of the category.

I think we must have such experience, want to do one thing, we have to go to the Internet to download software, but we search out the software can be downloaded, but there will be a lot of bundled junk software.

For example, we search and download the format factory, see below, these Pacific download, Huajun software and so on are such download stations, and even in front of someone doing Google bidding of a single page.

In yesterday’s article, we talked about bidding, bidding is actually super expensive, so if you want to make money, the product must be enough profits, otherwise it is likely to lose money, so why is someone doing this format factory software bidding? The software itself is free, and there are dozens of searches online.

In fact, this is related to a lot of junk software bundled after the software is downloaded.

This extends to another industry, that of PC CPA. They make money by promoting other junk software bundled on top of the format factory software. How much money can these software make when installed on the computer?

Here we open the task center of a platform to have a look, the price is still very attractive, even ordinary computer butler has 1.8 dollars/piece, that is to say, you only need to promote 10 people install the computer butler software, you can earn 18 dollars.

And some of the hot resources in these popular download stations, such as win7 system and so on bubble net income, may download thousands of thousands of a day, but by a Tencent housekeeper can harvest thousands of dollars of profit, that if a normal software is bundled with a dozen of such small software, the profit is enough to be several times.

Here you will say, I generally will check off these software, do not install them, in fact, very few people really understand the computer, most people install software will only follow the next step, even if you really all check off a left, it does not matter, some of these software, as long as the effective IP access can get commission, you do not need to install to the local.

We are not in the use of the computer, inexplicable computer on more than some unknown small software, even games and so on, in fact, these are in a more obscure way to bind to our daily need to use the program.

You think that’s the end of it? In fact, there is another, is to jump to make money.

For example, you need to download a software in the download station, it will prompt you to use the super whirlwind or thunder or the browser comes with the download program, when you choose a certain kind of time, will automatically jump to the new download page or the homepage of the browser, we all know hao123 actually through the rogue program way, here we learn about its growth history to know.

This jump is in fact the value of the cash, it means that there will be a certain commission, of course, the commission is less, there can be no direct download more, but look less, if the amount is also very profiteering.

As long as you set up your own download station, these are completely lie to earn business, the specific can lie to earn how much, depending on the demand for this software on the Internet is not big, how many people will search for.

For example, I gave a random example of the format factory software above. As you can see, this word has been searched very high in Google Index, with nearly 10,000 searches every day, even on the mobile terminal.

In the download site, this is a must-do app.

Go to Google index search this kind of keywords, in our download station to add a large number of search keywords in the software, so that the probability of being visited will become very high.

The more we visit, the more money we make with this bundle of downloads and jumps.

An online unexpected profiteering project, Novice can also make 50,000   a month


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